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Don’t have time to read books but made this year’s resolutions like every time to complete a book reading every month? But like your past year’s experiences, this time, we’ll not let you lose your hope and have come up with an app that can help you in achieving the milestone of completing the resolution this year. And the app is KUKU FM.

This app is an Indian audiobook summary app by which you can listen to book summaries anytime, anywhere. To know more about the app, read this article and press the download button to download the app afterward.

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About Kuku FM

spine chilling, thriller stories in kuku fm

Kuku FM is the most popular made-in-India audiobook summary app with more than ten categories like finance, science, religion, spirituality, etc. . With many different genre books such as horror, inspiring, and many more. Audiobook summary is the best time-effective technique to acquire knowledge sweetly and. Those who don’t like reading books but want to get understanding by easy means can choose audiobook summaries instead of reading them. They can listen to these summaries anytime while doing another chore too.

If you feel it is tough to complete reading a book, you can surely choose the KUKU FM audiobook summary app. This app would be the best choice for you as it has high-quality audio summaries which you enjoy listening to.


audio shows for reliving history

  • Many people love reading books, but most of us keep books on shelves and never read them. Even If we have an audiobook, we will procrastinate listening to it because of the shortage of time. But in the case of Kuku FM, we get very short, precise, and informative summaries that we can listen to while doing anything.
  • Reading is said to be the best way of gaining knowledge. Kuku FM has added cherry on the top by providing us audiobook summaries about most things around us that will save our precious time.
  • As mentioned above, it is an audiobook summary app. It has short yet effective summaries of the audiobooks that are precise, time-efficient, and full of all necessary information given in a specific book.
  • The summaries have soothing background music that will resist you from getting distracted. So, with the help of this feature, you will feel more concentrated while listening.
  • It has a vast range of different genre novels available there. They are published in short episodes in the form of a two to four-minute span, which you can listen to very quickly in a bit of time. The episodes get released daily, keeping listeners engaged and sometimes very excited for upcoming episodes.
  • This app works while using other apps, too, so that you can work on your phone while listening to summaries too.

Advantages and Disadvantages

learn on the go with world's most popular books.


  • These short summaries provide the given information in a quick and summarised way to save listeners’ time.
  • Those who feel reading hard can choose listening summaries that would be the best choice for them to get knowledge.
  • The summaries have calming background music with an explanation that tries to make a concentrated environment for the audience.
  • New summaries keep adding daily to create a vast collection of books available.
  • The summaries are of the minimal period in episode structure that ends in some minutes.
  • The audio quality is excellent, and the readers explain audiobooks so nicely.
  • You can download your favorite summaries, too, to listen to them later.
  • Listening to audiobook summaries in a specific language helps build a person’s communication skills.
  • As it is an Indian audiobook summary app, and Hindi is the official mother tongue of the country, and to excel in Hindi speaking, It could be your best of all choices. Here, the Hindi
  • Explanation seems to be high profile and can surely enhance your vocabulary and grammar.


  • The summaries provided here sometimes feel extra short and miss some vital information.
  • As English is an international language, most people want to listen to summaries in English that are not available.
  • Most of the time, while listening to summaries, the background feels like a distraction as It is too loud and creates a distraction.
  • Currently, not a wide range of books are available here, especially in English more books should be added.
  • Many unnecessary notifications keep coming every time from the app to keep reminding us to listen to summaries.
  • It has the feature of downloading summaries, but the downloaded summaries will also work only in online mode, which does not clarify its reason for being downloaded.
  • The summaries are not available in every regional language.
  • There is no suitable option to create queues or see recent plays.
  • The search feature is not very significant.
  • No complete story is available at once, and you need to wait for the next episodes to get released on the app every day.

Screenshots OF Kuku FM App

listen to podcasts and learn new languages. kuku fm has all audiobooks and storybooks with read aloud functionality. read and listen all new books with advanced features.

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