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Worry about your phone’s data? If yes, then you stop panicking now. We have an excellent suggestion for you to sync your data directly to the cloud storage from your SD card to internal memory. This app is called FolderSync Pro apk; read all its features in this article.

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You can easily sync your files to the cloud with this app.

FolderSync Pro is an advanced cloud syncing tool designed for android devices. This app helps you to relax by securing your data. You are someone whose data is essential for any reason; then this app must be installed on your phone. FolderSync Pro Apk provides you with the facility to sync your data directly to significant cloud-based storage to prevent data loss. Your files can be automatically secured to cloud storage by installing this app. This app supports multiple cloud storage so that you can choose yours out of a wide variety. You can manage your syncs manually and automatically. Refine your search more and add as many files as you can; you just need the storage capacity. Schedule your syncing with this app to upload even when you sleep.

Back up your pictures, videos, documents, and other important files. You will never fear again about losing your phone’s data with this app. Use all these functions effortlessly; with a few taps, you can automate the whole process of syncing. Also, control your cloud storage within the app. Move, copy, or delete your files within the app without accessing cloud storage. You can manage your files just like your internal memory. View all your sync history and find any file you want with easy navigation.

Main features

Customize the folders to sync autmomatically with FolderSync pro apk.

Sync Your Files To Cloud Storage

The sole purpose of installing this app is to save your data to prevent loss. With this app, you can keep all your data from internal storage or SD card to cloud storage. The process is straightforward; even you can activate the automatic syncing to upload your data to the cloud storage. There is no limit to this app to sync your data, but you should have enough storage capacity on your cloud storage—backup all the files like audio, videos, documents, and many more.

Supports Famous Cloud Storages

This app supports almost all the famous cloud storage like dropbox, google drive, amazon S3 simple storage, box, cloudme, hidrive, mega, one drive, one drive for business, owncloud, pcloud, Yandex disk and many more. Just try this app for yourself, and you will see the brilliant performance. Get as many choices as you want with this app. This app is very convenient to use, and with time this app will support many other storages also. You can also create and delete the buckets on Amazon S3 with this app.

Schedule your Syncs

The most convenient feature to use in this app is Schedule Syncing. After using this feature, it does not necessary where you are or what you are doing. This app will automatically upload your files to the cloud storage if you have used scheduled syncing. You can use these features to upload your data when you sleep. The scheduling process is straightforward; you will need only taps to do so.

View History & Customize Folders

In this app, after syncing the files, you can see the history of your synced data. This app provides a separate category of history to know what you have synced already and what you have not. Also, you can customize the folders of cloud storage with this app. You don’t need to access your cloud storage account separately to customize your folders and files. Rename, move, copy or delete folders and files directly through the app.

Why use FolderSync Pro apk?

This app Supports popular cloud storage plaforms.

There are many reasons to use this app as your next favorite application on your phone. But the most important one is that it helps you secure your phone’s data and prevent any data loss. With this app, you can upload your file directly to cloud storage. This creating backup tool supports multiple cloud storage services. There are so many that everyone can find his favorite cloud storage platform that they use. These cloud storage are used worldwide, and this app lets you access them in one place. Quickly manage your files and move, copy, rename, or delete your files and folders with the app. Track or search for every file you upload with this app. View the syncing history in a few clicks with this app. The most convenient feature that this app provides is scheduling your syncs. You can upload your files even when you sleep.

Unique features

  • You can create or delete buckets on Amazon S3.
  • Supports famous cloud storage and protocols like FTP, FTPS, and many more
  • Root file access is supported on rooted devices.
  • You can download the files with this app from your cloud storage

You can view your sync history with this app.

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