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Are you bored playing monotonous action and racing games on your smartphone and want to play something different? We brought you a card strategy game that gives you the power and independence of choosing how to play. Move place to place and compete with the best in that area. Collect cards by defeating your rivals and making your powerful card decks. Legends of runeterra is a unique game that gives you a feel for a different genre.

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About Legends of Runeterra Card Game

compete to many players and collect cards.

The legends of runterra is a unique card strategy game that lets you feel the power to control your heroes. It contains a lot of legends of the game that have amazing stories and history attached to its name. So collect your hero and explore their abilities and skills. This type of game is gaining popularity all around the world. Similar games like league of nations and valor legends are prevalent in gaming. These games have exciting stories and legends attached to them and allow the use of these powers independently by the players.

The legends of runeterra have a universe of their own. It has different places, countries, and continents that have their unique stories attached to it. There are various legends of the game in these places. Go to these places and compete to get the hero cards. The story attached to the game is viral. Their merchandise has many famous films, books, and games in their game. So experience a whole new universe that is different from your own.

How to play the game?

The gameplay of the game is inspired by Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It is similar to many card games you would have played on your smartphone. You have to use your cards as per your rival’s card to counter or attack them. Both of you would have a ton of different cards with unique abilities. You can use your strategy to oppose each other cards. You will have a health of 20. if it gets to zero, you will lose the game. There will be attack and defense cards in the game. You have to choose the suitable tactics to win. You will also get points for the uniqueness and rarity of your card.

Features of the game

get free rewards by winning the games.


The gameplay is similar to other card games. It may be complex for many players playing this type of game for the first time. Moreover, making strategy and winning the game is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, you have to be a little patient at starting the game. The interface looks modern in graphics and animations.


The main thing about the game is its cards. They are divided into three types champion, spell, and skill. The champion card is the main, and it will help you win the game. You will get some default cards and have to collect many others to increase your arsenal. The rarity of the cards is also a thing to keep in mind—the more rare a card, the more significant points it will give when used.

The champions

The league of runterra has 24 legends of the league of legends universe. The main game has more than a thousand. But, as it is the beta version of the game. So you have to take the chances with these many champions only. Collect the cards and pile the legends of runeterra decks.

Pros and cons

upgrade your champions.


  • The game is unique in its playing sense and provides a significant gaming experience to the players.
  • It provides free rewards that will allow you to build a good deck without spending.
  • The game is difficult enough to be satisfying. You will not get bored by the game.


  • You would require an excellent network to play the game as it is an online game.
  • Sometimes playing PVP is frustrating as many players will not play their only move.
  • The game is very complicated and requires a few weeks of play before understanding the whole game.

Other information

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What are the system requirements of legends of runeterra?

For an android device, the system requirements are
OS 5.0
GPU Adreno 306 and equivalents or better

Is the legend of runeterra shutting down?

You can get the game from the google play store, which is still available to play. So it is not shutting down anytime soon.

Are Legends of Runeterra better than Hearthstone?

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