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The most important thing for a beginner in a gym or health enthusiasts who want to work in his physique is to track his calorie intake. Want to lose weight? Decrease calorie intake, gain muscle track your nutrients by downloading “Healthifyme Apk“. Even keeping oneself and healthy and disease-free needs a good diet that is compatible with you. It should be easy to stick to, for a longer time.



track your way to fitness

Healthifyme is an app that will act as your best health companion for all your fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner in the gym and wanted to gain muscles or want to lose fat for improving your physique. Diet is the most important thing to track in your fitness journey and healthifyme will be your biggest help in this. Healthifyme is a food tracker, workout tracker, water tracker, sleep tracker, weight loss tracker & handwash tracker.

It also contains no-equipment home workout videos to keep you active while being connected with fitness enthusiasts all over the world within its community. Talk to others, share your experience, and get motivated by others in your community.

Full body workout plans for abs, belly fat, biceps, arms, chest, and back. Yoga workouts – stretching exercises & breathing practices. No need to go to the gym and lift heavyweights. You need to modify your routine and adapt to the healthifyme.


ABOUT HealthifyMe:

live workout from your home in healhtifyme app

If you are a fitness enthusiast you know how important is to keep track of your calories intake by balancing both macro and micronutrients. Get your personalized health data, helpful in tracking your fitness goals and making your diet plan with healthifyme’s calorie counter.

Healthifyme apk will help you do it with many other exciting features like tracking your workout, water, and sleep reminders, making your diet chart with its nutrition experts, doing live home workouts, yoga sessions with the experts ready to guide you.

Once connected with it let it help you achieve your goals faster and inefficiently way. It will take care of the essential requirements of your fitness journey. Track over 55,000 foods & 1,500 exercises. Receive real-time insights & automated guidance on your health. Receive expert advice from top coaches.


FEATURES of Healthifyme:

certified coaches to help you on healthifyme mod apk

  • Lose weight with its customized personal diet plan designed especially for you with your insights like your weight, height, BMI. It will help you to keep healthy and build immunity along with it.
  • Count calories, track macro, and micronutrients, view your weight loss or gain progress and start eating healthy.
  • Track down essential nutrients and break down protein, carbs, fat, and fiber in your diet.
  • Talk to its AI-generated bot “Ria”, ask her your questions and clear your doubts within seconds. Get instant feedback and insights.
  • Find healthy recipes and health advice from its experts’ panel, which posts regularly in the feeds inside the Healthifyme app.
  • A specialized diet plan helps you keep fit and will be adaptive to your health conditions (diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, cholesterol, hypertension).
  • Largest database of healthy recipes, Indian food choices, international cuisines. From dal to dosa everything is here.
  • Join live workout classes with renowned coaches and receive instant guidance and feedback.
  • Sync with the pedometer and count your steps. It will help you meet your activity goals for the day.

Positives features of the app:

  • The interface is very user-friendly and clean. Very easy to use for first-time users.
  • No unnecessary permission is required by the app.
  • Large food database, which helps you track your food calories and nutrients easily. Updates regularly with new food items used by the users.
  • Social community feature to help you share your fitness journey with others or get motivation by others’ stories.
  • Water and sleep reminders are very handy and useful.
  • The recently added covid vaccination slot booking feature is very useful.


  • Diet plans and workout routines are only accessible to subscribed members.
  • Asks for updates more regularly which can be irritating sometimes.
  • Many bugs and performance inhibitors make using it tiresome.
  • Some users experienced following their diet plans hard and were unable to complete them.



get a personalised meal plan.

Available on Android and iOS devices.

  • Android
  • Ios – Compatible with iphone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.


Frequently asked questions:

know calories, macros and more with ease.

Who is the developer of this application?

The developers are HealthifyMe Private Limited.


Is it free to use the app?

  • It’s a paid app, but certain features like calorie tracker, water, and sleep reminders. Connecting to the community members is free to use.
  • Paid features include personalized diet plans, personal trainers and yoga instructors, and healthy recipes.
  • Download the app from this page to get all paid features for free. Evaluate this app a little longer before you buy!


Is it safe to use?

Users can read the privacy policy of the application and developers are very serious and open about its policies.


Start your health journey today.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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