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hungy shark world along with discovery shark week is a must.

Hungry Shark World apk is the most entertaining shark attack android game. The visual effects of this game are stunning with extreme level sound effects. The gameplay is all about sharks and their hunger, you have to control the dangerous and hungry sharks. There are many adventurous stages that you will love to play. As you will proceed in the game you will get to go on different awesome quests. Download for Android devices and get free gems, get to eat colossal sharks, and control tiger sharks.

In those quests, you will get to control those deadly shark attacks to eat as much food as you can. There are many challenges in the game and they will get more hardcore as you will clear the levels one by one. There are many dangerous and giant sharks, from which you have to choose yours. You will find multiple deadly species of sharks in this game app. There are also mega sharks which you can see in the extinction game mode.

You will like to explore the huge open world where there is a vast ocean waiting for you to explore. You will get to see huge islands, the Arabian sea, the pacific sea, volcanoes, unique sea creatures, and the frozen arctic also. There are bigger and more dangerous sharks than the real ones. You can explore them all in the vast world of this game where you will find only the ocean as far as you can see.


Main features

life bar and boost bar along with coins in the game.

Open world

There is a huge open-world to explore in this game, which you will enjoy the most. This includes vast islands, different types of ocean regions, and different sea creatures. Different beautiful destinations will just blow your mind. You will just get addicted to freely exploring the wonderful world in this game.


There are very dangerous species of sharks available in this game. You can choose any shark to be yours. And control that shark to catch and eat as much food as you can. Select the top breeds of sharks among the 37 species including the great white shark. The bigger the shark will be the more it can consume the food and you will get the bonus points. Some species of sharks will be locked, you can access them by winning the levels.


This game has high-quality realistic graphics, the picture quality is so amazing. You can never take your eyes off of the screen once you will start playing. Characters in this game including the sharks are made with incredible animations. This type of graphics level can challenge the console type graphic level also.


Lots of crazy and dangerous missions that you can go on. Show the craziness, complete the dangerous tasks and challenges to have rewards. The missions in this game are very hardcore and intense, you will face many challenges. There are 20 different types of missions that you can play and improve your skills to control the sharks. You can hunt more and more to get a high score. There are epic boss fights which makes this game very addictive and gives you an amazing experience.


Unique features

fight boss battles in hungy shark world mod apk

  1. 3D graphics quality, with immersive gameplay
  2. Easy to use and understand controls
  3. Amazing sound quality with unique effects
  4. There are different sharks skins that you can unlock
  5. Different modes like extinction mode will give you an intense action experience.
  6. Make friends or pets like baby whales, octopuses and they can help you by increasing your health.
  7. There are hundreds of species in the game that you can eat like a shark.
  8. You will as much as rewards you want by hunting the large prey like whales.


Why Hungry Shark World apk?

blue extinct sharks glowing.

You can choose to play the game Hungry Shark World as this has the most unique gameplay. The unique game in which you can control the different species of sharks to hunt. You will get the rewards to eat as much as you can by hunting the different consumable species like humans, whales and other fishes. Gameplay just gets more intense as you will get to choose different play modes. The most intense is the extinction mode in which you can go on a rampage in the ocean.

Graphics quality is extremely amazing, you will never know when you become addicted to this game. There are different levels with different challenges like high score making, hunting, and different boss fights. Customize your shark avatars with different awesome shark skins. You can unlock the rare shark skins by completing the challenges. Huge open world to explore to have a fun time.


  • Get to experience the realistic graphics
  • Quick and fun to play levels.
  • Boss level fights to enjoy
  • Different cool shark skins to enjoy
  • Go on a rampage with hardcore gaming modes.
  • Cheats


  • Needs high specs device to play smoothly
  • Sometime game crashes
  • Needs high GPU

Unique features

  • Ads-free
  • All sharks skins
  • Features
  • Get game currency.



hungy shark world - red shark eating birds coming from water

How to get a pearl in the Hungry Shark World?

Watch this youtube video to learn how to get lots of pearls in the hungry shark world:

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shark in cage vs submarine vs shark

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