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Want to know why your phone’s battery is draining so fast? If yes, then this app may help you know not only the reason but will also help in saving the battery. Please read this article as we have discussed all the features of the Hibernator mod apk. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.


Hibernator mod apk is the handiest battery monitoring and saving tool. This app helps the users monitor their battery backup and performance. But also, this app can extend your battery life and power for several hours as the battery backup of the android phones is very low. All the users should monitor it and help the phone save it from the battery-draining apps.

Android power backup and the number of apps running in the background are inverses of each other. So the number of applications running in the background reduces the battery backup. And now the hibernator mod apk, you can monitor your battery usage.

You can have details of the heavy apps that are constantly draining your phone’s battery. And with the help of this app, you can stop the processes of the particular apps that you don’t need. This way, the battery consumption stops, but the device’s performance also increases. This app performs complex functions but is very easy to use. The battery temperature also decreases, by which the battery life increases.

Main features

Improved battery performance

This app helps its users to shut the other battery-draining applications completely. So the battery performance automatically increases as those apps are stopped. The best and most straightforward way to increase battery performance is to limit the apps that run in the background. And the same type of solution this app uses to improve the battery performance of ñour phone.


Free Up the memory space by simply scanning and one-tap cleaning with this app. Besides battery-saving, this app also helps you free up the space of your device memory. This app is a handy tool by which you can clean up your device’s space which is acquired by the unnecessary apps.


As the device memory is cleaned and the battery improves, the processing speed also gets fast. Your phone can process data quicker than ever. As the load of the unnecessary apps is decreased from the processor. The device performance for gaming and using other heavy apps get drastically increased. You can use more relevant apps on your same device.


The device temperature can also be monitored and maintained with this app. The number of processes running in the background increases the temperature of the mobile. The heat of the device can, if not maintained, can damage the hardware of the device. So this app plays a crucial part and decreases the device temperature by eliminating the unnecessary background processes.


Unique features

  • Automatically closes the running background apps when not needed.
  • Widgets are available for the users to try the feature without even opening the app.
  • When the screen turns off, this app automatically closes the background apps.
  • Cools down the CPU by eliminating the background apps.
  • Works on both system apps and downloaded apps.

Mod features

  • Ads-free usage
  • Premium functions are unlocked
  • High privacy features
  • Whitelist option is available


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