Know How Instander Breaks Limitations Of Instagram, Amazing Features

So, you are keen to know all about Instander and landed on this page, well of course we will enlighten you. Converting into very simple terms, Instander is an advanced version of Instagram built to break all the limitations of the original platform. Apk comes in two different versions ‘Original’ and ‘Clone’, that are designed for android smartphones only, and are available outside of Google Play Store.

Instander offers outstanding features despite being an alternative, features more benefits to the users than the original app. If I am to talk about features then it completely eradicates the other Instagram alternatives. With Instander you can get rid of annoying ads while browsing, enjoy the facility of downloading unlimited image and video contents, and even view stories while being a ghost to others.

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What Is Instander ?

Instander is developed as an advanced alternative for the official Instagram app which is capable of letting the users enjoy some blocked features which includes: downloading all types of media contents and stories, and ad-free browsing. This apk also lets users view stories uploaded by others without even letting them know about it. Original Instagram app also does not allow the users to upload high quality videos and images, whereas Instander lets the users upload finest quality images and other contents.

Instander is available in two different versions- ‘Original’ and ‘Clone’. The ‘original’ version needs the complete removal of the original Instagram app, on the other hand ‘clone’ can work while coordinating with the official one. Though Instander is not available for iPhones or IOS devices.

How Does The Instander App Work?

This app is very similar to Instagram in terms of UI and functions. If you want to use it, then you can download this app through this link and install it, however if you are not familiar with the process of installing apk files then use this link to learn . All the options of the features will be in the same positions as in Instagram, however the main difference between the official app and Instander is the extra features that you will find very easily.

List Of All The Features That Makes This App More Amazing Than Its Official One:

  • Complete ad-free experience.
  • Download unlimited video, images and other media contents.
  • Use Ghost Mode to disappear for others and view their stories without letting them know who you are.
  • Upload stories, images, videos, reels, IGTV content in high quality.
  • Other miscellaneous features will let you auto play videos, translate comments, hide-liked posts, etc.
  • View DPs in full size as you want.
  • You can remove all the liked posts.
  • Stories will auto play with high quality sound effects.
  • Even disable the Instagram analytics and crash reports that track your all the activities.

Instander is an advanced and powerful version of Instagram’s official app. Know how it lets you break all the limitations that aren’t allowed by official platform

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