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Do you have curiosity and interest in astronomy? Do you like to explore the sky with your telescope? Want to track to get the information about the passage of the things like ISS (International Space Station) over you or other objects like comets and other famous objects.

use compass and gps to find the exact location of all flying objects in space.

Then ISS detector is the app that you need to use. Today, we present you the ISS Detector application, which you can use to track the real-time live position of the ISS and comets. And other super famous objects like Hubble, X-37B, Fitsat, Tiangong, and other Rocket bodies. A lot more satellites are easily visible over your head when they pass over you. You can also use this to set reminders so you can prepare in advance for the sight of these artificial and natural bodies.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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About ISS Detector 

see the navigation on global map of satellites.

Today we have brought you an excellent application for the Astronomy nerd, who likes to explore the unknown world to see the different aspects of the solar system. This app is called ISS Detector. You can use it to detect the ISS (International Space Station) when it is about to pass over your head. Additionally, you can track the real-time location and other famous objects like X-37B, Fitsat, Tiangong, and comets. You can track the rockets and so many more objects that you might want to track.

We offer you ISS detector Apk without any charges and with all features. So, You don’t have to worry about annoying ads or the intrusive nature of the advertisement. Since no advertising would be happening in your application, this app won’t track you, so your data would also be safe and private.

This application is a live saver for people who have a keen interest in astronomy. And want to learn more about it.

Steps to Download

see accurate location of all satellites above you and their timings.

  • To download ISS detector Apk, you can click over here and follow the instructions below.
  • Allow chrome to download the application as this application is entirely virus-free
  • Allow the installation from unknown sources from the settings menu.
  • And click on the downloaded package and hit install.

The good and the bad

transpose earth map with satellite directions.

Positive reviews

track satellites in space easily with iss detector paid for free app/

  • Allows you to track ISS and other famous objects like rockets and comets
  • It will enable you to track X-37B in real-time.
  • It will allow you to track Rockets in real-time.
  • You can set alarms and reminders so when they are near you. You can spot them with your equipment and gear of astronomy.
  • Good UI – design
  • Responsive GUI
  • The friendly design language and good accessibility of the features of the application to the use

Negative reviews

iss detector pro android apk 2

  • Crashes because of the bug in Google maps.
  • It costs money to buy( but we’ve got you covered. We provide this application free of cost to you, so download and enjoy).
  • Obstructive ads are in the free version.

Frequently Asked Questions

see timing of all orbits according to your time zone.

What is the requirement for the application on the phone?

Well, you need about 200-300Mb of file storage space in your phone. And about 1Gb of Ram to run this application correctly on your phone.

Is it paid service about tracking the real-time location of the Satellite? or any other trackable object like Rockets or comets?

No, We have successfully modded this application, so you don’t have to pay. Everything is free for you.

Does ISS detector Pro allows us to track only ISS?

Well, yes, but not just ISS but also other famous objects like Rockets, Comets, and other outer space objects like X-37B, Tiangong satellite. Keep an eye out for other new features as well. We are also updating the application to have more fun and usage for the application.

Can I set this application to remind me when Satellite comes into my time zone? So I can watch it from my place as well?

Yes, you can use this to remind yourself by setting the remind me setting on the Satellite or comet you want to see when it enters your zone.

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