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Looking for an easy way to earn money? Then Google Opinion Rewards Apk is definitely for you. Read more about this app in the article to download the app and start earning money. Download Google opinion rewards by pressing the download button on this page.

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Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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Tips and Hacks

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To get additional surveys give this app permission to location history and use google to do more and more online surfing. You can also watch videos on YouTube. For more tips read below –

How to get more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards

The trick to getting more surveys = more money is easy. To get more money through the app, one has to understand how you even receive the surveys.

For this, you have to turn on your location history settings and YouTube watch history settings. The only trick is that you have everything turned on and then when you use more of Google’s services, then you can earn more. The servers analyze your activity and ask you certain questions. This is done to make the service better for you and everyone.

You can easily turn on these settings by going in the google account settings and turning it on. This along with more usage of YouTube and more locations that you travel to will get you more surveys in the app.

Then there is more. Rewards are dependent upon your answers. Google’s algorithms are quick to detect fake answers and artificial responses. You have to be honest and answer correctly. If the survey asks you the places you have been, try to remember the nearby places and answer accordingly. If you put up with the fake answer, the survey matches your response with the location and determines if it is correct. The more wrong answers you give, the less survey you will receive from Google Opinion Rewards Apk.

How to get money from Google Opinion Rewards?

There is no hard limit conveyed by the app. So the possibilities are limitless. Follow the points below to get chances at earning real money from the app –

  1. Always answer honestly. If there is a video recommendation, then try to think if the video is relatable to your recent watching history. If it is, then it would certainly be a good recommendation for you.
  2. Do not hurry while filling up the survey in Google Opinion Rewards. Take your time. You do not want to make the algorithm think that you are not giving proper attention to the questions.
  3. If asked for location history, try to remember the last place you were and answer accordingly. Do not fake it. From time to time, the app may float a survey and it may be a trap.
  4. There are no right or wrong answers, try to answer the best you can and you will receive the reward.
  5. Some surveys do not move forward if you answer differently. If the survey is very short, you will receive a lesser reward. But if it is long, then you can earn more. Always try to answer in a way that the survey moves forward. So that you have more questions to answer.
  6. Whenever a survey opens, there are instructions. Do read through, or wait at least that much time, that it will take you to read.
  7. Turn on the requisite Google location history settings by going to the app’s settings. Also fill your profile with your name, age, language.
  8. Do remember to turn on the notifications so that you receive every survey on time and can see it in the taskbar.

Note that you need to keep your location history, youtube watch history and other personalization switches on. This increases your chances for getting more surveys.

For example: If someone has been watching videos made for kids from your phone, you may get a survey for asking you if you are a parent.

If you have visited a new place, you may get a survey for clearing out some things about that place. But first, you would be shown 3-4 options. Make sure that you remember/recognize a place and if you have been there previously. Then you can answer questions and get a better amount for answering survey on Google opinion rewards.

Covert the Rewards into Cash

Since the app does not allow you to directly turn your amount into cash, you can search for such apps on the google play store itself. These apps charge little commission and allow you to transfer the money to the mode of your choice.

What can you do with the rewards?

There are several things you can use your rewards for. Some of them are listed here –

  1. Buy an app that is useful to you. Support the devs 🙂
  2. Buy a game that works office and is amazing. This will help you kill some time if you are not already into gaming.
  3. Paid apps have generally more features and they are useful. Do read reviews before you buy anything.
  4. Rent a 4K movie or show from google play movies and TV.
  5. Buy a book and keep it in your library. It will be yours forever. You can read in your free time or gift.
  6. Turn your rewards into cash by using a third-party app.
  7. You can also make in-app purchases through google play. So basically, you can install a freemium app and buy a subscription from google play store money.

About Google Opinion Rewards App

Google opinion rewards are one of the most popular reward-earning apps. In this app, you just have to answer some simple questions asked in surveys to win rewards. All the questions are related to your web surfing on google, reviews regarding the places you visited recently, and videos you want on YouTube. All the surveys are easy to complete and do not take much time. You can earn google play credit which you can use to buy paid content for free or at a discount price. The credits can also be converted into money and transferred to your online wallet. If you use Google Opinion Rewards Apk efficiently then it can surely become your part-time source of earnings. There are more than 50 million downloads of this app. You can download this app for absolutely free from our website.

To get started with this app. You first have to download it and answer some easy questions about yourself. Depending upon your answers, Google will send you surveys once a week. This app will automatically send you notifications when the survey is ready for you. So that you don’t miss any of them. This app is now available in Indonesia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, and South Korea.

Main features

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Fully secure

Google Opinion Rewards Apk is a well-renowned and trusted app on the play store. This app is developed by Google LLC itself, so there are no chances that this app is fake. You can use this app without any hesitation. It does not share your data like locations and browsing activity with any third-party app. Transfer of money into an online wallet is also completely safe, there is a risk. You can sign up for this app using a Google account.

Beautiful UI design

It has the most premium visual graphics and responsive UI due to which anyone can easily use this app. All the button options are well defined for your convenience. Even the first time, you will not face any difficulty using this app. It has a perfect layout that makes the user experience smooth and quick. Its interface is compatible with most devices. As per your suggestions, new changes are made to the app so that you don’t have any problems.

Buy in-game items and google play books for free

With the earned credits you can purchase in-game items such as gems, coins, money, and many more. You can unlock power boosters, deadly weapons, and skins for absolutely free and show off to your friends. After collecting enough credit to buy a game, then you can directly get it from the google opinion reward app. In this way, kids can buy any game item without sending their monthly pocket money. Or if you are fond of reading books, you can redeem credits to buy google playbooks.

Infinite surveys

After using Google Opinion Rewards Apk more and more, the number of surveys will get less and your earnings will decrease. But with this version, there will be no stopping. You will get an number of surveys to fill, no matter how much you use this app. So it has no limit to earning credits. Earn credits and unlock more and more paid content. To make the survey interesting, there are many different kinds of questions.

Unique features

  1. It has a simple and user-friendly interface
  2. It is a lightweight app with very low battery consumption
  3. Low CPU usage

Why install google opinion reward apk?

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Nowadays you must have heard about hundreds of apps with which you can earn money online. But most apps are either fraudulent or very difficult to earn money. There is a lot of fight between users to earn money. In google opinion reward, you can earn rewards by simply filling some surveys. You can get a random amount from ₹1 to ₹30 for each survey which is quite decent as compared to other apps. The amount you get depends on the answers and efforts you made in the survey.

With the credits, you can buy premium subscriptions for free. Even small kids above 3 years can also use this app. Google periodically conducts voting for the best application. And with the voting of 1,650,750 people, this app has been rated 4.3 out of 5. There are techniques in this app, with each survey you can get certain credits.

Note: There is no hack for google opinion rewards since it is a service-sided app. There is no actual trick to earning money in a day with this app. You can follow the tips and tricks mentioned on this page to understand how you can maximize your earnings and make the best of your time.


how to get unlimited surveys on google opinion rewards?

The easy way is to turn on your location history on your google account through which the app is installed. You should also enable your youtube watch history. The more content you watch on youtube and the more location you visit, the more chances you have of getting surveys.

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