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Do you want to earn money without even touching your phone and laptop? We all know what the world is going through right now, due to the covid-19 pandemic, millions of people lost their life, their job, and their livelihood. These fast modern changing times require people to be quick-paced and earn plenty of money. Who doesn’t love money, and when you can earn it for free, who would reject it, Presenting to you simple money making app:

  • That too, without any investment
  • This app is just for you
  • We are talking about Honeygain Apk

Founded in 2018, this profit company has a daily traffic of around 100k active users and the headquarters are located in Minsk, Belarus. It is a private venture opened for profit maximization. It is also the first company in its segment to place an offer like this, thus we can say that in no time honeygain gained a mass following.

showing the official logo of honeygain mod apk.

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About Honeygain Apk

see the current balance or earned value in this app.

With tHoneygain, users can earn money by simply sharing their internet.

You can earn your passive income while working a professional full-time job. There are absolutely no specific requirements for this app to run. As long as you have a smartphone, you are good to go. This app can be downloaded on Windows, Mac OS, and any android phone with android version 4.0 and above. This app has an incredible 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot

Now you all must be wondering how exactly does the app works?

The logic behind the concept is utterly simple

Honeygain uses your unused data or your unused internet bandwidth to get pieces of information from the web. Businesses rely on this package information and use honeygain’s proxy network for various causes, and we get paid for providing it.

Let’s get you a bit more clear with the working of this app:

Suppose John wants to book flight tickets, he goes on the web, types flight tickets, and browses through the options available. As prices for goods online can differ variably based on location, websites connect to honeygain’s network and get the best deal possible through millions of connected users.

How much money can I earn from this?

Well, this depends on you, you can use honeygain on multiple devices and earn up to 20$ or more by running honeygain for at least 6 hours a day.
Well, it sure doesn’t seem much but why not do it when it’s for free and can pay for your Netflix subscription. They even provide a 5$ signup bonus, which doesn’t sound like a bad deal after all.


Analyze how much data this app has used.

Let’s talk about reviews if you still are having second thoughts on this app.

Out of roughly 5000 reviews listed o Trustpilot, 70% of people have rated this app as excellent. Some people even say Honeygain Apk got people into crypto trading and because of this app people can finally have a cup of coffee from Starbucks every morning.

While for some people this app didn’t turn out quite well. Some people believe that this app has access to all your networks which is a bit creepy. Some people even claim that they had been using this app for a long time but when they asked for a payment checkout their account was deleted stating ‘ingenuine app usage’ and the money disappeared.

But despite all this, the honeygain team has often tried to resolve the issue whenever possible.

Other Information

Watch the Dashboard easily in honeygain mod apk.

How to generate money?

Once we enter the app we see a honeycomb interface with bees revolving around, besides that is the current balance or honey earned; roughly for providing 10 GB of data, 1$ is rewarded.

Therefore it is recommended to use honeycomb from multiple devices to multiply your earning and earn from 20-50$ a month passively.

How to download Honeygain Apk

So far this app has not been launched on google play or the app store but you can simply download the app from any web browser.


So far Honeygain Apk creators have been posting regularly on social media stating about the proofs and payout and there are a plethora of youtube videos claiming honeygain to be authentic and receiving payment from the company.

Weekly contests

Not only earning money was enough, but the company also organizes weekly challenges and contests for the public to engage more audience and make more and more people participate in the challenge. They often monetize these challenges to attract a greater mass after all who doesn’t chase money.

Major challenges faced while building the app

  • It was not a simple task to build an app like honeygain.
  • the started with just 5 people eventually evolving into a corporate. Although it was not easy
  • for the developers to make the app legally valid, protect its users from network security
  • breaches and ensure proper regulation for fair use.

It doesn’t end here

Welcome to the honeygain

Another sweet surprise for users, shortly after launching Honeygain Apk, the creators launched a referral system. So that the users share as much as possible and the company could benefit and grow. The company monetized its referral system to attract a greater audience.

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