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If you are a school or college student, you know the importance of a good document scanner app. We now read from the pdfs on our laptops or tablets, and share scanned books with friends. If we are not students, we need scanned documents for uploading on websites or filling out online forms. There may be hundreds of scanner apps, but we bring you an indigenous application that will solve all your complaints regarding other scanner applications.

Read more about the kagaz scanner in detail in the following article.

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lots of feature for a free app.

There are many document scanner applications, but no one can match the compatibility and features of the kagaz scanner apk. It is a newly launched application that solves most problems with other scanners. The app is a document scanner, pdf reader, pdf editor, and document manager. You would not require to download an additional pdf reader and editor application. It is your one-stop solution for pdfs. The app is indigenous, so there is no risk of data theft and privacy management.

Previously we had tons of scanner applications in the play store, but most of them were not good. Few of them who are good have privacy issues and other problems in it. Now, scan notes and books and send them to your friends more efficiently than before. It is straightforward to use. Just open the app and scan documents. After scanning, you can edit the pages of the scanned documents and send them either as a jpeg image or a pdf file. It will be constructive to scan photos for uploading in an online form. There are many features it provides that you will not find in any other scanner application. To learn about a few, read the following article.



use a single app for viewing and scanning documents.

The interface of the application looks amazing. Using the application is very easy. Just open the app and start scanning. You can edit each page separately in the document and arrange the app according to your needs. You can also edit the whole document. Share and save it as an image file or pdf file. There is also an option to reduce the quality and size of the pdf in the app itself. Earlier, you would have to do it as an extra step with other applications or online.

More features than others.

The application is indigenous, so it is more secure than any other application. Many other scanners have complained of data theft and privacy. So one thing that the kagaz scanner apk can assure is your data safety. Apart from it, there is no app watermark on the scanned documents. This way, the documents look good and show better quality.

Edit documents

kaagaz scanner android application 4

Many tools in the app will let you scan the documents very easily. You can merge two different pdfs, split one into two, compress the document, and do many other things. Earlier, you will need an extra application to do all these things. With the kagaz scanner in the picture, you can use just one to work with 3 to 4 applications.

Pros and cons


  • The Kagaz scanner application to feel and works faster than its counterparts.
  • The kagaz application is multifunctional. You can scan, edit and compress pdfs and other documents.
  • There is no watermark on the scanned documents.
  • You can either share and save the documents in pdf or jpeg format.
  • The kagaz application is indigenous, and there is no complaint of data insecurity.


  • For reading and opening pdfs stored on your local device. You have to sign up for the app, which looks tiresome.
  • You can still see ads in many tabs and pages of the application.
  • Many users experienced glitches while using the app.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link to read the reviews and learn more about the kagaz scanner apk.


What are other applications for android users to scan documents?

Some popular document scanners are pdf document scanner, Anyscanner, FineReader, pdf viewer, and other applications.

How to get the app?

Download the app from the google play store or download it free from this site by following the steps above in the article.

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