Greenify Mod Apk 4.7.8 | Free Donation Package (v2.3)

Is your android phone consuming so much battery that you have to charge your phone again and again? If yes, then you require this application. This application is called greenify. It makes the working of your phone smooth.



Greenify is the application in which you can hibernate your background application. Many of you didn’t know the meaning of hibernating. In easy words, we can say that greenify is an application that freezes your background application. Because of this, your background application does not consume so much battery life. For example- if you are working on another application and your battery is a little bit left, you can hibernate your background application. Greenify mod apk stops the working of background apps and your battery runs for a long period.

An important thing is that this application is available on the play store and on other platforms too. From here, you can download the enhanced modded version with extra features for android. And for free.

This application works free of cost. You don’t have to pay a premium to run the app. Monthly updates of this application are available and it doesn’t use so much battery. It has been working for the last 8 or 10 years. 10 million people download this application. It is a type of tool for other applications as it helps us to save our phone battery life. Most of the famous sites do advertisements for this application.



LESS THAN 5 MB – you can download this application on every device bcoz this app is not more than 5 MB. It gives more advantage to those people whose mobile RAM is low and bcoz of having high MB applications they didn’t download good and useful applications.

RAM BOOSTER – This application boosts the ram of your mobile and that’s why your mobile doesn’t heat & lag. Ram booster is the main feature of this application because it makes it easy for applications to work on the phone.

AUTOSTART – AutoStart features make this application more amazing. Because in other applications, we hibernate the background apps again and again. But in this, we only need to do it one time.

FREE OF COST – One of the most important features of this application is that it is free of cost no money is required to run this application. That’s why millions of people love this application Because it doesn’t need any premium to run. The donate version of the application requires you to pay money, in place of extra features. You can download that version for free from here, for evaluation purposes.

UPDATE AVAILABLE EVERY MONTH – This application gives updates to its users. Because of this, glitches are not seen in the application, and this is a good thing.

EASY TO DOWNLOAD – This is the most popular application. which is easily available on the play store and other platforms.

EASY TO WORK – This application is very easy to work You can simply open this app and click on this (+) add button. This option is available to hibernate the applications on your phone by your choice.

Why greenify Mod Apk?

Greenify mod apk is an amazing application. With this application, we can hibernate the applications on our phones for those who use so much battery. While working on other applications our mobile phone is heated and recent applications also cleared but many people are confused because they don’t know why their phone is heated. Running background applications heated their mobile phones and consumed so much of their battery life. And greenify app freezes those background running applications. This application was launched in 2013 and within 5 months millions of downloads were done.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. AutoStart function is available there.
  3. Uses less battery while running.
  4. Amazing ram booster system is here.
  5. Downloaded in 30 sec.
  6. Internet connection is not required.
  7. Easy to download.


  1. Glitches are seen while running the application.
  2. Fewer options for cleaning the phone are available.

Note: This app works better with root access, but you can access important features without root too.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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