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Asian, Korean entertainment content has become quite popular for some time. There is a huge fan following for their dramas, movies, pop culture. They are getting the recognition they deserve. Though they are becoming quite popular, they are still not available on major streaming platforms to watch instantly. Iqiyi is your one-stop to enjoy Asian entertainment content.
To know more about the app, read the following article and download the Iqiyi apk by following the instructions given in the report.

see the official logo of iqiyi mod apk.

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Asian contents like K-dramas, Animes, movies and k-pop are becoming very popular in other areas of the world previously dominated by western English content. They receive recognition worldwide by winning Oscars and other renowned awards. Animes is the other segment of one of the most popular series genres. Iqiyi allows users to watch the most popular and underrated anime series like one piece, attack on titan, dragon ball Z, demon slayer, steins gate. Watch these contents in the best quality available without any interference.
Many websites provide to watch these contents for free but carry many malware and bugs. Fans have long searched for any streaming application to manage Asian content hassle-free.

Iqiyi is becoming popular among users as it is now one of the most popular streaming platforms available. Most of the content it provides is free, but many things need to get through in-app purchases. Get the free account of the app by using the iqiyi apk. Users will have access to the most extensive Asian content library. Get Chinese, Korean, Japanese movies, series, animations and other content. The contents are multilingual, and I watch subbed and dubbed movies. Now, most of the foreign content is dubbed in the English language. So it is easy to watch great content popular in regional areas and languages.


watch lots of amazing movies with this app.


The movies series are available in many languages, and users can toggle English, mandarin, Indonesian, Vietnamese languages to watch for a vast range of viewers. Many viewers like to manage content in original languages and with available subtitles, and it helps them get the actual emotions and expressions.


The interface of the app is very convenient and easy to use. It provides recommendations according to the recent watches of the users. Its player has many playback options and features for playing and pausing the video. Users can alter the video quality according to the viewer’s internet connections and their requirements.

Offline content

users can view the movies, series and other content offline by downloading the content. It allows downloading range, which is saved in the downloads. It is a valuable tool when you don’t have a stable network connection or travel to any remote place.

High resolution

Access the high-resolution contents in the app. Users can also change the video quality according to their requirements and network capability. Download the videos on a high resolution whenever connected to Wi-Fi and enjoy them afterward.

Pros and Cons

enjoy watching the most entertainig drama shows witb iqiyi mod apk.


  • You can view it offline by downloading content of different quality.
  • Users can watch in different languages and add subtitles also in the movies.
  • It contains many free contents of movies, series, and anime.
  • Download the iqiyi apk to get the account for free. Get downloads and no ads for uninterrupted entertainment.
  • Many famous series like (Youth with You, FOURTRY, HAHAHAHAHA, Let’s party, The Big Band), movies like (Legend of Shanyu Town, Soul Snatcher, Rat Disaster) or anime-like (Attack on Titan Final Season, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, JUJUTSU KAIZEN) are available to enjoy it hassle-free.


  • It contains ads that pops-up every 5 minutes, which can be frustrating.
  • Solely for Asian content. Western movies or series are not available.
  • You need to purchase a subscription to watch much of the content that is not free.
  • Customer services provided by the developers are also a con of it. Many users complain about their poor services.

Other Information

with this app you will get unlimited access to thousands of videos.

Important link

  • Visit the following link of the google play store to read the reviews and more about the app.
  • Visit the official website of the iqiyi to access it through your browser without any app.


this app supports multiple languages so there is no communication gap with this app.

Is iqiyi free to watch?

Iqiyi provides both free and paid services. Some of its contents are free to watch, but you have to take a subscription for most movies or series. It will allow you to download.

How to cancel an iqiyi subscription?

Watch the following video to get how to cancel the iqiyi subscription:

How to download the app?

Download the iqyi app directly from the google play store. Link of which is given above.

You can also free download the iqiyi apk from our website to access the content for free.

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