How I Use Ghost Mode With Instander

Ghost mode for Instagram is creating a lot of buzz these days, it’s not just any other regular feature of any app, it’s on a completely different level. Do you want to know why? Yes, I will tell you. But first, you should know that Instagram Ghost Mode is not offered by the official Instagram app.

This feature is only available through an advanced version of Instagram called Instander which allows you to use even blocked features of official apps. As having these advanced features Instander is not available on Google Play Store or in Apple Store. But this third-party app will let you access such amazing features which you never dreamt of using on Instagram.

how i use ghost mode with instander

What is Ghost Mode on Instagram? Be A Ghost On Instagram

Ghost Mode is one of the key features for which Instander is known. Instander ghost mode lets you become a ghost on Instagram so that you can watch others’ stories and updates without letting them know. Plus others cannot know that you have read their messages, and seen their stories.

Advanced Functions of Ghost Mode

be a ghost on instagram

Several functions of this mode are customizable according to your preferences and use. You can mark your seen status invisible while reading others’ messages and typing messages, this way others cannot see if you are typing or not.

Using the function to hide your Instagram viewers and audience while streaming live is very useful when you don’t want others to notice that. Especially when your every activity is being watched by someone you don’t want.

Using these features will get you the privilege of being anonymous but if any security breach is recorded then you cannot blame Instagram or Meta as you will be using a third-party app.

How To Use Ghost Mode On Instander?

ghost mode on instander
  • Simply open the app and log in.
  • Go to the profile menu.
  • Go to stander settings
  • Choose ghost mode and activate it.

How to turn on ghost mode on Instagram?

You need to use Instander for using Instagram ghost mode. It is not available on the IG official app.

Does instander ghost mode work?

Yes, Instander ghost mode allows you to watch other IG user’s stories without letting them know you watched it. Also, other people won’t know if you read their messages, and saw their updates in any way.

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