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Do you want to play an interesting simulation game? If yes then we can suggest to you the most immersive simulation game which is called Life of Mellow apk. Read this article to know all its features. Download the game by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Life of Mellow

simulate snow and enjoy and relax in life of mellow mod apk

Life Of Mellow is an amazing village-building simulation game. If you are a fan of simulation games, then this awesome game can be your next favorite. It has immersive gameplay and a unique storyline. You are a stranger who comes to a known land where you see an opportunity to be settled on. You will have to create your village and expand your family. Start by building your own small house and learn to survive in the wild. Develop your town by collecting resources and using them efficiently.

You can invite other people and help them to settle in your village. This way your village will expand and you will get more manpower to survive. Go in deep forests to collect resources to burn, feed and survive. Hunt for food in the jungle and collect water from rivers to survive.

Have fun performing different fun activities with your village members, play games, and live happily with them. To make this game even more realistic it is also designed with different weather conditions. You will have to survive the seasonal changes in this game. Be adaptive and use other resources to survive. Different locations in this game are created with amazing visual effects.

Main features

experience rainfall, ups and downs of life

Build your village

In this game, you will have to build your village by finding the best location. Gather more people to your village and expand it. Find different types of resources in forests and rivers to survive. Start building your own house, then build different structures in your village. These structures are like wooden bridges and other machines which make it easy to survive in the wild. Protect your villagers by creating a team of brave members who can patrol at night.

Learn to survive

As your village is already built, but it has been situated in the middle of the forest. So you need to protect yourself. Learn to survive in this game by crafting different types of tools. Make spears, swords, and bow and arrow to fight. For food, you will have to grow crops, hunt in the forest, and much more activities. Your survival skills will make sure that you will successfully win this game.

Seasonal changes

This game is designed as realistic as it can be. There are many seasonal changes that the players will have to face. This environment in the game is created with summer, winter, rainy, and many more real-life weather conditions. You will have to overcome these seasonal changes in this game and survive the weather attacks. In winter you will have to deal with lots of snow. In summer the climate will become very hot.

Hd graphics

The graphics quality of this game is stunning with high-quality animations. The locations in this game are designed very realistically and have different weather conditions also. This game has day and knight mode also makes it so much fun. Not only the video quality but also the sound effects of this game are very awesome. You can even listen to the sounds of the wind while wearing earphones.

Why play Life Of Mellow apk?

build a life in life of mellow mod apk

There are many reasons to play this game for fun. It is the most realistic survival simulation game app. The combination of four different styles of gameplay makes this game even more amazing like crafting, survival, farming, and building. You can help your people in this game to build their village. Collect resources from the jungle, hunt for food, and drink water from rivers to survive. Use wood to build your houses in the village. Start with building your own house then take the initiative to design the whole village.

Make structures on the borders to protect yourself from the wild animals of the jungles. Grow crops and different vegetables to feed villagers. Craft different tools with wood that can help in your survival. This game is very realistic and to make things more exciting it has three seasons. There are seasonal changes in this game by which you will face summer, winter, and rains.

Unique features

  • Best survival simulation that you will ever experience.
  • This game is a combination of multiple gameplays like crafting, building, surviving, and farming.
  • Awesome animations with seasonal changes in the game environment.
  • Easy gameplay with smooth controls.

Other resources

  • Check out this game on the play store.
  • Watch the gameplay of Life of Mellow on youtube:


enjoy different seasons with great visuals see other villages and live in your mellow village

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