Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter v42.0 [APK]

Most of you had played alien shooter-like games on your computers for a decade. That was like an era of shooting games on computers. So, to relive and experience that thrilling and exciting game experience, We have come up with an arcade genre game called GALAXY ATTACK: ALIEN SHOOTER. To know about this game’s theme and detailed features, read this full article. Later, you can click on any download links to get this app.

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carry out awesome missions.

Galaxy Attack is a space-themed shooting game available for free on the play store with a 4.4 rating GALAXY ATTACK. As mentioned above, this game is a completely upgraded and updated version of alien shooter games available earlier on computers. This game will take you on a nostalgic trip of your childhood memories of these games. It is an upgraded version of the shooting games, but those games inspire its foundation theme as it is a different plotted game on the base of your childhood favorite games.

Let’s know its gameplay plot and different features that tell you to download this app to give it a try.


defeat the boss.

This game is based on the space theme. It is based on an imaginary circumstance of the future. Let me take you to the idea of this plot.
Imagine it’s 2050, and everything has become high-tech. Technology is at its peak point. Humans have explored the world. Now, they are turning toward space. With high tech, now they can easily go into the room. But, the sad and the main part is that aliens want to dominate the earth and rule it. Therefore, the battle is fought between humans and aliens. And you are the hero of the mission as the enemies have destroyed all your space crafts. And now only you have the responsibility to save our mother earth.

The world is waiting to witness your heroic shots. You will have an advanced spacecraft where you will be seated. The craft can be later upgraded more to fail all enemy’s conspiracy.


As told earlier, this game has a similar base as the old shooting games. You will have to touch the screen to move the shuttle to set the direction of attacking and can click to attack them. In the game, you will get many upgrade items to collect and later add to your craft for more powers.

But similarly to you, aliens have too many advanced weapons and will be in groups of spacecraft. You will need different strategic plans to win the levels. Also, You do not have to focus on attacking only. You will need to use heal and shield tools to live till the end of the stories.

The space atmosphere adds tension to the atmosphere. It has been graphic in a very detailed way.


use awesome weapons and lasers.

100+ levels available

In this application, you get more than 100 levels with increasing difficulties to test your abilities. You have to prove yourself here as a responsible fighter and make the world safe from the aliens. All classes are different from each other. Each has its different difficulty level.

Advanced technology

As this game depicts the situation of the future. It has all the advanced equipment and spacecraft which you will need to win the game. This game indicates the awaiting technology revolution that will take place in the next few years. This game has spectacular graphics and high-quality images that can be played on smartphones and tablets. The gameplay seems very realistic and makes you feel that you are actually in space and fighting with enemies.

Up-gradation in weapons

As you reach higher levels, the enemies will also be stronger than before. Thus, you will need advanced tools to fight with them. Every weapon has a certain power and up-gradation limit. So, once you reach a weapon’s highest up-gradation limit, you can purchase new, more powerful tools and even new spacecraft and later upgrade them.

Beat the Boss

This application has numerous missions available with it. Every assignment comes with a new different set of enemies airships. And to win and pass the levels, you have to beat your boss in every position. The boss resides in the biggest and strongest aircraft with the most advanced and powerful weapons.

Real-time play

You can play this game in online mode too. Here, you can play with players from all around the world. You can opt for 1v1, where you will be alone in your team, and the second player will lead the enemy team. And secondly, you can opt for 3v3 for team play. So, you will be in a group of 3 players competitive with three different players from another team.

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