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Lifesum Apk is a self-care application available on android which helps users attain their height and weight goals.

If you are calorie conscious and want a better health then this app is for you. If you have a goal in mind related to your health then this Lifesum can help you make mindful choices. This app will help you eat better and consequently live better. To download the app, get to the article below to find the download button and hit it! Read more about the app in the below article to know more about its features and what’s inside.


About Lifesum

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As stated on its official website, Lifesum apk aims to provide healthy living to its users through a simplified process of better eating. Many features of this app can make users achieve their goal of weight reduction and eating healthy. From 7-21 days meal plans to recipes that make your sense melt, there are many dimensions by which Lifesum is used to help the users.

This app includes a database of nutritional information, meal ratings based on user feedback, a habit tracker, meal plans based on a theme and a goal of the consumer, testimonials, diets and their information, and many more.

With added features such as barcode scanning and third-party app integration, users can expand their activities and consolidate information in a single space. This helps in better tracking and monitoring of habits along with better controls.


Features of Lifesum

track calories and macros

The official app on the play store explains the features like diet plans, keto, fasting tracker, detox and diets, macro calculator, food planner along with calorie counter, and more. More than 40 million users use this app and it has been an editor choice app for quite some time.

Nutrition information at fingertips

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They have a big store of nutrition information for a whole lot of types of foods. You can find detailed calories, fat, carbs, protein, and more measurements in any type of food. Moreover, you can use the barcode functionality to find the calories table of that product. The app does not only have information about packed and processed foods, it also has info about raw foods and popular cuisines. It has nutrition data about dishes, spices, grains, and more. This feature of the lifesum apk can help you calculate exact nutritional information like calories and such with ease.

Habit tracking with custom plans

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Users can set up a tracker for drinking water at certain intervals and can also send reminders. With customized tracking plans, users can keep a track of healthy habits they have been forming. With the help of a 14-day rule, users can form good habits of eating organic and healthy diets every day. The 14-day habit-forming rule explains that if you follow a process every day for 14 days, you can form a habit of it. This app can help you live better by setting a custom tracker for 14-21 days with gentle reminders about your goal.

Third-party device integration

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You can use third-party apps like Fitbit, google fit, Samsung health, runkeeper, Withings, apple watch, and more health tracking services. With the help of this, you can track and synchronize data with this app. Along with the health data, you can use the app on wear OS and wear devices to keep track of your goals. You can import fitness, body, and weight data along with water and food tracking data back to this app. With this data, the app can cook up a customized diet plan for you and help you stay on top of things at all times.
Recently Samsung got into a deal with the app developers, making lifesum a nutrition partner for their new Samsung galaxy watch. This ultimately means better integration with wearable devices.

From Recipes to goal

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This app is very goal-oriented. Meaning you can set it to follow a regimen of a particular diet, say keto, and it will use its intelligent processing to show you all things keto. This can help you reinforce your commitment to stick to a plan and make a better life for yourself and your loved ones. It does not stop here. When you have set up a goal, the app will show how much water you need to drink (at least), what vegetables are good for you, and more. It will even show you recipes related to the keto diet and fasting. With the relevant meal plan, you can achieve your goal and reduce weight easily.

Even if you do not have a goal in mind, you can follow thousands of recipes in the app. Following the recipes to letter will help you monitor and keep measurements of your calories intake. It will ultimately help you enjoy life and get more with every energy intake.


Unique features of Lifesum Apk

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Goal-based diet plans

This app has been reviewed and rated as excellent in a PCMag article (2019). This article states the pros and cons of the app along with a personal testimonial. The author of the article used Lifesum for 6 weeks and defined the app as a Mobile app for reshaping diet, tracking calories, and easy to make dietary changes.

There are several diet plans available but they all relate to a particular goal. We will be listing the names of all plans available on the app. These plans relate to Losing Weight, Maintaining weight, and Gaining weight.

  1. Classic
  2. High protein
  3. Clean eating
  4. Keto strict
  5. Medium Keto
  6. Keto Easy
  7. 5:2
  8. 6:1
  9. Mediterranean
  10. Scandinavian
  11. Food for strength


Many recipes are easy to follow. Along with using healthy ingredients in the recipes, they also claim to be delicious. These recipes can be customized based on health data such as allergies and fitness goals. With the help of these, users can track nutrition information and monitor their calorie intake.

Some of the amazing recipes found in Lifesum apk are –

  • Seared salmon and mango salad
  • Spicy shrimp and zoodles
  • Green curry tofu
  • Turkey sandwich
  • Milk and grain-free muesli


Relevant info related to Lifesum

track water and stay hydrated

  1. Connect to the other users and be in the community with their official Instagram page.
  2. They also have a Twitter page for the latest updates, tricks, and tips.
  3. Know about the company profile and details of the latest news and activity of Lifesum on CrunchBase
  4. Watch the introductory video on YouTube. It has a basic intro along with a feature demonstration and all you can do with the app:


Alternatives to Lifesum Apk –

  1. BetterMe
  2. Cronometer
  3. Yazio


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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