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Welcome to the Quick and easy guides of “How to root any Android Device”. This post contains all the resources which will help you root your android device and unlock the full potential of your Android Phone, Tablet, and other devices.

Android Phones are capable of doing things beyond what manufacturers allow them to do. These devices run on the default setting and have some restrictions on using the equipment. Root the phone unlocks its full potential. By rooting your phone, you can make it fully functional. But beware, tweaking settings that expand functionality may also break some things up.

This is the reason phones are not rooted by default. It is so that the general population can use Generic functions without harming their device. If you follow the instructions and be cautious, you won’t be in a fix. Here, we have compiled some awesome latest and upgraded resources for you. So that you can root your device – Safely, Easily, and fast!

Benefits of Rooting

There are several benefits of rooting –

  • Complete customization of device GUI.
  • Tailor-made solutions that work only on rooted devices.
  • Automation Possibilities increase a whole lot more.
  • Complete Device backup.
  • Custom ROMS for your enhanced needs.
  • Remove default apps – you cannot remove these apps from phones with no root (Bloatware).
  • Discover hidden tricks and tips to improve productivity and ways you can use your phone.
  • Remove All Ads from all Apps.

You can maximize your device’s use and enable an excellent battery life while using fewer phone resources. This is all possible by rooting your device.

To use the features and benefits mentioned above. Go to and tap on “Root”. You will see a plethora of Applications specifically compatible with rooted phones. Download these applications to your device free of charge and enjoy the perks of a rooted device.

Since every Android phone requires a different technique to root it efficiently, we suggest you skip over to the device you want to root.

Note: All resources mentioned here are free and don’t require you to pay anything. We update our links regularly, but in the meantime, you find any resource that unfairly charges for service. Please do not pay them. Comment on this post to remove any such kind of service mentioned here.

How to Root Android Devices [Safe, Easy and Fast]

Xda developers guide to rooting devices

Xda Developers has this fantastic article about what root is and how to do it for devices. You can also find links to your specific device.

There are direct links to articles that will help you root ASUS, Google, Motorola, Oneplus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and other popular devices. This post in XDA also contains a generic method that requires a PC or a MAC with a fast boot and ADB installed.

Directly jump to these easy tutorial Guides for Rooting Specific device models.

Verdict: You may find this guide a bit technical if you are new to rooting.

Kingo Root

Kingo Root is an amazing service that allows you to unlock your device. one amazing thing about kingo is that you can root your device without requiring a PC. You also do not need detailed technical knowledge. This app makes the whole process smooth and easy. Surprisingly, you can root your device with one touch.

Click here to go to kingo website and root your device.

This resource also contains tutorials for one-click root applications. This is a one-stop complete resource for your device. The instructions here are simple and easy to follow. You can unlock your device’s bootloader quickly. This application also boasts the highest success rate among all apks out there for rooting.

If you follow the link, you will see that Kingo has both methods which you can use. If you fail to Root your device, you can go ahead with the Windows version. It also contains detailed instructions with the android apk version (With screenshots) and Windows version.

This Cnet article also mentions kingo for unlocking your Android device.

Verdict: Simple and easy to use apk, but it may not work on all devices.


This is similar to kingo app which is essentially a one-click root app. Framaroot apk allows you to root android devices/phones with one click. Unlike Kingo, you can use your scripts to root emulators such as bluestacks. Also, Framaroot allows you to un-root the device. It also allows you to install SuperSU which allows you to control apps access to core phone functions.

Click here to go to framaroot website and get the apk. Note that this doesn’t seem like an official website. But you can get the apk from there.

This digitaltrends article explains how you can root phone with Framaroot as one of the Alternatives. Check it out for step-by-step instructions.

Verdict: Use if kingo doesn’t work. the only limitation is that it works on devices having android 4.4 and higher.

Important resources for Android Device Root

Check root and verify the root status

Get a root checker app from the play store to verify whether your device is rooted. Use this after you have tried these methods above. you can also use the root checker app to ascertain whether your device is already root.

Get root checker from play store.

One simple way to check this is when you install this app, you will see it asks for superuser permission. If yes, then you have your device. If it is asking your permission but you do not have a superuser installed, it may be that you have a problem.

Install SuperUser

Get and install a superuser if your device is rooted but you don’t have superuser to manager permissions.

Unroot your Android device

You can do this by simply getting SuperSU. This will allow you to clear modifications that you have made earlier and return your device to a previous state (Unrooted state). alternatively, you can also do this by getting framaroot. Also, you can follow these simple steps to manually unroot your device –

  • use any file explorer which can access directories to get to home. Reach “/”.
  • Get to System and then Bin, then delete busybox and SU.
  • Now go to System > Xbin, then tap and hold on busybox and su and delete them.
  • Finally, go to System > App and delete supeuser.apk.
  • Restart the device, and your device will be unrooted.

You can also get an application called Universal Unroot to unroot the phone.

Get a Root Manager

You need a root manager so that you can control every app and its access to your phone’s function. As rooting your phone unlocks it, it also opens up vulnerabilities that the apps can tap into and get your data. Some mischievous apps can also use your phone’s resources for data or crypto mining.

Get a root manager like Magisk Manager to manage root permissions of third-party apps.

Install Root explorer

Install ES File explorer to explore Root access on your Phone. Also, follow this link to get the steps to use ES File Explorer for this purpose.

Use a browser like a file explorer root browser to explore the root directories and subdirectories. You can also use CX file explorer to access hidden directories. with Cx you can access files on cloud storage and even files on network-attached storage.

Rollback to Stock firmware

If your device seems bricked but you can flash Roms. Get the stock ROM for your device and then flash it with tools.

Android SDK platform-tools

Get it from the Google Devs site. You can get it for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Unlock Phones, Routers or Phone (Partially Paid)

Get DC-UNLOCKER to unlock bootloaders and quickly unlock phones and other devices. See the latest tutorials for unlocking phones by device model and other guides. This app also allows you to expand the functionality of devices such as Netgear modems and routers. The catalog includes networking devices of all major manufacturers such as Nokia, Asus, Gemtek, Amoi, Toshiba, and more.

Other Resources for Rooting

More One-click root Applications

Other applications you can use for rooting purposes:

  • Root Master
  • Z4root
  • C4 Auto Root
  • Towel root
  • IRoot
  • Baiduroot
  • Dr. Fone

Know more about rooting android devices

  • Check out Android Central’s Post about unlocking several different devices. This article also explains the system and systemless roots. You can also look for rooting instructions for popular devices such as One Plus, Samsung, and others. This resource also explains the Samsung Knox rooting problem. You can install Odin to get over this issue.

Read more about Knox issues while Rooting Samsung devices.

  • If you have tripped Knox, Watch this video to learn about restoring S’s health –
  • Learn about the risk of rooted phones here.
  • Makeuseof Guide for rooting phones here.

Youtube Videos for more clarity –

Final Words

We hope you find this collection of rich resources for rooting any android device helpful. Now that you have rooted your device, you can enjoy the following benefits-

  • Enjoy Free Wi-Fi tethering if your carrier charges you for it.
  • See Apps that secure your device from theft or conversely check for spying apps on your phone.
  • Install Other Operating systems on parallel like Andronix, A Linux-based OS for android! or Ubuntu.
  • Overclock or underclock CPU and GPU.
  • Complete device Backup.
  • Much more for budding developers.

Note: None of the links in this article give us any commission or monetary compensation. We do not endorse any Applications, People, or software mentioned in this Article. This is independent research carried out by the popularapk team. Popularapk and Team will not be responsible for any damage or harm arising from the use of information presented here.

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