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Do you like to video call with your friends and family? Then we brought you the highest quality video call application for the android users. Use the google duo, the official video calling application launched by google, for smooth and lag-free video conversations. Get the video call app, and download it below.

To know more about the app, read the following article.

Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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capture moments while video calling.

If you are an android user, you must have the google duo mobile application pre-installed on your smartphone. If any chance it is not, download it from the google play store or this site. It is one of the highest quality video call applications available for smartphone users. Many people use many other applications for video calls. They use WhatsApp and other messaging apps. These apps are good, but the quality of video calls is not that great. You will get a better quality of video calling in the google duo app as it is developed specifically for the video calling feature. So, you will get better options for it.

It gives a wide variety of options for video calls. It supports around 32 people. You can make group calls with 32 persons in a single call. Bring together your whole class together for a get-together and enjoy. It has some in-effects which you can use to have fun with your friends and family. Transform yourself into an astronaut or a cat. There are many other filters like these. The low lighting mode lets you do a nearly perfect video call when lighting is not good around you. You can also do chats in the app with your contacts. You can send them texts, videos, photos, etc. It is free to use, and the quality you will get is top-notch. You will get a perfect quality even in a 3g network.


you can group call with 32 people.


The interface of the app is of top quality. Google itself develops it, so the quality looks and elegant. You will get a modern feel while using the app. Simple clicks will give an excellent feeling. You can update the app from the google play store. Pick a loved one and jump right in with a simple interface that makes video calling as easy as one tap.

For all devices

The Google duo app works perfectly for every smartphone platform. Whether you use ios or android, it will give you the best services. Use it on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and connect with your loved ones with a single click.

Video messages

There are many times when your contact cannot attend our calls. Don’t worry, and you can send a video message just like you used to send voice messages to your phone contacts. Make an excellent short video giving reasons for your call. Send them, and they will call you back when they see it.

Voice calls.

Apart from a video call, you can also make a voice-only call. It helps when your internet connection is not that good, and you want to convey a vital message to your friends. Make a voice-only call and get the HD voice quality.

Google duo web

To get started with Duo on the web, head to you don’t need to download and install the app to make a video call. Just visit the above website and enjoy the services through your google account.

Pros and Cons

it is the highest quality video calling app.


  • The interface looks elegant and gives a feel while operating the app.
  • Get the highest video calling quality you can get.
  • The app is free to use. You can send messages to your contacts.
  • Apart from video calls, you can also do voice calls that give the best quality services.
  • You can send the video messages if your contact misses your call.


  • Many users find some problems while operating the app.
  • Sometimes the app doesn’t give the incoming call notifications.
  • Some filters are not available on all the devices.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link on the google play store. To read reviews and more about the app.

Watch the following video to know how google duo works.


Can I download and install google duo on pc?

You can use google duo on your pc. To get the whole tutorial, watch this video.

Is google duo the same as zoom?

Zoom and Google Duo can’t be pitched as direct competitors as their purpose and audience are different. While Zoom is built with professional use in mind, Duo is more for a personal conversation. Nonetheless, they both are video calling apps at the end of the day.

How to download the google duo?

Download the google duo APK from the google play store. You can also get it from this site by following the links given above.

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