How to Install Mod Apk | Complete Guide With Easy Steps[Apps & Games]

Want to download mod APKs and install them without a hassle or ads?

The most comprehensive mod apk guide for downloading mod APKs, and installing them on your phone. Want to know how to install mod apk on your phone? or how to remain safe from insecure mod apk? Then you are at the right place!

This is the complete mod apk guide (With pictures) for all your mod apk problems and a detailed tutorial for solutions relating to installing hack apk files.

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What is an apk file?

Android package or APK is software for the Android operating system developed by Google. It allows distribution and acts as a middleman between you ( the end-user) and the developer of the application. APK files are made using Android studio which is a software used for developing and testing Android applications.

The apk files are written in a statical-type programming language called KOTLIN. It is the most preferred language used for developing android applications. Other languages used for apk development are JAVA, C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS. But these are seldom used now as google has advocated apk file development as KOTLIN first!

In simple terms, an APK file is software that can be a game or an application for Android systems. Through the apk file, you can enjoy using applications and games on your mobile phone or any other device using android as an operating system.

Apk files can be installed on any system using android OS, be it your mobile phone, TV running on android, smartwatch.

You can learn more about apk file system here –

You can Download mod apks from popularapk. Search for a specific app/game or browser the list on

What is a mod apk file?

Before learning the mod apk guide, how to install mod apk on your device, you should know what a mod apk or modded apk is!

Well, you now know what an apk file is. Mod apk is essentially a modified version of that application file. There are original apk files that an android developer publishes and then there are modified versions of the original apk files which are referred to as mod apk or mod apk files. People also search the term hack apk but what they are looking for is a Mod apk file for a game or an application.

Mod apks are generally not created by the original developers. They are made by mod apk enthusiasts, content creators, freelance app developers, hackers with malicious intent, and more.

There are several benefits of using mod apks that are safe to use. By using a mod apk you can have extra features that the original version doesn’t have. Additionally, you can unlock premium features of the app which are behind the paywall. Also, you don’t have to pay for anything and can evaluate a mod apk or mod game for free.

In simple terms, A mod apk file is an edited apk file and has extra features and unlocked content over the original application or game.

You can find a huge number of modded applications on the internet. If you have used an app and want to hack it, unlock premium content in an app, get extra features from an app then getting mod apk is your way to go. has a catalog of popular applications including the trending mod apks.

How to Download mod apk

Here we are going to share with you the complete guide for downloading mod apk from You can use a similar technique to download mods from other sites. Modded APKs were extremely easy to download and this website provides a simple and easy way to get that mod apk. provides popular apks only. They are quick to download and easy to install!

Ways to download mod apk files –

You can download cracked versions of applications and modded apps in two ways –

First method

Download directly from a website. Many websites provide mod apks that are safe and secure. You can use these sites to get mod apk files. is one of them.

Second Method

The second method is to use a third-party mod apk installer. You can use this application to download and view other mods on the market. You can also explore various other mods and download updates directly.

There are several third-party installers. You can google Happy mods, an1 mods, Malavida, and more to get their installers.

The advantage of using the first method is that you don’t have to install any third-party app service. It is straightforward. You just go to the website, search for the mod apk that you need, and install it directly. No hassle or anything. It is the recommended method for the one-time installation of applications.

The advantage of using the second method comes into play when you have recurring use of modded apks. If you want to install a whole lot of paid apps and cracked apks, then third-party apk installers are your way to go. But remember to use a trusted third-party service only as the app itself can be malware.

Complete step by step guide on the first method:

How to download mod apk on an android phone [With pictures] in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Head over to

go to to see the how to guide for installing mod apks

Step 2: Search the mod apk that you want to download from the site. Here we have taken an example of gbwhatsapp. Put the mod name in the search bar. Press enter or tap on the search button.

see the list of mod apps available after you search

Step 3: Select from the search results, the app that you want to download! Here we tapped on gbwhatsapp apk; because that’s what we wanted to download.

you can search on using the search bar

Step 4: The mod apk page will open up. Now search for the blue download button. Many people get confused and select the wrong download button. Just press the blue button which is not an Ad. If you get redirected to another website, it means that you have clicked on an ad. Many websites place an Ad on their websites to provide you the service free of cost and fund their operations.

If you get redirected to a download page then that’s fine, if it’s a website with different content which is not relevant, then close the page (by pressing the back button on your smartphone) and again click on the correct download button.

go to to download the popular and latest modsyou see the related post and press and press on download

Step 5: Scroll down and find the download button. Click on it to start the direct download.

press on download to start the mod apk install in once click

And you are done. The mod apk file which you have downloaded will show on your taskbar.

see the status of downloading files of mod apk

Now, or installing the mod apk, head over to the next section.

How to Install mod apk file (mod apk tutorial)

Now, this is a sequel to a Complete step-by-step guide on the first method: How to download mod apk on an android phone [With pictures].

In this section, we will guide you on how to install mod apk on your phone [With pictures]. This is a detailed and most comprehensive guide on the internet about learning to install apk files on your phone.

Step 1: Now, you already have the notification for the file that is downloaded. Leave it as it is for now. We will need it later.

Go to Settings on your phone and tap on Apps. the following screen will appear –

go to the apps on your phone in settings, detailed guide how to install mod apk

Step 2: Now click on the 3 dots at the top right of the screen to show extra options. The screen will look like this and you will have the following options. Now click on the special access option.

press on the second option to enable special access

Step 3: After you click on the special access, you will again get a list of several options. You have to select “Install unknown apps” from this menu. The screen will look like this –

turn on special access to download mod apk files to your device

Step 4: After you select, Install unknown apps, you will again get a list of applications on your phone. Select chrome of any other browser through which you have downloaded the apk. The screenshot is as below –

install unkown apps, press the three buttons on the top left corner of screen

Step 5: Tap on chrome and turn on the button for letting chrome download apps to your phone.

how to insall mod apk the most detailed guide on this planetclick on yes to allow from this source from chrome broswer in how to mod apk guide

Now you are ready to go! You can install any app you want.

Step 6: Now to install the downloaded app on your phone. Turn down the notification bar so that you can see the mod apk.

you can see the downloads by dragging sites from the notification bar

Step 7: Now click on this file and you will get a screen like this –

how to mod apk press on install to install

Step 8: Now tap on install and the app will get installed on your phone. After the install, you will get a screen like this –

how to mod apk press on install to installscreens shows app is installed

And congrats! You have successfully installed the app on your phone.

The advantage of using this method is that now you don’t have to repeat these steps every time you install an apk. You can get as many apks as you want and install them without any hassle now.

After you have completed all these steps and want to download more mod/hack apks. Just browse and download any number of apps. Head over to your notification bar and you only have to do steps 7 and 8!

Cool right!

How to turn off unknown sources

To turn off unknown sources in the latest android version, head over to the above section of this post and do steps from 1-5!

Install mod apk and original apk both

If you want to keep the original version of the apk and the mod version of the apk both you can do so very easily. There you can use two different accounts in the same app. You can also enjoy premium features and unlocked money in the mod apks with another account.

You can do this by either creating a second space on Xiaomi and dual apps on other android and installing the app there.

To create and use second space and dual apps – follow these links –

How to use Second Space feature on your Xiaomi smartphone: Step-by-step guide | Tech News (

Dual Whatsapp: How to use dual WhatsApp in one smartphone (

dual apps – Android Apps on Google Play

Also, some of the mod apks can run parallel to your original apps without the need to create two separate instances of the same app. You can use mod versions of WhatsApp and other apps. To look for this, always search on the blog article about the mod features!

What is the XAPK file?

XAPK is similar to an android installation package. It is a standard compressed format for android where there is an apk file and a data package. These bundled together in a single file are represented as an XAPK file.

Though apk file format is essentially a compressed file format where the files are of the app or a game, XAPK is a zip format where there is a skeleton apk file necessarily in the zip along with the OBB or data file of the application.

XAPK can also contain cache files, app bundles, and other data files along with .apk files and OBB data.

In simple terms, XAPK is similar to apk files but also contains application data that is required to run the application on the devices.

The advantage of using the XAPK file is inherent in the limitation of apk file. Google Play Store only accepts apks that are less than 100 MB in size and thereby if there is an application that requires more data, then apk file won’t do it. This is evident in graphics-intensive games like Asphalt – Car racing game, and more.

The developers of these games publish these games with a large file size in a unique way. They float the skeleton apk with the bare minimum files which are required to run in the phone. Other assets of game data and files are downloaded from dedicated servers once you install the apk file.

This is the reason that an app takes longer to run when you run it the first time. It is because it is downloading the huge data files; which are required by the app to run.

How to install XAPK files

There are 3 ways by which you can install an XAPK file on your device.

Ways to install XAPK files –

First method: Use XAPK installer or manager

You can use this XAPK installer to install XAPK files into your phone. Alternatively, you can search on the google play store for any other XAPK manager or installer and use that.

After you have installed any XAPK installer, follow these steps to install XAPK files on your phone.

Install the XAPK file in 2 simple steps using the XAPK installer!

Step 1: Open XAPK manager and find the XAPK file which you have already downloaded. Now click on install.

download xapk manager to install xapk files easily from our guideextracting apk file while youlearn how to install apk guide

Step 2: Now that the file has been extracted, the installer will ask you to install the file. Just click on install and then click on done. That’s it. You have installed XAPK files in 2 simple STEPS!

press on install to install the application, how to guide mod apk best guideshows installing while mod apk guideapk shows installed on the android system while installing mod apk

Second Method: Use the device’s file manager to install the XAPK file.

For this method, follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to the file manager of your device and go to the location where you have downloaded the XAPK file. It will probably be in the downloads folder.
  2. Now rename that XAPK file and change its extension from XAPK to Zip
  3. Now that you have changed the file extension, you will be able to open the .zip file.
  4. Extract the .zip file from your phone to any location. You will see a .apk file and a .obb file after extraction.
  5. Now, copy the .obb file (usually named as “”) within the folder that you have extracted and paste it to this location: sdcard/storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/
  6. Now, just go to the previous folder again and tap on the .apk file and install the app. You are good to go.

Alternatively, you can follow this Quora link to get the steps in this method.

Third method: Use third party XAPK installers

Third-party XAPK installers like apkpure and uptodown app stores allow you to install XAPK files directly from their servers. It is hassle-free and easy. You do not even need an XAPK file, just search your application in the search bar of these apps and install.

There are disadvantages to using this method. Firstly, The application of the Game you want for the XAPK file may not be there. Secondly, the XAPK mod that you had on your phone may not be installed properly; as these apps have predefined standards and they don’t allow external installs. Lastly, these app stores may not have updated versions or that specific version that you may want to install as XAPK.

How to Install Obb file

If you have the OBB file and an apk file that you want to install, fret no more.

Here in this detailed guide for installing the OBB data file and apk file we will show you. It is quite simple to install a .obb file and .apk file on your phone. If you want to know more about these file extensions. Just head over to the above sections and you will find detailed information.

For installing an OBB file, just head over to the above section of the Second Method: Use the device’s file manager to install the XAPK file. Just complete steps 5 and 6 and you are good to go!

That’s it! You have successfully installed the OBB data file and apk file in 2 simple steps!

You can watch the video for any doubts:

How to install APK Bundle/ Split Apks [aab files]

Since the size of the software is more and due to the nature of transport/ injection of packets in the device; there may be a need to install APK Bundle files.

To install APK bundle or Split apks, Install SAI installer (Split Apk Installer) from google play store. It is one of the most popular and trusted apps in this sphere.

After you have downloaded any apk bundle from a site, you can open SAI and navigate to that file. On your device, click on the bundle and it will be installed.

Characteristics of APK bundle file: For one software, there will be many split files along with one master file.

Comment at the end of this post, if you need detailed installations instructions (With Images) in easy language for installing Split Apks!

Safety of mod apk and hack apk

As there are a plethora of mod applications that are hacked by unknown developers, one should vary of safety of apk files. The safer choice would be to download mod apk files from trusted sources only.

So how to know if apk mod is safe?

Is it safe to install a mod apk?

Several developers release mod apks with the malicious intent of stealing data from end-users, or injecting ads that earn them revenue. Several apps are released as pranks and can seriously harm your phone if you install them.

That being said, there are many ways by which you can ensure the safety of your device and your data. Even if you choose to install mod apks from anywhere on the internet, choose a verified source or trusted source for downloading mods to your phone.

Tips and Instructions for getting mod apks safely to your phone

  • Research on the internet about trusted and safe mod apk source sites. One is where the team does thorough checking and testing of the app before sharing any link.
  • Download third-party app installers which are safe so that you only get safe mod apk.
  • Even if you download a mod apk; while installing; look at the permission required for apk to work. This should be an essential practice for installing any app. Even while you are getting any app from the play store.
  • The mod apk file should not ask for suspect permissions required to run on your phone.

Verifying security of mod apks using third party service –

The first method – Checking the hash of the file

If you download a popular apk from the developer’s site, there are chances that the site isn’t from developers. There are a lot of sites floating as official mod apk sites. They claim that they have the mod from the developers. But unfortunately, this isn’t true.

If you want to check file integrity and check if you have downloaded the correct file, Follow these steps –

  • Most sites publish a hash of the apk file, which is a long alphanumeric code.
  • You can download hashdroid from the play store and check the hash of the file you have downloaded.
  • Just check the hash from the app with the hash from the developer website. If the hash matches you are good to go.

The second method – use a security toolkit

You can use OWASP android security toolkit, an open-source solution for checking security vulnerabilities. You can run the toolkit either on your windows pc or on Linux.

Check more about this security verification of mod apk here – OWASP Android Security Inspector Toolkit

The third method – Using virus total

If you want to be extra sure, follow this precautionary measure. Just go to the VirusTotal site, and upload the cracked apk there. If there is any virus in the apk file, it will show.

The advantage of using the virustotal is cool. The site aggregates and checks scan from various security solutions. In addition, the results also include known virus attacks on the public.

Alternatively, you can also use avast mobile security, McAfee security, Kaspersky security. You can either use a mobile security solution or check it on a PC.

Account ban due to mod apk use

Is your account banned due to mod apk? don’t fret, we have some solutions for you!

Your account may be on a ban by using modded apps. Most developers don’t enforce this, but there are some mod apk where you can get in little trouble. Some mod apps like gbwhatsapp, Whatsapp plus, among us mod, Instagram mod, and some other developers don’t like people using mod versions of their apk. If you break the rules they generally block the account and then you can’t use that account for that service.

The solution for a banned account?

it’s pretty simple.

Here are some tips you should follow while downloading cracked apk mods –

  1. Check for anti-ban features in a mod. Go to the website and check in the article if the mod has an anti-cheat disabled. For example, check out the mods that has published which have anti-ban enabled and anti-cheat disabled. Gbwhatsapp Apk, Among us Mod Apk [Always Imposter] | [Detailed Guide]
  2. If you are not sure about anti-ban, you can use your secondary account to use in the mod application. Just to be safe!
  3. If you are still banned from any service uninstall the mod apk and install the original one from the play store. Most developers have a cooling period. You can resume using your old and original account after some time.
  4. Contact the developer and ask them to unlock your account. This kind of is a shot in the dark but it just might work. You can get the developer’s email by using the contact us form button. It is there generally in the original apk or on their website.

For unlocking Pubg account or unban Pubg account, follow this guide here on Quora –

How to unban an account on PUBG Mobile – Quora


How to hack any app or game

If you want to create a premium mod, hack an apk, make a cracked apk then follow this short guide.

Now to hack a mod or an apk, you can do it several ways. Some methods require technical knowledge and some are very simple.

For all practical purposes of keeping this while guide readable, we have curated some verified and tested links for you.

You can follow these links and make a mod yourself, create mods of mods! The possibilities are endless!

To recompile, edit and mod an apk easily, follow this noob-friendly guide.

For a technical guide in simple terms on Reddit, follow this modify an apk short guide

This link has utilities to modify and crack apk, follow this apk utilities Reddit link

For making a mod and hacking an app without a PC, we found this modding an apk without pc guide

For a detailed guide with an example, for making a game mod apk, follow this medium article

If you do not want to do this lengthy and cumbersome work, we understand!

Just use a patcher and it will do all of the work for you.

Patcher works like a charm in some apps that you want to crack or hack. It runs with predefined techniques and does most of the work for you. Using a patcher for making mod apps is easy and anyone can do it.

Some popular patchers are lucky patcher, AppSara, Creehack, Leoplay Card, SB game hacker, and more.

You can download lucky patcher from here, and search for other patchers on google search.

Note: Hacking games and sharing them may go against their policy. This may invite legal trouble. We have compiled these sources and made this guide for educational purposes only. would not be responsible for any damage arising from the use of the information presented herein in any way.

Disclaimer: These views in the article are the author’s own. All the links to external websites are not affiliated and only represent the independent research carried out by the author without any sponsorship. We have no affiliations with any external software and external websites mentioned here.


Do I have to install the original game before downloading a mod apk?

Ideally, you should first UNINSTALL the original app before installing any mod app. Be aware that some modded apps and games do not support synchronization. What this means is that your progress in the app/game while using the mod apk may be lost in some rare cases.

Can I create my own mods?

Yes, Definitely! But beware that modding the apps without developers’ permission may invite legal trouble. You should not replace important ad scripts with yours, or siphon user’s data as that is ethically wrong and immoral.

How can I check a mod app for viruses?

You can scan the downloaded app on Even after the scan you should follow our guide for trying to identify harmful mods.

How to create premium mod apk

Use the resources stated in this article. Since, the technologies keep on changing and there are new tools developed for modifying apps every day, you need to search on the internet for specific apps. For detailed guide you need to do a youtube search.

is it safe to use mod apps?

It is SAFE to use mod apps generally, but you need to be careful of the permissions that the apps ask. If you suspect that the purpose of the app can be completed without the permissions, you should not use that mod app.

How to update mod apk without losing data?

There are some mods which can be updated without loosing any progress, but generally it needs to be from the same developer. Since every developer use a different signature to sign the apks, this method might not work on all mods. This is one of the few limitations you need to be aware of, before installing the mod app.

how to get modded games on android?

Use third party such as Alternatively, you can do a google search for the specific game or an app. type “App Name” + Mod on google search bar to get your modded game on android.

Why my Mod apk is not installing?

You may have downloaded the version of the apk that is incompatible with your device. You can try these options:
1. Re-download the file from the different site/store
2. Check your phone specs and get the latest version. The latest versions are generally modified to work on new devices and are backward compatible as well.
3. Uninstall the app if you already have it and then install the mod version of it.

You can easily check the specifications of your device using CPU-Z.

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