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Social messaging apps are very popular in the smartphone generation. People like to send texts and do chatting with their friends more than make voice calls with them. Popular social messaging apps like WhatsApp and telegram serve these purposes, but there is one drawback: they work only offline. Use the google messages app that may already be available on your android smartphone and use its many features and functions.

To know more about the app, read the following article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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find and share gifs and stickers.

Google messaging app is the official messaging app on almost all android devices. But many of us don’t know the many features it provides. It is one of the best messaging apps you can find for the android platform. We generally use it to send and receive offline messages that we seldom use. We can use it like any other social messaging app like WhatsApp or telegram. You can send messages through Wi-Fi and data to do chats with your friends instantly. Don’t allow internet connection your limit to send messages to your friends.

The app is developed by Google and is the leading messaging app on many android devices as Google develops it, so there is no doubt about its reliability. Like your favorite messaging app, you can send texts, pictures, voice notes, gifs, and emojis. Almost every smartphone has it already installed, so you don’t need to see if they have their account. You can send messages to them offline, and they will receive that message in their default messaging app.

The app is fast and reliable. You can chat with your friends instantly without any delays. The app’s design is simple, and you can customize it according to your need.

Google messages feature

share videos and pictures instantly.

Send offline texts

You can do one thing that will not be available in any other messaging app. You can send messages just like any simple messaging app installed on every smartphone, and you can also send messages through the internet and wifi. Almost every smartphone has this app pre-installed on its phone, so you don’t need to find an account. Just send a simple message.

Easy share

Share files, pictures, and videos instantly using the internet connection. The app is fast so sending and receiving messages is easy fast.

Send emojis and gifs.

Like other messaging apps, you can send emojis, gifs, and locations to other app users using the internet connection. You can send the payment to users using google pay. It is connected to google payment services, making sending and receiving money very convenient.

Search option

It has a potent search option. No need to scroll to find a particular text. Just search it through the functions and find your conversation instantly.


The interface of the app is simple. You will find it just like a regular messaging app. But the design looks as Google develops it. You can change the theme and toggle it between light and dark theme.

Pros and Cons

make online and offline messages.


  • Every smartphone has this app pre-installed. So you can send the messages without thinking about their account in the app.
  • The interface is simple, and anyone can use it just like a regular messaging app.
  • You can send messages through the internet or just send standard messages applying normal messaging charges.
  • You can send emojis, gifs, locations, and many other things that you can share in any other messaging app.


  • You can’t choose the type of font you can use. You need to use the pre-given font only.
  • It doesn’t drag things straight down easily.
  • Some users find it acting strangely and sometimes lagging when you open it.
  • Sometimes group messages don’t show the notifications.


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How to download the google messages app?

Download and install the google messages app from the google play store. The link is given above. You can also download the app from our website using the steps given above.

Lists of google messaging app features?

All the features are explained above in detail. Please go through them and understand the google messaging app better.

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