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Smartphones have increased the consumption of multimedia content seen by us. We spend a lot of time on our smartphones watching movies or TV series. The OTT platforms have also made entertainment content accessible. For watching the content, we need an excellent free media player that provides many features that will improve our experience. We bring you such a media player called the KM Player. Use it to get lots of features and other options that you will get from this article.

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The player provides a premium interface

There are tons of media player applications that you can find on the internet or in the Google Play store. But most of them are paid or have many drawbacks, like unwanted ads or freezes. Don’t worry. You don’t have to search for the player for you; we have done that work already. Use the KMPlayer Pro Apk. A perfect app for watching the content of high quality. The app supports almost every video and audio format, and you will not have to download separate media players for different formats.

KMPlayer Plus is being integrated with the most popular codec series now. Combining such internal processing makes the file running process faster and smoother than other applications for the same function. Apart from that, you can download subtitles directly from the player. Sometimes the available subtitles are out of sync, so you can synchronize the subtitles by increasing or decreasing their speed. While watching, changing the aspect ratio of your video is available.

The interface of the app is also simple and easy to use. You will learn all its aspects and features in a short time. There are no ads to disturb you in between, and it supports all the available video formats. The library of the app sorts all the videos and audios alphabetically in a proper manner. This makes searching for or accessing any file very easy.

Features of KMPlayer Pro Apk

Magnet client

Play videos and earn money

There is a new feature in the KM player that you will not find in any other media player. You can now live stream videos from the internet by pasting the video URL into the app. Apart from live streaming, you can also download the videos or movies using the app directly by pasting the video URL and watching while your file is downloading.

GIF toast

There is a fun feature that lets you make gif videos from your favourite videos. You can make gifs and share them with your friends on any social media app or WhatsApp. The app also works as a video editor if you want to crop videos. Use the app to edit videos and use it anywhere.

Mp3 converter

Using the Km player, you can watch videos or listen to music. If you have music videos on your phone, you can convert them into an MP3 file directly from the app. It will help you collect music files so you can listen to them without watching the video.

Customize themes

Earn rewards by inviting your friends

You can customize the theme of the KM player. There are dozens of pre-installed themes in the app that you can turn on from the settings in the app. This makes the app interesting while operating and also gives a premium feel.

Pros and cons.


  • The KMPlayer Pro Apk has an excellent interface. It is easy to use and understand.
  • You can make gifs from your favourite videos and use them anywhere.
  • An in-built video editing app lets you edit and crop videos.
  • You can download and sync subtitles by downloading them from the app.


  • The app takes a lot of time to load on the main screen. It also takes time to load content from an external storage device like a memory card.
  • Sometimes the video freezes if you try to slow the playback speed of the video.
  • There is no single-tap option to play and pause the videos instantly.

Other information

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Visit the following link in the Google Play Store to read the reviews and more about the app.


Is km player pro safe to use?

The km player is available on the Google Play store. This means it is legal and safe to use it. You can get Android’s most recent version of the km player pro from this website. It is secure and free of any malware.

What are the best alternatives to km player?

Some good alternatives to the km player are jet audio HD music player, FX player, all format video player and many more.

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