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A professionally edited video is always more eye-catching than the raw video and attracts more viewers. And professional video editing needs a heavy software and expenses system. But now no more, with the help of “Inshot Apk” – video editor and video maker, you can perform the extreme level of video editing. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

with the help of “inshot pro apk” – video editor and video maker, you can perform the extreme level of video editing.



Inshot apk is a powerful and featured video editing and video-making tool. As the videos capture the beautiful and memorable moments in life. This app helps us to make our videos more awesome with its editing features. The editing features of this app are very simple and easy to use. Even the beginner editor can Perform the high-class edits in the videos. The collection of high-quality animated effects and filters makes this app so awesome for video editing.

The benefits of Inshot apk are very much as you can use the edited videos of this app in many ways. You can make intro videos, media content for YouTube, Insta stories, tutorials, and many more with this app. Add your favorite songs and different soundtracks in the videos to make them more expressive and add some emotions.

  • Inshot apk is created for android devices, so the interface of this app is created to use easily on the mobiles.
  • All the features and options are visible and the themes are just awesome.
  • Themes make this app very cool to use as they give the best outer look. After editing the videos, export them in HD and share them easily.
  • Easily download the unlocked, and premium free version from our site.
  • This is the Inshot cracked version for you to enjoy premium features.
  • You can also make lyric videos with this app. Make overlay videos with collages and blur effects.

Main features

Editing tools

this app has very easy to use editing tools available for every type of project.

This app has very easy-to-use editing tools available for every type of project. Whether you want to split the video in half or you want to cut the videos into different parts. This app can help you perform all the functions and the video merging also comes in handy. You can cut long videos into smaller parts or merge the short videos to create one long movie. Crop the edited video in any type of screen ratio, and crop the videos from the edges to remove the watermarks.

Special effects

there are lovely special effects and animated filters in this app, use them and apply them in the video in a few clicks

There are lovely special effects and animated filters in this app, use them and apply them in the video in a few clicks. There are many cool effects that you can apply in the videos like a glitch, blur, RGB, glowing, and many more. You will get 55+ different transition effects in this editing tool that you can apply in multiple videos. The special effects give the videos a stunning new look thaṭ can attract more viewers if you use them on youtube channels.

Video speed

inshot mod apk screenshot of google play store

Control the runtime speed of the videos to make the fast motion and slow-motion videos. Adjust the speed of the videos to make them more creative and cool. You can speed up or slow down the videos in the range between 0.2x to 100x. This feature creates awesome Hollywood movie-type effects that will be very attractive to the viewer’s perspective.

Video converter

convert any video into mp4 format with this all-in-one video editing tool

Convert any video into mp4 format with this all-in-one video editing tool. Easy conversions with one tap functioning and even the quality remain the same as before. You can convert the videos in Inshot apk without losing the quality.



you can add multiple photos and different selfie pics in this app to create the awesome slideshows

You can add multiple photos and different selfie pics in this app to create awesome slideshows. Slideshows bring together many different memories by merging different types of photos. Add some music or any soft soundtrack to the slideshows and enjoy the best slideshow videos.


Unique features

  • Rotate – You can rotate or flip the videos in this app with one click. This feature is very easy to use.
  • Music – Add different types of music and soundtrack to give the videos an emotional turn. Adding songs and different soundtracks make the videos more expressive.
  • Stickers – Use high-quality animated unique stickers in the videos and give some directions to your videos. These stickers can be funny or they can add some humor to your videos. The best benefit of using stickers in the videos is to get more viewers for your YouTube channels, and it creates professional effects in the videos.
  • Texts – There are different types of font styles in this app, add texts with special designs in the videos. If you want to add some information or narrative directions in the videos, then use the texts with different stylish fonts in the videos.
  • Background – You can use the different types of background colors in the videos. Make them more eye-catching and attractive for the viewers.


Why Inshot apk?

you should use inshot mod apk as it has the most useful and handy video editing tools

You should use inShot apk as it has the handiest video editing tools. This app is an all-in-one editing package that has almost all the video editing features to create professional-quality video content. Easy to use beautiful transition effects are just awesome in this app.

And not only basic features but you can also make the fast motion and slow-motion videos with this app that other apps do not allow. Stickers and style text fonts give the videos an amazing finishing effect. The users of this app can use this app for multiple tasks like intro maker, video meme, youtube video editor, and many more. And the best thing is that it is a very intuitive and easy-to-use editing app.


  1. Easy to use and very creatively designed app.
  2. Has a wide range of special effects and filters.
  3. Save and export the videos in HD quality in 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
  4. Add music files to the videos with this app easily and create funny & entertainment content.
  5. Merge and cut videos to create short content or movies
  6. You can also decide the output resolutions of the edited videos.
  7. Time-saving tools to edit videos in seconds.


  1. Needs large storage space
  2. Sometimes shows the raw video even if the video has been edited by different special effects.
  3. Can’t use different canvas options for different videos


Relevant links

    1. Official site of Inshot
    2. Playstore link for short.
    3. Read about the app featured on the blog of the University of Sussex including an example video.
  1. Youtube tutorial:


FAQ’s about Inshot App

you should use inshot mod apk as it has the most useful and handy video editing tools

What do people Like about Inshot apk?

  • Very simple and easy to use features
  • Edit the videos without a watermark
  • With this app, you can perform speed editings
  • Save 4K videos in 60 FPS
  • Canvas size can be easily changed

What do some people hate about inshot apk?

  • When videos are uploaded to Youtube sometimes become the image
  • Some special effects cannot be seen even after saving the effects
  • Some people face the conversion process stops or slowed down

How to make lyric videos in Inshot?

Watch this video to know how to make lyrical videos using inshot:

How to add a song in inshot?

Watch this video to learn to add songs in videos with Inshot:


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. please wait a few seconds after you click free download so that your apk download starts well.

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