How to Download Torrent Files | Easy & Complete Guide [With Pictures]

unlbockit wensote for proxy and links.

This is the most definitive guide for downloading Files through torrents.


We will first show you the detailed steps with screenshots on how you can download the most popular applications/games/Videos through torrent clients such as deluge or Vuze.

Through torrent, you can easily download files to your PC/mobile.

You can download Android Apks, Windows Applications, Videos, Audio in High Definition, macOS applications, and many more.


How to Download Files through a torrent on your PC (Windows and Mac)

But before we delve more into this guide, here is some concise explanation of some things which help in explaining the context and put some perspective on what we are planning to do here.

For downloading files, we need a Client or a software application that can perform the task and download files to your system/device.

You also need a link or a torrent file which you need to put into this software as it needs some instructions on what file you need to download through Torrents.

That’s all you need! Really!

Now for the client part, we will tell you about it in the upcoming sections. And this only needs to be done once.

For the Magnet link/Torrent file part, search for unblocked on google. Alternatively, you can also search for “pirate bay unblocked” or other similar torrent sites.

unlbockit wensote for proxy and links.

You will need this link every time, for downloading any type of file to your device.


Get Deluge [Free] – Client to download files via torrent

We recommend you get Deluge BitTorrent Client which is open-source software.

Open-source software is that software for which code is publicly available and they are completely free to use.
Since their code is public, they are open to much wider scrutiny and hence are generally safe to download and use. Of course, the popular ones are widely used and Deluge is one of them.

You can download the deluge – Bittorent client by clicking on the link.

You can also download Deluge directly, by clicking on this download button.


The advantage of Use deluge is that you don’t get to see any ads and it is highly customizable. It is also simple to use. Easy does it!

Alternatively, you can also use VUZE – popular BitTorrent client software, but it has Ads and is proprietary software.

For this guide, we are going to use deluge here.

Now once you have installed Deluge, you will see the installed software in your start-up apps.

deluge home screen image. easy guide.

Note: Depending on your country, you may need a VPN that allows you to safely download Torrent files over the internet.
We are not going to discuss VPNs here. You can search on the world wide web about it!


Get Magnet Link for downloading files via torrent

Now, let’s say you want to download SPSS. Its a proprietary software and an expensive one. If you are a researcher or a budding analyst, you might want to evaluate the software before making any big investment. You can do it by getting SPSS free download.

If you want to download SPSS, go to the link above, and you will find that we have provided a magnet link there.

To download SPSS, you just need to copy that magnet link.

copy the magnet link from the website to download any sofware like spss and adobe.

Now After copying this link, Go to Deluge and click on the Plus (+) Button.

deluge home screen image. easy guide.

You will have several buttons, Press on the URL button to paste the magnet link there.

paste the magnet link in deluge to start downloading.

Press ok and you will the file name similar to the file which you want to download.

add the torrent file by sense check on the name.


Click on Add.

Once this is done, your File will start Downloading.

The progress of downloading torrents can be ascertained from the progress bar in Deluge.

torrent progress detail with files downloading via torrent.


If you see a slow speed, don’t worry, It will increase automatically after some minutes.

deluge downloading torrent with high speed software.


After the progress reaches 100% and the progress bar shows as ‘Seeding’, It means that your file has been downloaded.

You can see your downloaded file in your Downloads folder on your PC.

you can check the files in download folder or document folder in your pc.


Get magnet links from popular websites

Now suppose, you don’t find a website, which has links to your favorite software, what do you do?

It is simple. You go to the unblocked/ unblockit/ unlocked website, click on any torrent sharing site, and get the link from there.

We are going to show you how!


How to download torrent files from websites

Go to the unblocked website by searching “unblockit proxy” or “torrent sites proxy” on any search engine-

unblocked torrent site screenshot with thepiratebay highlighted.


Click on Piratebay, You can also try other sites. But for this guide, we are going to consider ThePirateBay here as it is one of the oldest sites and easiest to use.

You will be redirected to a proxy bay or one of the sites where there are links to Piratebay sites.

tbp proxy sites if one is not working.


After you click one of the proxies, you will be redirected to one of the ThePirateBay sites.

thepiratebay or tbp homepage screenshot.

Let’s say you want Adobe Premiere Pro, for free!

You can search for it, and you will get a variety of links.

how to choose the best link for download. always download from trusted sources.

Now, this here is the most important part:


How to select the correct torrent file from the list

You will see various options here. The question is, how do you choose. Which one is the best link to download?

Choosing the best link is important as you may unintentionally download a virus-ridden file. You may also get a link that doesn’t give you any speed.

In the above screenshot, check out the highlighted areas.


Steps to select Best Torrent File Link

Then follow these steps –

  1. First and foremost, click on the uploaded heading to sort the torrents by chronology in descending order. This way you get the latest release first.
  2. Look for the skull icon which is just beside the horseshoe magnet icon. It means that the users are verified and usually files from these users are safe to download.
  3. Then look at the SE heading. This is seeders. It means how many users are currently giving you their resources or bandwidth to download this file. Not getting into technical here, observe torrents that have the highest seeders.
  4. We choose the user ALI-TPB as he is one of the trusted users, and have been in the scene for some time. This link also has one of the most seeders.
  5. Also, the size of the file approximately represents the actual file size of Adobe Premiere Pro software.
  6. Why didn’t we choose Turinod’s file? He has the most seeders but he is not a trusted user yet. So we avoid downloading files from untrusted sources.

Now that you have selected a relevant torrent file to download, All you need to do is –

Right-click on the horseshoe magnet icon and copy the magnet link!

how to copy torrent links with magnet links and use them to download files via torrent.


Add Link in Deluge

You know the drill for what comes next!

Just paste this in Deluge as we showed you earlier and click on Add. The file will start downloading.

There, you have successfully downloaded Adobe Premiere pro through Torrent. For free!

When you extract the zip file, you will see instructions as to how to install Adobe premiere pro for free and install the crack version to keep the software free until you want to evaluate it.


Downloading files via torrent in Mobiles

If you understand the above process, you can use the approach on mobile devices. To download files via the torrent on your phone, download any torrent software like Utorrent or flud on your phone. Get the magnet link of the file you want to download from the above process.

Now, instead of using this big magnet link in the deluge, you can use it in FLUD or uTorrent on an android phone. once you paste the magnet link, your torrent will start downloading on the phone. You can check your downloads folder and would find your downloaded file there.

Feel free to ask any questions/give any suggestions in the comment section.


Warning: Always be aware of what you are downloading. Software may have copyright or distribution restrictions. is not responsible for any damage caused to you or any other party by downloading viruses or restricted content to your device.

This guide is for information purposes only. Rights to software used as examples here, such as ‘adobe’ or ‘premier’ and ‘SPSS’ belong to their respective owners.

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