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Are you working in a team or group and having a problem commuting and managing your schedule? Then “HotSchedules Apk” is the perfect and option for you. That helps you get rid of all your schedule and communicating-related problems. Download the popular scheduling app from popularapk now! Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the download button!



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Hotschedules apk is the best and awesome application if you are looking for a solution to get rid of scheduling and communication-associated issues. Communication plays a very important role in strengthening the team or a group to work effectively and efficiently. This application will remove that barrier by constantly forwarding updates related to shifts and projects details, etc.

This is the most loved and trusted application among the employees because with this application they can exchange shifts with each other and select suitable shifts for them. That can improve harmony and unity among the team. This application also helps employees to pick up extra work time and when to take voluntary time off, and with one click they get approval from the manager or higher-ups.

Hotschedules app helps you connect with other employees and allows you to stay connected and send or receive messages from one another. This application works with the calendar sync and notification features which help your schedules directory up to date. It allows creating a separate group for a particular department of division it is available for both Android and iOS users. And very convenient to operate.


Main features

shift timing details.

Coincide with the phone

This application helps the user to create a schedule and the programmer helps this application to coincide with the phone and connect directly to your calendar which displays the schedule or roasting of shifts according to date. This application is the best among its competitors as it provides the user to optimize the time and schedule directly.

Contact sync

this application provides the users to sync with the contact list that helps them in avoiding external addition of contacts or exporting the contacts from the phone to the application


This function will give you access to see anyone of your employee’s roasters and schedule with only a single click. You can swap your shift with your colleague and get permission for the same from your head or boss only with one tap on the option.

Easy updating

This app allows the user to update the data on his/her own and change his/her contact information and his/her availability for the upcoming shifts. Which is a time-saving process. It also gives the option to present your candidature for the open shifts.


Unique Features

hotschedules mod apk - availability details in apps.

Simple to use– This application has uncomplicated features which help in frequent working, and anybody can easily understand the controls and works on that app.

Flexible shifts– It provides you with the self-selection of your shifts according to your comfortable schedule and presents your name for the open shifts for upcoming days.

Relation building– This application helps you create a good and positive working environment in the office, and build healthy relations between superiors and subordinates.

Uprising – As this application automatically notifies you when your next duty roaster will be prepared, it does so, by connecting directly to your smartphone calendar. And gives you the option to alter your shifts request according to your solace.


Why HotSchedules apk?

hotschedules mod apk - industry leading employee scheduling app

This employee scheduling application is the most unique and distinctive app which makes employee scheduling makes very comfortable and easy. And provide an open and positive environment for communication between staff. The Head of the department or manager can easily prepare or edit work schedules with only a single click to engage the staff.

Because this application is directly connected with your phone’s calendar, so you can easily be accessible by every employee. It gives staff opportunities to swap their shift with each other. It also helps employees to select voluntary time off and overtime for themselves. And get approval from their manager with one click. And bid for the next open shifts.

This application gets an overtime alert if it detects the employee is trying to do extra hour work without prior information. It also keeps track of sales and helps employees to make smart decisions to decrease toil costs. It can be installed on both android and iOS.

Benefits of using Hotschedules

  • Positive environment
  • Comfortable shifts
  • No long procedures
  • Relationship development Minor Glitches
  • Informal working structure

Functional issues

  • Difficulty in logging
  • Constantly crashes application


  • Uncomplicated access
  • Free services
  • Coincide with calendar


Other resources

mobile image with hotschedules installed.

  1. Play store link for the employee scheduling app.
  2. LinkedIn profile page of Fourth US.
  3. Official site, owned by the fourth square.
  4. Review of the service with several comments from managers in the admin.
  5. Learn more about the company (People, financials, technology) on CrunchBase.
  6. Tutorial on how to use the mobile app (Watch on YouTube) :




see labor summary inside the app.

Positive thoughts for Hotschedules apk of users

  1. Good application for staff and employee’s relation
  2. Comfortable working environment
  3. Easy to operate the module
  4. Do not contain Ads.
  5. Has Good graphic

Glitches to be improved

  1. Logging problem
  2. Lacking on opening the home screen.
  3. Minor bugs

A similar application like Hotschedules apk

  1. Schoolx
  2. Zip schedules
  3. 7shifts: employee scheduling
  4. Shyft


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. please wait a few seconds after you click free download so that your apk download starts well.

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