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Most of us find history the most boring subject in our studies? What if your most hated subject becomes very interesting? I’m sure you will love the way this app reminds you of historical dates, events, battles, etc. with illustrations and animations. There is a lot more than this in “Historical Calendar”. To know about all the features of this application and to try it out, kindly read the full article below and press one of the blue download links on this web page to get this app immediately on your phone to start your interesting journey with history.

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ABOUT Historical Calendar App

get all the updates about historical timeline with this app.

HISTORICAL CALENDAR is an application that tells you about the historical events that took place on the same date in the past. It’s like learning about the past today. You can get detailed information about any event, battle, and many more things that happened earlier by using the primary search filter in the app or filter to sort out the exact event you want to see.

You will have to type the date or the period in which you want to know the information. This app will show you the information with animations and different illustrations and also uses real incident images if available. After reading the information, you can choose to play a quiz based on the topic read to test out your knowledge about the topic. And if you find any information helpful which you feel that you will need later.

Then, you can just add it to the library section to go through it in the future. If you save it in the library section, then you can easily get it when needed. In remembering dates and events, the biggest problem is forgetting them.

To solve your problem, it has a quiz feature that asks you basic questions from the topic read before to make sure that you revise it well. So, there will be very less chances of forgetting them. The main thing which makes sure that you won’t easily forget things is that when you see them more often. For this, it has a home screen widget option.

FEATURES of the Latest Version

Yesterday In Today

Now, you can visit the past time today with this application very easily. It will tell you about every event that took place in ancient times. There is a huge variety of information available in the app. By reading them, you will come to know about the various battles’ dates, reasons, etc. The latest version of the historical calendar apk does not only tell you about the battles but also about all types of historical events on the day that needs to be remembered. It gives you a very detailed and enlarged explanation of every event.

Search filter

It can be difficult to find out about one event from those never-ending lists of events. So, to read about a particular event or the events that happened in an exact period. You can get it by searching about it from the search filter. The search bar filters out the information based on your search. It will save your time searching about the topic that you can use later for learning more events.

Animations and Illustrations

History seems to be a boring subject for most of us. But if we try to make it a little creative, it can be fun reading it too. Here, you will not feel bored while reading the texts because the app shows related illustrations in the form of animation that helps in learning fastly. You will also see real images of incidents if they are available. It would give you more clarity about the concept.


The disadvantage while learning facts and days is that we forget them easily. We often get confused about names and dates in history. So to minimize the chances of forgetting the facts, this app has a quiz feature. This feature sets up a quiz based on the topic you want. Historical calendar appgives you some easy multiple choice questions and you have to memorize the things you read and have to answer them.

Save the info

While reading the facts and events, sometimes we get any specific topic which we can need later. It can be for your school project, work assignments, or anything. And it can be hard to search that topic again from the huge library of facts. So to get them easily in need, you can save the topic in the library section. So you will easily find that topic in the future.

Home screen widget

The historical calendar can be set as a home screen widget that will show new facts and info every time you unlock your phone. It would be so much fun to learn facts and data anytime, anywhere. The facts and information shown in the widget get refreshed every time you use your device. So you can enjoy getting new information when you switch on your phone.

Different language support

History is for everyone. This application supports more than 50 languages. It assures that everyone interested in learning can read and gain knowledge from this app. These 50 languages are different from each other and target a large audience to interact with their application.

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