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About Forest stay focused mod APK

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Forest mod APK is an amazing productivity application. It allows anyone to stay focused. Increase their concentration in whatever work they are doing. This application helps everyone to increase their concentration in their work. thereby increasing their efficiency.

The concept of this app is that it works as an up focusing app which helps generalize one’s energy towards the task they are doing.

With the help of this app you can change your habits and be more effective in your work by doing meditation.

This app has an amazing interface and a soothing user interface such that every time you open the app you get calm. The goal of the episode application is the goal of this application is to make you focus on what’s more important. It will help you to stay naturally energized and will help you to not get distracted by surroundings.


How forest mod apk works

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The developers of this app have gamified the art of meditation. So that you have a goal which is to grow your forest. The app works like this- you have to meditate wherever you put your goal and whenever you focus on anything you have two planters seeds in the forest so whenever you do that the seed will grow.

This way if you keep focused and you stay on the path you get to grow a whole forest seed by seed everyday.


Futures of Forest Apk

Overcome materialistic addiction

working at office, studying, with friends always be mindful with the help of forest app

Establishing control in your life is the first step to beat any addiction. this application will help you beat the addiction that you want to leave behind. you can overcome phone addiction, you can overcome the distractions around your surroundings. and stay productive. Because of the gamification in the app you are great to stay in the loop and also have fun while being productive. Whether you use too much social media apps or play a lot of games with the help of this app you can control yourself.

Gamified interface

stay focused in a pleasant way

There are several tasks that you have to complete. By completing these tasks you get a reward. These rewards help you grow your tree stronger and longer. there is a task of screen time off. In this task you have to stay away from your phone. Avoid usage of your phone and then you can complete the task.

These tasks act as mini games which help you reinforce the autonomy you have in your life. All tasks leverage your phone sensors. These sensors help establish whether you are doing as asked or not. The actions and steps in this game helps you experience a blissful life. The games help you stay entertained while you strip away bad habits bit by bit.

The actions that you have to carry around to win the games stimulate your mind. It helps you beat addiction.

Amazing UI/UX

plant trees easily and get motivated

All icons and designs in this aps gives you a feeling of relaxation. The round corners and the soothing colors will not strain your eyes. Instead it will take your mind off the stress. The colors used in the app are identical to the ones we see in nature. The birds and sounds of the app will also help you relax. The green colors constantly remind you of lush green gardens and plant life. Frontend interface of this application allows easy navigation. You can set a timer for focus period or you can do activities.

There are beautiful and delightful trees. The icons and pictures of trees in the forest looks alive. you can access your defined goals at one place and your reminders at one. the look and feel of application is very smooth. gives an ASMR feeling.

Environmental and sustenance

plant trees with forest apk

With the focus of everyone on environment and sustenance for the future generation. No one focuses on themselves. This app tries to change all that. The first real change comes from one’s own mind. By planting virtual trees and making a forest out of it, the app also does something unique. You can connect to organizations and other people with the help of this app. With this you can plant trees in the real world and make a change.

If you remain committed, you get a certain calling. That’s when you know the world will be better if you try to make a change in it. Developers have found this process with this app much easier. That is why it is one of the top productivity apps for android.

Customize your plans

select a tag and take notes in the app,

Forest mod apk gives you the flexibility to set up goals. You can make your own plans and set triggers. The game in the apps then works, according to your plan. This way you get more control and become more mindful. The app has a unique feature which allows you to block or allow apps. You can block apps so that it does not distract you. There is a time which anyone can put on the app. You can block all apps and choose to whitelist certain ones.

This functionality is much needed as it gives you your space. You get your own time back and get your personal space. This helps you keep away from the distractions. You can now focus solely on your work and keep away from distractions.


Pros of Forest Mod Apk

plant a tree, stay focused, stop phubbing, build your forest.

  • Being one of the top mediation and mindfulness app, here are its pros-
  • You can be mindful by playing games and completing tasks.
  • learn to break the cycle of procrastination.
  • Help the environment heal by planting trees in real life.
  • Get peace of mind by planting virtual trees and growing forests.
  • Easy to use app with a great interface.
  • Better work productivity by improving efficiency.
  • In-app achievements and interesting rewards


Cons of Forest app

there are several trees like candy tree.

  • There are many apps for mindfulness in the marketplace, forest app is for a single goal.
  • There are slots for plants but those are less. In total, you can have 4 slots for planting trees. for one user. So a user can not technically build a forest on his own.
  • you may miss out on urgent notifications if you block an app for too long.
  • This app replaces the screen time of other apps with this app. You do not reduce your screen time by that much time.


Frequently asked questions

see detailed statistics in the forest app

What is Forest: stay focused app ?

Forest mod apk is one of the top productivity apps which help you stay mindful. You can avoid distractions and engage in more meaningful tasks. there are features to block certains apps from disturbing you. For a period of time, you can reduce/replace screen time. The app also helps the people to plant trees.

Can I get unlimited coins in the forest app ?

Yes you can. by getting the mod apk you can get unlimited coins. These coins can help you plant trees and make a change. But we recommend that you use the latest mod apk for making a change that’s better. Instead, use the features that help you stay productive. Access premium features which can help you be more efficient by using Forest.

Can I beat addiction with this ?

Sure you can. But remember that acceptance is always the first step. After you have accepted that you have a problem like a phone addiction. It becomes real and you have to do something about it. This app will help you to take the next steps.

By using the app regularly you decrease your dependence. Dependence on your phone and other “digital drugs” like social media. Always keep trying and be consistent. Forest apk can help you achieve this.

How to download mod apk ? How do I install ?

Follow our extensive and easy to use guides. They are located below the download button. You can learn to download and install the hack apk. You can also install them on PC and on your Smart TV. Be sure to take a look.

What are the unique features of this app ?

  • The app provides detailed statistics about your progress.
  • It helps you get a grip on reality and be mindful.
  • This android application has a progress chart and helps people to stay efficient, focused and productive.

Is this app safe to use ?

Yes it is completely safe to use. You can check by getting a virustotal report on your downloading. It is done by uploading the file to


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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