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If you are looking for exotic vegetarian dishes to order home, the Happycow is the best application for you. this application shows you more than 1500 exclusive vegetarian dishes to choose from. and connects you with other vegans and vegetarians and make new friends.



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There are approximately 79 million people who are vegan in the world. To fulfill the food choices of those 79 million people. Happycow App brings you the unique idea of delivering pure vegetarian exotic dishes to them. this is one of the most popular application among the vegan population.

This application provides you a full 5 courses of the menu, including hors d’oeuvre, appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert.

You can enjoy all the premium features of this application without spending a single penny. Happycow App works with the pure vegetarian hotels near your location and links your order with the hotel/restaurant and delivers food at your home hot and fresh without you going to the restaurant/hotel. This application assure you that the food have 100% organic and freshly cultivated ingredients.

You can also track your order and contact the delivery boy if any address changes or inquire about the order delivery time. This application also has a separate column that shows the nutritional value of that particular dish and provides you with the diet plan according to your health goal. Happy cow is available on both android as well as iOS.



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Exotic recipe

Happycow App provides you with hundreds of tropical recipes which you can enjoy every time and anytime even when you are traveling. You can perform different types of experiments to create the tasty dishes. This application will sync with your smartphone and deliver your food to your upcoming location. Which will make your traveling more convenient and fun. Make your own collection of favorite recipes and impress your friends and family members.

Organic ingredients

This application assures you with the authenticated certificate that all the ingredients for making each dish are organic and hundred percent vegetarian. All the ingredients are handpicked by the chefs and have to go through some lab tests. If they clear all the tests then the batch is sent to the kitchen for cooking. Use the most tasty and organic ingredients suggested by this app so that you can create tasty dishes for everyone.

Course of meal

Happycow application provides you with all 5 course of the meal that includes hors d’oeuvre, appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert. so you can enjoy like the restaurant at home. Make your home environment as of the famous restaurant by making the complex tasty dishes that only are made by professional chefs.


This application offers you pure vegetarian dishes that are all rich in nutrition and that, you will be informed on the side of the screen of the application where you find a separate option for the nutritional value of a particular dish. and set a weekly routine as well where you can set your menu so you don’t miss any nutrition for the day.


Unique features

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Shopping list – you can add different ingredients on the search bar and this application suggests dishes made from that ingredient so you can have want you to want to have for the day. And you can also select ingredients from which you a dish you want prepared or can modify the dish according to your choice.

Recipe guide – not only this app will provide you food delivery service but also provides you the recipe of the dish so you can also know how that dish is prepared except for showing you their secret spices. You can get to know all the ingredients used in that dish so if you have an allergy to any ingredient you tell them on a prior basis.

Diet plan – you can set a menu for a week according to your set goal and get your food accordingly so there will be fewer chances of your diet breaks. It will also help you to achieve your target efficiently. It will suggest dishes that are rich in carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins.


Why Happy cow mod apk ?

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Happycow mod apk is one of the best application for people those are short of vegetarian dishes and want to try some new dishes. This application is trusted by millions of its users and it is the best in business. As they serve all five-course of the menu. And all the ingredients used in preparing a dish are organic and handpicked by the chefs. The restaurants linked with happy cow are all authenticated for serving only vegetarian dishes and with a hygienic environment.

This application offers you to customize your dish according to your choice or if you have an allergy to any particular ingredient. You can order your meal while you are traveling and the delivery will be done at your upcoming location. This application is compatible with both android and iOS. And have the simplest user panel, so people of any age can easily use it. This also serves you with dishes high in protein and rich in nutrition. So you don’t need to consume meat for protein and other nutrients.

You don’t need the internet all the time to see what new dishes are added to the menu this application has an offline feature that will inform you about the new comings. Saves your time of finding your favorite dish again and again. You can upload photos of your dishes to social media. with no ads barrier and unwanted issues. Happycow App helps vegans and vegetarians people to connect locally or internationally.


  • Dynamic dishes
  • Order while traveling
  • Easy to use
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Offline menu
  • Language support

Glitches fixed

  • Review issue
  • Selection issue
  • Camera disconnected
  • The issue in adding recipes to the list

Alternatives to Happycow application

Happycow App - logo with symbol

  1. Easy vegetables
  2. Abillion
  3. Eat more plants
  4. Veganized

Mod features

  • No ads
  • Premium features
  • Dynamic updates
  • Topnotch graphics
  • Coincide with phone map


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  4. Delicious looking dishes, loads of recipes on Instagram handle.
  5. Official site with fully functioning vegan diner finder near you.
  6. Read more about the company on Crunchbase.


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