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Life360 Inc. is an information technology company that provides sharing to customers globally.

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What is Life360: Find Family & Friends?

life 360 apk will always remind you of safe driving

Life360 Inc. is an information technology company that provides sharing to customers globally, whereas the family social network app has been released in the year 2008. It has 27.2 million monthly active users and its native clients are Android, iOS & windows. the companies Headquartered are in San Francisco, California, United States. And they have created an amazing app called Life360 apk, about which we will discuss in this article.

Reliability of Life360

Most of the customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases and it has 480 reviews which indicate the same, it has a 1.96 consumer rating. It ranks 66th among the parenting sites, the major complaints of customers about Life360 are frequent mention of customer service, family members, and stupid app problems.

How does it work?

  • The first user needs to download the Life360 app.
  • User needs to create their private, invite-only family circle.
  • Now needs to choose the membership plan which fits the family requirements.
  • Now rest back at ease. The loved ones of the user are protected on the go, on the road, and beyond.

Features of Life360 apk

With life360 get a help in a car crash

  • Places alerts, users can see when they get back home from college/school/offices.
  • It provides SOS, asking for help without saying a word. It becomes very protective nowadays in concern for people’s safety.
  • Keeps location history in which you can retrace the location of your family.
  • Also has identity theft Protection.

What are the best free Life360 Alternatives?

Google maps are the very first in the list of Life360 alternatives which provide location tracking and also it is considered the biggest map site/app in the world.
sharing comes second to join the list of Life360 alternatives which is also a location-sharing app built for the safety of family members and loved ones.
Ever drive app and many more.

What are the different versions of Life360 apk?

  • Basic version- the services in basic are absolutely free of cost and very easy to download and use without facing any problems.
  • Paid version- Life360 offers three paid versions which are Silver, Gold, and Platinum that allows users to explore and enjoy more beautiful features and to get more benefits through the app.

Is Life360 a bad app for children’s opinion?

with life360 get an amazing family and friends locator

  • According to the survey, Some children even say that Life360 is not an acceptable app as it has destroyed their relationships and friendships with their parents and loved ones. Children tried a lot to deceive the app’s tracking abilities, applying hacks to get rid of the tracking done by their parents as it becomes an issue and question about the trust in the relationship because, in any family-friend relation, trust plays a very vital role where they believe that this app Life360 is breaking that trust among them.
  • Adults or College students are dealing with stress and concern about their freedom because there is a lack of freedom they are getting. Once a college girl student (a daughter of a heartless father) confesses that her father has threatened her that if she will not use the Life360 then he will cut her off and throw her out in the river. That sounded heartbreaking and displays the negative aspects that the users are facing or the students are dealing with. So as far as Children and students are concerned this app Life360 is not good for them regarding their mental health, relationships with their parents, family members, friends, and other Loved ones.

Awards and achievements of Life360

  • Life360 has received the People’s Voice Award for Best Use of GPS or Location Technology at the 2012 Webby Awards.
  • In the year 2012 itself, Life360 has received Reader’s choice award from as the Coolest Parenting Teens Gadget Winner.

Is Life360 selling the user details?

  • CEO of Life360 apk said that the company has a privacy policy implemented which prohibits and restricts the selling or marketing of user data to any agencies whether its public agencies or private agencies.
  • CEO’s statement “From a philosophical standpoint, we do not believe it is appropriate for government agencies to attempt to obtain data in the commercial market as a way to bypass an individual’s right to due process.

Circle of Life360

It keeps the loved ones or relatives separate with circles and it enables the users to get connected and stay connected with their favorite persons by organizing them into private groups in the Life360 app.

Life 360 login on Mobile phone or Computer

  • It is only available to login within Android and iOs systems on Mobile Phones.
  • A phone number is mandatory to log in to the app Life360. Without the phone number, one can not log in with Life360.
  • Now, verification of users by the app is also done by OTP code for security purposes.

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