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Have you ever felt that the Instagram app is not working up to its full potential? And some additional features and modifications are needed? If yes, your requests for much-needed features will come to life with this fantastic app, “Instander”.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

Note: Instander clone version can work along with the official stock Instagram app. So you can keep both, the original apk and the Instander app on your phone.

Download the previous version Instander v16.0:


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About Instander app

instander is a beautiful and powerful instagram mod.

Instander is the modified and enhanced version of the famous Instagram. With this app, you can use Instagram to its full potential. In particular, the Instander app is the apk of the Instagram app. And it will unlock some of the limitations for you. The original Instagram app has some limitations and prevents the users from doing something extraordinary.

With the help of the Instander apk, users can perform various activities while using Instagram that can help them greatly.

The users can hide the seen tick, and the other users will never know that you have seen their message because the tick will never show up if you use the feature of Instander. No ads will ever annoy you, even if you use the Instander app for Instagram. The users can also watch the DPs of other users in full-screen size.

And this app is straightforward to use as it is created just like the original Instagram. And in this article, I will show the major functions of Instander apk and how they can provide you with an advantage over other users.

So upgrade your Instagram app and replace it with the Instander app. This app has iOS emojis, which the users can use to make conversations more creative.

What Is Instander apk?

Do you like using Instagram with limitations? I am asking because it always limits your actions while using the platform. This is what Instander apk stands for, and it helps you activate those blocked features to use Instagram having no limits.

You already know you cannot download images, videos and other media content from Instagram without using a downloader. You cannot hide your presence on the platform while watching or reading other users’ posts and stories, and your reach is also not up to the extent where you can get a verification badge without going through a lengthy process.

The above points are just a few limitations of using the official app of Instagram that I am mentioning here. There are a few more of them, so instander eradicate them all and allow you to do all of them. You can download images, videos and content at one click, become mysterious to others while reading their stories and statuses, and get a verification badge at the start of your journey—no need to wait. In particular, Instander apk is an advanced designed for android devices to help Instagram users to utilize extra and all the advanced features. This app will get a pass to access Instagram while using all the features

Main features of Instander apk

three sceenshots showing develop options and instander mod features.

HQ quality content view and uploads

With this version, users can view and upload all the media content in high quality. This app helps the users watch the content in HD quality as the original Instagram app does not allow that because it consumes more data.

But if you have sufficient data, you can easily use this feature. You can also view the users’ profile pics in the full-screen view in high resolution.

Fast Downloader

This app has a fast downloader that quickly saves the media files on your device. You instantly download any media content like photos, videos, status videos, stories, and IGTV. You can also manage the files on your device with this app.

And this way, you can download any media you can use for your benefit. You can perform multiple downloads, and this app smartly distributes the speed equally to each file.

Flexible Privacy features

This app has very flexible privacy features and provides an advantage to you over other users. With this app, you can hide many things you get annoyed with. You can hide the ticks showing users that you have read the messages.

Senders will never know that you have read their messages with this app. You can hide the view of stories so that others will never know you have viewed their statuses. If you are watching a live stream of anybody, then you can hide your view update. And they will never know that you are protecting their live stream.

ADs free

This app allows you to block the ads entirely, and you can enjoy using Instagram through the Instander without any disturbance. Nowadays, digital marketing has increased a lot, and you have to view the ads on every site and app. But with the help of the Instander apk, you can use the Instagram app without viewing any ads.

Create Custom Friend List

I remember that sometimes I eventually see an amusing video or an image that I want to share with my friends, but not all of them. Here I take the help from this, and I can create a custom friend list in which I only add the friends to which I will share my content. Funny and inside jokes are always fun to share with our close ones, so create a list of special friends and enjoy them. You can choose to add or remove a follower as per your convenience.

Instander Helps To Hide Your Stories Or Status

Sometimes as per mood, I choose to upload a story or a status on my Instagram account, which I wish only a few people could see because others won’t find the same meaning in my stories as I do. Only a particular person or close friends should watch my statuses and levels, I wished once. But with Instander, I learned that I could hide my content, including stories and situations, from specific users or followers. And I am saying this for you, upload anything you want as you can hide it from others and show it to those close to you.

Disable Replies On Post

This is the problem with everyone, I think. If you do something extraordinary in life and post about it on Instagram, few always comment negatively. I have some followers who do that, but I can choose who can reply to my posts and who cannot work with this app. And you can also do the same if you have the same type of negative vibe spreading to followers.

Remove Instagram Analytics

You can stop Instagram analytics from recording your data as per your privacy concern. Instagram analytics records the user’s experience while using the platform and depending upon their activities. It presents the specific type of content they will probably like in the future. Also, with this app, you will have an option to send or not to send the crash reports whenever the Instagram crashes. Without your consent, it cannot do anything with this app.

Ghost Mode

Well, ghost mode is a powerful feature that gives you wings. Fly to anyone’s timeline, read their posts or see their stories. No one will see you. You will be a mystery that they cannot solve. Your presence will be out of existence on the platform by activating this feature with instander.

Move or Save Stories To Archive

You can turn on these features whenever your device storage runs out. You can save any media content along with the stories to archives, from which you can access them later. And not only your phone’s memory is saved but also your privacy just gets enhanced as anyone will need a password to access it.

Enhanced Content Quality

With instander in your phone, the content quality of IGTV, Photos, Reels, Stories or any other media content gets enhanced. As the official instagram app compresses the video quality, length, screen width, etc. By using this app you can change it and content is shown in max quality. You can upload your posts and stories in high quality.


instander is a instagram mod with unlocked features.

How to download the Instander apk?

  1. You can download this app from our site
  2. Just open the site and search for this app.
  3. Then click the download button to enjoy the game.
  4. And if you want, then you can download many other incredible games from our site.

How to install the Instander apk?

  1. Download the latest version of the Application by tapping on the download button. This will take you to
  2. the download page.
  3. Now go to file manager -> apk’s -> click on the apk file.
  4. Now after clicking on the file, if it shows that installation of unknown apps is blocked, then tap on settings -> click on allow apps from unknown sources.
  5. Hit the back button, go to file manager again, and tap on the Instander apk.
  6. Tap on install, and voila! You are good to go. You have successfully installed the Application.


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Is Instander safe to use?

Yes, the Instander app is completely safe and an excellent choice to use.

What is the best Instagram mod?

Instander is the best Instagram mod App.

How to use the Instander app?

Just download the app from any site like our site.
Then open the app and log in with your ID.

What Is the official website for Instander?

The official website for getting Instagram from Instander is thedise. Any other website claiming to be official is fake. You can download the app safely from any website.

Watch this video to get the practical sense to use this app.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this instander mod, i tried few websites before but none of the versions worked. This one is runing perfectly thank you so much.