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Want to make an empire and become its lord? Not just any other Middle Ages lord. Become the drug overlord and establish your weed empire just like ELChapo or Pablo Escobar. Play the game hempire, a plant growing game in which you can grow your weed. Deal with the other businesses and make profits. To know more about the game read the following article and download it by clicking on the download button.

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About Hempire

make deals with other cartels in this android game.

There are many simulation games on the internet that allows you to build your forts, armies, and empires or build your farm. Hempire gives more than all that it allows you to become a drug overlord. Grow your weed, trade it all around the world, deal with other business lords and earn profit and name with it. It allows you to grow all types of weed varieties from northern lights, jack herer to Hindukush. The more impotent the variety the greater the profit. Grow these famous breeds or build your hybrid varieties which gives you a unique name in the market. Build your farm and evolve it into a great business by adding more features and technology to the farm.

Become part of any big cartels or make your cartel with your power. Use the profits in investing in new tools, update your old tools, and bring new technology and expertise to the farm. Transport your product to the world market by making a deal with other drug lords. The graphics and interface of the game are quite elegant and satisfying. The controls and animations are very easy and look very good while playing.

You can also make your dispensary and sell your products yourself. Become a hemp tycoon by increasing investments, doing business deals with other businesses. Become your own Walter white rising from scratch. Talk and build your empire with your buddies. Play with them or against them and grow the community.


build profits and grow your hemp empire

  • Graphics: The graphics and the animation of the game look quite elegant. It’s very satisfying watching the collection and growing animations of the weed. The controls are also touch type. Very easy to handle and control.
  • Farm: Grow the hemp on your farm with your investments. Start from scratch and grow different types of exotic varieties. You can also make your hybrid varieties to improve the quality of the product. Use your profits to update your farm and its equipment. Increase your productivity to make a name of your product in the market.
  • Business: Grow your business and control every department of your business. From growing the product, transporting to different cities to delivering directly to your customers. Deal with other businesses and make allies in the market. Make big names in the business and become a drug overlord just like EL Chapo or Pablo Escobar. Make cookies, brownies, and cakes with hemp. it will help you generate more profits and reach more customers.
  • Community: Connect with other players in the community. Invite your friends, play with them, or compete against them. You can chat or talk with them directly. Complete daily tasks and objectives to win special rewards which can help you top the leader boards

Other Information

grow and sell buds in hempire mod apk game


  • The graphics of the games are very good. Every task like collecting cash or growing weed looks very elegant to watch.
  • It’s a free application with a ton of features. More rewards or points can be purchased within the game.
  • Allows talking or chatting with other users across the group. Invite them to make your friend and join their group
  • Allows you to update your farm and build the city around your farm.


  • Sometimes games get freezes in between and all the previous improvements can be lost. Users have to start from zero many times,
  • City design has some problems like broken walls or there is no place to plant trees
  • The storage in the warehouse is somewhat inaccurate. It shows different numbers than what is present.

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Who are the developers of the hempire?

The developer of the game is LBC studios Inc. they have made many games similar to hempire. You can try them from the link given above

Are there any similar games?

There are many simulation games you can get from the google play store. Some of them are Weed Inc., bud farm, weed factory idle, and many more.

How to get the game to play?

Download the game from the google play store (link given above) or download it from our website by clicking the download button below.

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