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Gaana Mod Apk introduction

gaana mod apk works on TV android as well

Gaana Mod Apk is the most popular and fast music streaming and podcast streaming app with which the music lovers can listen to their favorite songs at any time or place they want. With this app the users can listen to all famous Bollywood songs in HD quality without any fees or charges. This app is specially designed for the users who love songs and listen to them all time.

With Gaana Mod Apk, the major advantage is that the users of this app don’t have to download all their favorite songs in their internal memory to fill it up.

They can just open the app, type the words of the song and boom they can listen to them at any time and any place. This app has the brilliant searching and navigating features by which the users don’t have to type the whole lyrics to search songs. The users can just type the initial letters of the songs and they will get the accurate results.

Awesome classification of songs are available in Gaana Mod Apk and the users will be able to find the songs category wise. The collection of songs in this app is very huge and there is one unique song for every type of person.


Main features of gaana music app

Easy navigation

listent to poetry and podcasts in gaana plus

This app has a very easy and convenient way to search the favourite songs for their users. First the users don’t have to type the whole lyrics to search the songs. They can just type the initial wordings of the song and then they will get the accurate results. Second every song in this app falls under the special category. So that the users will find them very easily. The categories like jazz, rock, instrumental, rock music, and many more. And some of the manual ones are top trending, top rated, most listened, and many more. Thirdly the layout of this app is very awesome; and all the songs with their posters are classified according to the users choices.


Huge collection of songs

songs list in gaana premium

In this app there is a huge and fantastic collection of songs and there is almost unlimited supply of songs and music albums. With Gaana Mod Apk; the users will never get bored as this app has thousands of songs available in different types of languages. Whether it is Punjabi, Gujarati , Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Rajasthani and Bhojpuri; the users will get every type of songs collection to satisfy their mood.


HD quality music streaming

watch videos - gaana mod apk

Gaana app makes sure that its users get the best service and awesome music experience. So this app streams all the songs in HD quality at 320 kbps. The users will get amazing feeling because of the HD voice clarity; and it is recommended that all the users should wear earphones to get the real feeling of the song.


Gaana hotshot in Gaana Mod Apk

gaana hotshot svg

With the gaana app the users can not only listen to their favorite songs and podcasts but they can also make creative and entertaining short videos to show their talent to other users from all over the world. The users can create such videos with the help of Gaana Mod Apk’s hotshot video feature and they can also use the songs to merge them in the videos to create amazing contents. They can edit the videos with amazing high quality animated effects which will make the videos more creative and charming. All the users will love these short content videos and they watch them for the entertainment purpose.


Unique features of Gaana Mod Apk

smart downloads - gaana plus for free.

Gaana app also has many different types of unique features with stunning high quality sound effects. And the sound effects are more beautiful when the users wear the earphones. This app has over 43 millions mp3 songs which the users can listen to with no limitation or restriction.

These songs can listen at 320 kbps quality and with the good internet connection ;the users can listen to them at any time; and at anyplace they want. There are thousands of playlists which are created by famous artists from around the world.

The users will get the additional service of the gaana hotshot video streaming feature with which they can either make their own short videos; or they can watch other videos for the entertainment purpose. The users will get the lyrics of their songs on the screen when they play their favorite songs. And with this way they can better understand the songs and also they can learn every word to sing themselves.

The users will also get to listen to music videos with this app and the services of this app are available in 16 types of different languages. Gaana Mod Apk consumes very low amount of battery power and does not acquire large space in internal memory of the android devices.


Gaana plus offers

music without limits - gaana mod apk

The users which have gaana app’s plus services will get very much more benefits than the normal users will get. The users can download all the songs for the offline listening purposes; and with this way the users will don’t need the internet connection all the time. There will be no ads shown to the users of gaana plus app; and all the ads are blocked by the app. The users can sync their account on maximum 5 devices.

To get these features for free, click on download button.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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