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IDM (1DM+) Apk introduction

idm mod apk - with browser and torrent

1DM or IDM Apk is one of the most popular and advanced downloads managing apps with fast processing and downloading. With this download manager, the users can download 500% faster than any other downloading app or browser. This app is for every user to download any large or small file but is specially designed for the users who need to download large files regularly. With the fast network connection, this app does not take much time and saves time for the user to work.

Downloading big files such as movies or games takes much time, effort, and data. And downloading apps consumes very much RAM and battery power. But with IDM Apk you can download the large files faster than any other normal downloading manager. And this app does not run in the background if there is nothing to download. So IDM also saves the battery power and does not acquire the RAM unnecessarily. The app will save the downloads in a separate folder; the download is complete the users can move their downloaded file to the new folder.

Main features of IDM Apk 

Fast downloading with pause and resume

powerful download manager

1DM provides the features to its users to download large files like games and movies up to 500% faster than any other app. The 1DM works in the best way possible to download the files faster than any other app. This process of IDM Apk works very cleverly. This download manager creates multiple threads for one file and downloads simultaneously and merges them afterward. And the best download manager not only downloads faster but also provides the pause and resume option to stop and download the file later.

Download torrent files with IDM Apk

download torrent with fast speed.

With this excellent download manager, the users can download the normal mp3, mp4, or any other file. Still, now the users can download the torrent files. This app provides the best features that allow the users to download the torrent files with the same app. The users do not have to download a separate app to download the torrent files. The torrent files can be downloaded using the magnet link, torrent link, and torrent file.

Excellent file handling and multiple downloading

download any file up to 500% faster.

1DM is one of the excellent downloading managers in which the advanced functions are available. The users can easily download multiple files simultaneously. This app downloads multiple files and handles all the files smartly; by distributing the network speed equally into each file.


powerful browser with more features than most browsers.

There is an in-built browser in this app that the users can use to surf the internet; find the file they want to download and this app automatically catches the download link that the users want to download. Users can easily open multiple tabs and bookmark their favorite sites to download the files later. IDM Apk automatically catches the music and video links to download. And also the users can easily use the incognito mode to hide their working; in the incognito mode, the browser does not record the internet history.

Advantages of 1DM+

no background service which increase battery life.

  • The 1DM+ is far better than the performance as it downloads the files faster than the normal 1DM.
  • The 1DM+ allows users to use the app without showing any type of annoying ads.
  • The users can download the scheduler to download the files at a specific time.
  • The users can download multiple files simultaneously up to 10 files.
  • IDM Apk also provides the most advanced features: downloading the file in multiple parts- up to 32 parts.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

How to install APK, XAPK, OBB files

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