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Want to play a unique action-adventure game that is unique in smartphone gaming? The Garena ROV dragon kingdom is one of the best adventure games you can play on your smartphone. The game has a vast magical universe that lets you explore new things and powers. Share the game with your friends, make a super team, and top the leaderboards.

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experience the awesome magical universe.

Garena ROV is an adventure game that is developed by good mobile games. If you are a smartphone gaming enthusiast, you may have played other popular games by the same developers. In this game, you can make your 5 member team and plan the strategies for fighting battles. Each game is of 10 minutes where you have to make strategies. Assign different tasks to different members to help you balance the game’s attack and defense. Get extraordinary heroes that have unique powers. Each hero is exceptional; they have different skills that you can use to make strategies with your teammates.

Garena ROV dragon kingdom has its world. You get to explore the magic world of the game. Your heroes that you can get have powers that you can upgrade and improve by using coins that you won through fighting battles. The game has the best magical universe for a mobile game. It has every supernatural creature that you have heard. It has dwarfs, monsters, dragons, and angles.


each hero has its own unique powers.


As it is an action game, you have to fight different battles and win them. You can play in different modes. You can play alone or in a 5 member team. Each mode has its difficulty level. Team up with your friends and plan perfect strategies that help you balance the attack and defense. Choose your heroes wisely.


The game has an excellent list of heroes that you can buy and win. Different heroes will be helpful in various strategies. You can upgrade them and increase their power by spending coins. Only the best player wins.


The game has the best interface. It is simple, and you can understand it in one go. You can change and set controls according to your needs. The best gaming developers develop the control options, so you get the best playing experience through this game.

Small games

The games are small and quick. Play them in a 10 mint interval. The fast pace of the game makes it more interesting.

Pros and cons

different modes that you can toggle from settings.


  • The interface is modern and straightforward.
  • You can get awesome skins for your heroes from the store. Change the skins of your characters to get a unique feeling.
  • The magical universe of the game has all the magical characters. It has dragons and angels.
  • You can play the game with your friends. Make a 5 member team and increase the possibilities of making the perfect strategies.
  • The game is 10 mint each. The fast pace makes the game more exciting.


  • Skins are fantastic, but most of the skins require real money. You have to buy these skins by spending hefty amounts.
  • The matchmaking needs to work on. Players are matched of different levels, and it keeps on searching players for long times that you can not cancel.
  • It would be best to have a good internet connection to play the game comfortably without many pings.

Other information

Important links

  • Visit the google play store link of the Garena ROV by clicking here. You can read the reviews and more about the game from it.
  • Tutorial of Garena ROV: dragon kingdom:


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How to get the app?

Download the game from the google play store, or you can also download it from our website by following the steps given above.

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