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If you are a true mobile gamer then you need L Speed Apk. To boost your mobile performance while gaming you can download the L Speed apk. Read this article to know all the features in detail. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.



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L Speed Apk is an excellent tool for all mobile gamers to improve their device performance while gaming. By installing L Speed Apk on your phone, you will be able to give an extra boost to your device’s gaming performance. Nowadays the gaming quality for the mobile platform is enhanced more than ever. The game are having console-level graphics quality. The mobiles phones now have to maintain the console-level graphics quality as the customers expect this from their mobile device.

At the same time, we have to use different other apps aside from games. Ram, GPU, and CPU usages are engaged in background processing also. And this is when the L Speed apk comes, you can enhance your gaming performance up to 3 to 4 times the original. You can use this app very easily, all the work done by this app is automatic. Before you start your game this app free up the ram for you, it stops the unnecessary background processes also.

And all the other applications that cause the games to lag are terminated. CPU performance is most necessary when it comes to gaming. And as the games are very demanding these days this app boosts the CPU performance up to its highest point. This app is a game booster.


Main features

setting screen of the app with more options and features.

Boost performance

L Speed Apk helps you to boost your device performance up to its highest level. So that you can play games with a better FPS rate. It boosts the performance of internal hardware devices like CPU, GPU, and RAM. it clears the unnecessary background processes. So that the device can concentrate on your gaming performance. With the termination of the background process, this app frees up the workload on CPU and Ram and this boosts your gaming performance.

Free Up space

You can free up space for your device’s RAM and internal memory by using this app. This app helps you to clear unnecessary files and free up internal storage. And the same way it decreases the unnecessary background services and helps you to boost your CPU performance.

Battery life

With this app battery life is improved by big numbers. The battery life is most important for any type of device. And if there is any way to improve it is this app. As this app stops unnecessary background processes the battery consumption also gets lower. And the battery life is increased up to its highest level. You can perform gaming for many hours. And some more hours of excitement are added to your account by this app.

Optimize UI

L Speed Apk also helps you to improve your UI by changing unnecessary functions. With this app, you can even optimize your device’s UI settings and features which can help you in your gaming performance. The process to use this app as the UI optimizer is very easy and easily accessible.


Unique features of L Speed Apk

a fully customizable module suitable for every device.

  1. This app needs the rooted device to work best.
  2. It tunes your CPU for enhanced performance.
  3. Improves the GPU performance to the finest level.
  4. Gaming becomes more fun when the FPS rate is higher.
  5. Both visual quality and sound effects of the games are enhanced.


Why L Speed apk?

manager for controlling module profiles and optimizing device with a simple tap on big l button.

You can choose this app as this is the best performance-enhancing tool for android devices. While you are gaming this app can help you to boost your gaming performance. It is very easy to use and all the functions work automatically. This app improves the CPU performance by clearing the background running processes. As the background apps are cleared the battery consumption of the device also gets lower. The GPU performance is customized and enhanced to give more FPS rates. You can experience the console-level graphics on your mobile device. This app works best for devices who are having low specifications. L Speed Apk needs rooted devices to work with and non-rooted devices can’t use this app.


  • Easy to use functions
  • Smart UI optimizations features
  • Improves gaming performance in one tap.
  • Clears the unnecessary files and free up space automatically
  • The battery life of mobile is extended


  • Needs only rooted devices


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