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Have problems while solving your match equations with regular calculators? If yes, we can suggest you an app that helps you solve maths problems in a few steps. This app is called Hiper Calc . Read all its features in this article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

use graphing scientific calculator free in hiper calc pro

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use a fully featured calculator with advanced functions with hiper calc unlocked version

Hiper Calc apk is a robust and reliable scientific calculator. This app can help you solve your maths problems with very few calculations. With this app, you don’t have to use ordinary calculators as they make your calculations lengthy. You can solve any tricky maths equation quickly with this app.

This calculator has significant and exponential digits for you to calculate your equations. You can convert the numbers into fractions and fractions into numbers. It can also detect repeating decimals. With this app on your smartphone, you don’t have to carry a physical calculator every time you travel. The best thing is to write the equations in their actual form without converting them.

  • It has different compatible layout options designed for smartphones, compact phones, tablets, and many more devices.
  • You can solve various questions about algebra, calculus, graphing, and much more.
  • Get explanations about your problems and learn how to solve them in detail.
  • Get step-by-step information on how to solve these equations with minimum effort.
  • You will be amazed to see the accuracy of this calculator, and you can solve the most complex problems very quickly.
  • This app also has a unit conversion feature.

Main features

graph equations on mobile phone with hiper calc pro

Solve complex equations

With the help of this scientific calculator, you can solve any complex equation very quickly. You can input your maths equations in this app, just like your notebook. With one click, this app will give you the solved answer instantly. Read and understand the solved equations step by step with this app. You can solve problems, but you can learn to solve them quickly.

Graphic visuals

You can now solve your graph problems with this app quickly. Learn how to solve them with the graphical visualization of this app. You can solve graph problems like maxima, minima, 3D graphical equations. You can see their visual representations with this app. These graphs will make it very easy to understand these complex equations.

Unit conversions

This app works as a calculator, but you can also convert different units. You can convert other measuring units like weight, distance, temperatures, and more units. Usually, you don’t get a unit conversion option in normal calculators. But with this app, you don’t need any extra app to convert these units. If you want to convert even the currency, you can also convert in real-time.

Multi-screen compatibility

With multi-screen compatibility, you can use this app comfortably with any android device. This app has a compatible layout for compact phones, standard display smartphones, and tablets. This app automatically sets its resolution to the smartphone to enjoy working efficiently. All functions are readily available to use on your screen without exploring them in the menu.

Why use Hiper Calc apk?

make 3d graphs and use automation to find answers to problems.

This scientific calculator has many unique features which make it worth using. You can make your maths problems very easy to solve. Solve complex maths equations with this app instantly and get step-by-step explanations to learn. Convert fractions into numbers and numbers into fractions.

This app can automatically detect repeating decimals. Subjects like algebra, calculus, graphing, and much more are covered in this app. You can solve equations, but you can understand how to solve them in straightforward explanations.

This app instantly converts units like weight, temp, currencies, and many more. Graphical representations of this app will help you to understand equations easily. This app is compatible with different types of android devices. It automatically sets its resolution according to the device’s resolutions. It is compatible with compact phones, smartphones, and tablets.

Unique features

  • Read the detailed calculations of different problems you solve with this app.
  • Use expression mode, which will help you read the details of equations.
  • There are different types of high-quality themes that enhance this app’s interface.
  • You can type predefined variables in this app quickly.
  • You can perform memory operations as this app stores your calculations in the main memory.


you can also use it as simple scientific calci see step by step solutions of mathematical equation problems in hiper see help with guide to use the hiper calc pro app

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