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Do you like business and simulation games? If yes then we have an amazing simulation game for you. This game is called Gas Station Simulator. Read this article to know all its features. This app can be downloaded by pressing the download button on this page.

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fill up the gas for the cars in this game.

Gas Station Simulator apk is an excellent simulation game. You all have gone to the gas station many times in your life. Have you ever thought about how the gas station owner manages? Or How much do they earn? In this game, you will play the role of a Gas Station Owner. You will have to manage the working of your station. In starting you will have to manage your station on your own. As your business is in the starting stage you will have to manage your gas station on your own.

Handle all the customers yourself and manage the station on your own. Control your expense levels in this game as you or you are earning very much. This game is designed very realistically, and the gas station is designed very real. Manage at which price you want to sell your gas and at what price you are purchasing. In this game, there are many heavy construction vehicles that you can drive. They are very hard to control but you will have to master them. You will have to manage your funds and add as many facilities as you can to your gas station. These facilities will attract many customers to your station. Use the profits to expand your business.

Main features

drive heavy vehicles in this game.

Fill Gas

With this game, you will get the finest idea of handling the gas station customers. As the cars arrive at your station you will have to manage them and fill gas in their vehicles. You will have to provide the fast service, as in the real world this game also counts the fast service. Fill Gas and earn as much as you want. Feel how it’s like to own a gas station by this amazing game.

Manage staff

In the starting, you cannot own staff as your business will be small. But once your profits are generated, you can recruit staff under you. After recruiting staff you will have to manage your gas station. Provide fast service to your customers and earn as much profit as you can. Make uniforms for your staff and advertise your gas station. So that you can attract more customers.

Expand your business

Once your business gets to the peak point you can generate very high profit. Start expanding your business and create a large chain of your gas stations. Manage the business and your staff working. Become the famous gas business tycoon of your country. By expanding your business you will have to hire managers for your expanding work.

HD graphics

Stunning 3D graphics and excellent animations make this game so much fun to play. Gas stations, cars, characters, and the whole game environment are designed with very realistic animations. Have fun enjoying the detailed visual effects of this game. Graphics are so amazing that you will feel like you are owning a gas station business.

Why play Gas Station Simulator apk?

realistic controls shows how much fuel to fill.

Gas Station Simulator apk is one of the most amazing business simulation games. By playing which you will not only have fun but you will also feel the experience of owning the Gas Station business. In this game, you will enjoy handling real car customers who need gas. You can refill their gas in the cars just like in real life. Manage your gas station on your own first as your business is new. Afterward, you can hire new staff for your gas station and you will then have to manage them. Give the best services to the customers and earn as much money as you can. After some point, you can expand your business and open multiple gas stations of your own. Be the tycoon of your town and watch your business grow.

Unique features

decorate your station and use resources.

  • Realistic customer scenarios to feel the gas station work.
  • Controls that you can customize as you like.
  • Drive heavy machinery vehicles like mini trucks, mini trucks, and many more.
  • Calculate profits like a real business and expand your business.
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