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Do you feel frustrated and angry sometimes? If yes, then we can help; we can suggest you a stress-relieving game app called Kick the Buddy apk. Read all its features in this article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Kick the Buddy

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Kick the Buddy apk is an amazing stress-relieving game app. This game cannot only make you happy but can also take away your anger and frustration if you are the type of person who feels angry all the time or frustrated from your work. Then this game is specially designed for you only. The concept of this game is unique, but it feels fun to play. To be exact, in this game, there is a character called Buddy. Buddy is an energetic character in this game which will help you feel better. You can tie him up, you can throw knives at him, you can shoot rockets at him, and he will not complain. Forget about complaining; he will even smile when you do that.

So, now you know that this game is designed for you to find new ways to kill your buddy and help yourself relax. Take out all your anger, stress, and frustration on buddy. This game allows you to channel your anger and frustration and convert it into joy and fun. You can use different methods in this game to kill buddies like rockets, knives, fire, freeze guns, and many more. Levels of this game have no end, and there is no time up. You can continuously try to kill the buddy without taking a break.

Main features

reduce stress by playing kick the buddy.

Kill buddy

The character of this game is called buddy. Buddy is designed to get killed and smile all time. Your goal is to find new ways to kill him. He will not complain if you try to freeze, burn, shoot, and explode. Do whatever you want, kill the buddy, again and again, to make him feel better. This unique game will make your day so much fun you can’t even imagine.

Relieve stress

Take out all your frustration and anger on this character of this game. If you are upset, angry, or frustrated, this game will always help you. It will help you relax and release all your anger and frustration on the character of this game. Because it’s his job to get killed and smile. You can have endless fun by killing buddies with unique and new methods, and he will be happy to make you happy with its services. Even when you are bored, you can play this game, and it will make your day fun.


You can customize the dummy character of this game with different outfits. Customize and design, buddy, based on your liking. Make his costume funnier to feel the fun when you kill him. Outfits in this game are designed based on different occasions like Christmas theme, new year theme, and much more. Buddy will love your dresses, and he will be happy to get killed in these comfortable uniforms.

HQ Animations

Animations of this game are superb, and when you use any weapon, there are special effects displayed with it. Characters in this game are designed with very detailed quality animations, and you will like the complex animations of this game. Powerful attacks in this game are shown with amazing visual effects. The video quality and the sound quality of this game are stunning.


Why play Kick the Buddy?

various techniques to bust stress.

There are many different reasons to like and play this game repeatedly. This game is the best stress relaxing game app with fun gameplay. With this game, you will relax. Gameplay allows you to release your stress and anger. There is an amazing character in this game called Buddy. It is designed to get killed, and you can hurt him as much as you want. Freeze him, burn him, destroy him with rocket launchers, and more. You can do whatever you want, and he will not complain. Buddy feels great when you try to kill him. So take out all your boss’s anger and frustration on buddy. You will feel relaxed. This game has stunning animations with excellent sound effects to play. There are no levels or ending in this game, and you can play and kill buddy as much as you want.

Unique features

  • Fun and addictive gameplay, you will always relax with this game.
  • Best Destroying game available for android devices.
  • Lite in size, so it does not acquire much storage memory.
  • Simple controls make this game very easy to play.

Other resources


use elements from store to kick the buddy mod use many differetn costumes for kicking buddy

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