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Is painting your hobby, or do you feel fantastic when you see beautiful paintings? Then, draw the beautiful paintings yourself with the help of the professional painting app “Ibis Paint X.” Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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Ibis Paint X Apk is a top-rated and professional painting app for all users of all ages. You can create beautiful drawings, sketches, and colourful paintings with easy-to-use tools. With the help of this app, you can create drawings in notebooks as quickly as possible. There are many powerful editing tools and drawing tools that you can use to create beautiful artistic masterpieces. You will love to use beautiful painting tools like brushes, colour mixes, and portrait tools.

There are different brushes with adjustable thickness for the ink to spread while you draw. Many excellent editing layers to create anime-style sketches. The level of this app is very high, and you can create professional-style anime drawings and manga.

  • You can create cartoon comics with high-quality animations. Make a beautiful series of your manga and anime collection.
  • Upload your beautifully created paintings and animated photos on social media platforms.
  • Enhance your painting skills more and more with this app to gather more fans for your talent.
  • Many tools in this app even help you draw the perfect line in your drawings.
  • Even beginners can use this app to start their painting life.

Download the apk online and make drawings with custom brushes. With the app Ibis Paint X, you will get tips, pens, and many more items. Create anime-style paintings, remove the background, and use a stabilizer. Use pen and colour palettes to create beautiful paintings. Merge layers draw the eyes like real life with blond colours.

Main features

draw freeestyle with undo


This app has the most proper painting tools and professional features. The combinations of those tools and features will help you make the perfect masterpieces of art daily. The more features you will explore, the more you will feel the professionalism of this app. Not even the desktop software can match the unique features of this mobile painting app. Use new portraits to make new drawings every day and create different entertaining paintings every day.

Tools in Ibis Paint X Apk

You can use the different handy tools that will help you to create precision in your drawing. Use different styles and types of brushes that are of different thicknesses. There are over 2000 brushes in the app that you can use. You can use these brushes to draw and do paintings in different colours. These brushes can be used as the brush of Sprayer, pen, flat, oil, and many more.


Perform the paintings and add layers and layers of different kinds of animations. Add images, create drawings, and add them to the paintings. There is no limit to performing multi-layer paintings. There are different types of layer-related functions to use every layer for different uses. You can rotate the layers to increase or decrease their density to differentiate between them. Zoom in and out of the different editing layers easily.

Smart UI

This app has the most user-friendly interface designed with high-quality visuals. The UI of this app makes it very easy for the users to access all the app’s features quickly. Get notified about the latest updates and share your edited paintings directly through the app. There are even precision rulers for you to help with the drawings.

Unique features

ibis paint x logo with sample drawing, white stylus in hand.

  1. Make entertaining manga and comics
  2. Blend mode functions to merge the layers of animations easily
  3. A vast community motivates you to make beautiful paintings, as many skilled editors upload their work.
  4. Import pics and other drawings to improve your paintings.

Why Ibis Paint X Apk?

the most functional illustration app

This app is a professional painting app developed for the Android platform. You can create beautiful paintings with your limitless imagination. This app is exact and allows you to make what you have imagined easily. Use the different types of tools that can help you complete the work hours in just a few minutes. Add different layers of animated effects in your painting and adjust their intensity to differentiate between them.

If you want to make flyers, banners, logos, and most essential paintings, this app is the best choice. Even desktop painting software does not have features and easy-to-use tools like this mobile app. You can even record your drawing methods in the video to use them in the future. Learn and experiment with many different drawing techniques and create the perfect masterpiece daily.


  • Easy to use
  • Make creative painting posts for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more.
  • Beautiful drawings of up to 60 FPs
  • Tools to make drawings with precisions
  • Improve your painting skills.


  • Sometimes, the app crashes without reason
  • Effects are not applied even after applying
  • The app freezes many times
  • Advance features


  • All advanced features
  • Professional drawing materials, fonts, filters, and effects
  • Save your preferred painting styles in this app
  • Get useful add-ons

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Important Resources

gpu accelarated realistic 331 type brushes.

  1. Check this app on the Play Store.
  2. Go to the official site of ibis Paint X and see the beautiful painting collection.
  3. Read the reviews and effectiveness of this app on the appbrain.
  4. Go to the Facebook page to see the art collection.
  5. Check the official Instagram page to see the beautiful collection of paintings.

Helpful Youtube Videos

How to draw on ibis paint x?

Watch this video to learn very quickly:


Which is better, ibis vs procreate?

Watch this video, and you can then conclude. The video is intended for iOS but equally valid for the Android app version of both apps:


double exposure art drawing

What do people like about Ibis Paint x mod apk?

Very easy-to-use drawing app
you can add professional painting effects in a few clicks
Painting methods recording features
High-quality paintings that you can share on social media platforms
you can use layers of animated effects in a single drawing
Tools to make drawing easy.

What do people hate about it?

App crashes multiple times very quickly
Needs high GPU devices to use with full potential
Not for the low-end devices
Effects are reverted automatically sometimes

Ibis paint is from which country?

Ibis Paint X is from Japan.

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