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homescapes mod apk with puzzles.

Train your brain and boost its problem-solving ability in a fun way. Download the Homescapes game app and release the stress you got from your busy day. Read this article to the detailed features of Homescapes apk.

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get unlimited coins and use more lives with the mod apk.

Homescapes apk is an excellent match 3 puzzle game app. When the stress takes over then these types of mind relaxing games come to mind. Homescapes is one of the most relaxing and brain-teasing puzzle game apps. When you are having a busy day just play this game for once. All the stress and tiredness will go away. In this game, you have to solve many challenging match 3 puzzles.

You will help the house owner to renovate it by solving the pieces of these puzzles. There are different types of puzzles in this game and each type of puzzle resembles different scenarios. There are different types of background scenes in which the puzzles are created. As you solve them the rooms will automatically get renovated. You can design and renovate the rooms as you like. Just match the furniture, wall paintings, and other items to that of the room. Use strategic skills to solve these challenging puzzles.

  • To win the puzzles you will have to match 3 items continuously in each row or column.
  • As you will help in the redesigning of the mansion you will get to unlock many hidden rooms.
  • Solve these puzzles perfectly and get rewards and unlock the hidden parts of the mansion.
  • Homescapes hack for you to enjoy is available on our site which is for android devices.


Main features

see the whole mansion overview from above.


As the mansion needs to be renovated you can easily redesign it with your creative skills. Just play the puzzles in which you can renovate and redesign the mansion rooms. Cross the levels one by one and you will renovate the whole mansion in a few levels. In renovating you will need creativity and imagination power. Because you will choose what how the mansion will look like so enjoy solving the puzzles.


In Homescapes Apk, you will have to rescue Mr. Austin and his cat. They keep getting in difficult situations and do not know how to help themselves. So here you have to help them by solving the different types of puzzles. Just decide and tap on the current option which you think is correct. Their life depends on their puzzle-solving skills, so it becomes a very hardcore game app. You have to think of new ways to rescue both of them in different hazardous situations.

Beautiful graphics

The graphics quality of this game is very stunning, you will feel every scene as if it were a real-life situation. This game has been made as realistic as it can be. Graphics quality is awesome and even the low-end devices can handle these types of graphics very easily. There are different types of scenarios made of very high-quality animated visuals.


To solve these puzzles you have to match three same items in each row and column. The items should be of the same size, shape, and colors. Match them to win the puzzles of different types. Whether you play rescue-type puzzles or mansion renovation puzzles. You will have to match the same items.


Unique features

solve mini games and puzzle like match 3 to begin import.

Difficulty – These puzzles are challenging to solve. You will have to understand the pattern of the puzzles to understand them first before solving them. The difficulty levels will rise as you will clear the levels in this game app. Create different types of strategies to win the game.

Events – There are special events and daily challenges in this game app. If you complete them in time you will get more rewards and a bonus. Special events just bring more treats and more chances for them to be rich in the game. You can buy lots of items in this game that are locked.

Unlock rooms – By completing the levels and solving the puzzles you can enter the boss levels. And as you will win the levels you will get the key to unlocking the hidden rooms of the mansion. The mansion is very big and no one knows all its areas. You can explore and find the hidden areas in the game.

Invite – You can invite your friends to come online and play with you. Design the mansion together and win the levels with your teamwork. You will enjoy the game very much as you will invite your friends to play with you.


Why Homescapes apk?

homescapes mod apk walkthrough.

You can choose this game only because of the various enjoyable features. Enjoy the different types of puzzles that come with this game app. Relax your mind and relieve your stress levels by playing the puzzles you like the most. Different types of challenging levels in this game are made to trap you. You can improve your puzzle-solving skills and strategic skills with this game app. These puzzles resemble the different types of scenarios in which you will have to help the owner of the mansion.

By solving these puzzles you can renovate the rooms of the mansion and rescue the owner of the mansion and his cat. Just decide you move and tap on the item which you chose, just like that the gameplay is very simple. The graphics are stunning. Every scene in this game is created as realistic as it can be.


  • Sharpen your problem-solving skills by solving the puzzles
  • Get rewards and bonus points
  • Stunning graphics with sound quality
  • Hundreds of challenging levels to play
  • Enjoy the game with your friends by inviting them.


  • The purchasable items in Homescapes Apk are too expensive
  • Not enough time is given to unlock new items
  • Large numbers of Cools items are just locked

Unique features

  • Ads-free experience
  • Paid items
  • Get money
  • You will get free lives with no human verification needed


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homescapes highlighted story.

Is a game safe to play?

Yes, the file of homescapes is safe to download and play from our site.

How to hack to get more stars?

You can just get the game from our site’s popular app and get as many stars as you want.

Release date of the game?

Homescapes game was released in August 2017.

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Game walkthrough?

Watch this video and view the gameplay and walkthrough of homescapes:

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