How to Make Whiteboard Animation Videos For Free [Simple & Easy Trick]

You have landed on this page, and we think you are curious about making ‘Whiteboard Animation Videos’. Well, we got you covered. This article will explain why they are so binge-watching and how you can create them.

Want to make explainer videos for your business, youtube channel, product, or education? Have you ever wondered how people make awesome whiteboard videos by using a quick-moving hand and a whiteboard market? You are at the right place.

While there are many whiteboard animation maker software available, we are going to tell you a trick through which, you will be able to do video scribbling really quickly. And for FREE!

Most of the resources available on the internet are either not free or have limited functionality. While you could try different software’s out there, no one will do the job. We will show you how to create an explainer video via whiteboard animation software called videoscribe.

Generally, the subscription to this hand animation maker costs about $20.65 per month, but with this trick, you will be able to evaluate the software for free and enjoy an unlimited free trial.

Here is a sample video we created with the software and then converted into a gif:

How To Create Whiteboard Animation Videos For FREE

If you want to create explainer videos like the one you see above, you need software. Most software has hefty subscriptions and other free software does not have nearly the useful features that you need.

We bring to a very simple trick. With this trick, you can make whiteboard animation videos in no time. To make doodles in a video, you need these two things –

  1. Videoscribe Software for your laptop
  2. A temporary email address service such as temp mail

You need Videoscribe to make the videos on your PC/Laptop. You need a temporary email service to register for a free trial again and again.

Bonus: With this trick you will not loose your old projects and can keep evaluating the paid software for free.

Steps for Getting Unlimited Usage of Whiteboard Software

How To Make Whiteboard Animation Videos with Videoscribe for Free [Unlimited Evaluation Trick]

  1. Download & Install the official videoscribe software

    You can download the software from their website. Just grab the latest version that is available for download.
    Alternatively, you can get videoscribe free download (64bit) from Ufile.
    Install this whiteboard video maker software using on-screen instructions. After the installation is complete, you will see a login screen.How To Make Whiteboard Animation Videos with Videoscribe for Free [Unlimited Evaluation Trick]

  2. Get a temporary email address from a temp mail service (free)

    You can use for getting a temporary email address and the inbox. You can also use the temp mail apk downloaded from this site.
    This email address will be used to create a free trial account on the videoscribe website.
    How To Make Whiteboard Animation Videos with Videoscribe for Free [Unlimited Evaluation Trick]

  3. Open Videoscribe on your PC and click on “Create a New Account”

    You will see two options. One is to log in using a username and password and the other is to create a new account. We need to create a new account here for getting the benefit of a free trial.
    How To Make Whiteboard Animation Videos with Videoscribe for Free [Unlimited Evaluation Trick]

  4. Fill out the short registration form using a temporary email

    You will be taken to a free trial landing page. There you can fill out the details such as first name and last name. The email address should be the one you got from temp mail.
    Choose a simple password and agree to videoscribe’s term of service.
    After your registration is complete, you will see a thank you page. This means that you have successfully created a free trial account.
    How To Make Whiteboard Animation Videos with Videoscribe for Free [Unlimited Evaluation Trick]

  5. Log in to the Videoscribe Software on your PC

    Use the credentials you just used to fill up the registration form in the previous step. Click on login and you will be taken to the homepage of the desktop app. Now you can start making whiteboard animation explainer videos in no time! Remember: If it asks you to update the software, do not update.
    How To Make Whiteboard Animation Videos with Videoscribe for Free [Unlimited Evaluation Trick]

  6. Repeat the steps after 7 days to renew your account

    You can use temp mail to get a different email address and create a new account using that email. After you log in again, you will see your old projects in the videoscribe. This way you can continue making awesome explainer videos with hand animation (whiteboard animation) without worrying about a subscription or losing your project.
    How To Make Whiteboard Animation Videos with Videoscribe for Free [Unlimited Evaluation Trick]

  7. Make awesome explainer videos for your audience!

    That’s it. It is up to your creativity how well you make videos using the software. All the features and elements are unlocked for you. There is no time limit for video creation. There are no restrictions. Period.
    How To Make Whiteboard Animation Videos with Videoscribe for Free [Unlimited Evaluation Trick]

A Sample Explainer Video (Using the same software) showcasing the whole process:

How to Make Whiteboard Animation Video (Unlimited length) | Videoscribe unlimited evaluation trick

What is Whiteboard Animation?

We can say Whiteboard Animation is the schooling technique to communicate with your viewers to explain complex information. Use clean animations which look like they are being hand drawn as the video progresses on the whiteboard or background. The graphics used in these types of videos are straightforward. The aim is to make things easy to understand. The reason for creating these types of videos is to explain things while making complex processes easy. Teaching videos, explanatory videos, communication videos, etc., are the products of whiteboard animation.

To create these types of videos, a person can use various tools to simplify the creation process. VideoScribe is one of the most favored tools for creating whiteboard animations. This app makes it very easy to form the sketch animations simply with admired finishing. Infographics are the best part of these videos, making them worth binge-watching. Explanations will become very difficult if the infographics are not shown being hand-drawn in these videos.

Lets Us Quickly Explain To You The Benefits Of Whiteboard Animation Videos:

Videos Become Worth Memorising

These videos are very effective in terms of instructing or explaining things, so they imprint and get stuck in your brain forever. More and more info is retained in your memories for a long time.

Covers Every Topic

These types of videos can be created for any topic, whether you want to create entertaining videos, teaching videos, instructing and promoting, or marketing.

Binge Watching or Attention Seeking

They will hold your attention quickly because of the type of animations and sound effects used in these videos. Clean visuals and animations are the best part of these videos to watch.

Easy To Create

They are effortless to make, and one of the best tools available like VideoScribe to help users create them.

About Videoscribe

Voideoscribe lets you create animated videos through drag and drop functionality on your PC. The interface is easy and simple. It can be used by a novice and by a professional as well.

It has a massive library of animated video templates. Be it any problem, you can describe the solution via video with videoscribe easily.

From business marketing templates to explainer video templates. It has everything including social media videos, infographic videos, education, and learning templates. Addtionally, Videoscribe contains thousands of elements that can be used for doodle video making.

Reference links:

How do i remove branding in the trail version?

The official software now uses its branding even in the trial versions. You can either use a crack to go pro, or use the previous version (version previous to 3.5) to use the software as it is.

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