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FMWhatsapp is the popular version of the WhatsApp apk where you can get additional features that protect your online data and protect your privacy.  Apps generally offer more flexibility over the original apps that the developer intended and provide more features than the standard stock app. This is also the case with FMWhatsapp Apk you can enjoy various additional benefits which other people may not have.

The version FMWhatsapp has more security and privacy options than the normal app and we here at provide you with the latest version of the app with the latest updates and add features.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

To use all these awesome features and stay updated with the trend, click on the download button to download the latest version of the updated apk now!

How to install APK, XAPK, OBB files

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Why FMWhatsapp

Using the allows you to disable restrictions that you can in the stock app.

By using the apk, you can better experience the interface and the features such as

  • freezing your last seen status,
  • hiding view status,
  • showing/hiding blue ticks for a conversation while it is still Beijing enabled for other users,
  • and more without compromising on other standard features that come with Whatsapp.

For more benefits and advantages of using the latest version, read the features of the popular app below.


Restrictions in the standard Whatsapp apk

  • If you are still using the Whatsapp apk, you still have to conform to the restrictions which you may not like.
  • You cannot send more than 30 photos at once to your contacts and groups at once and the video limit size is 16 very low Mb.
  • Nowadays, the video size has increased due to high-quality cameras in the smartphone and the standard stock apk doesn’t factor in that after conversion.
  • There are many privacy features that if turned off words for both the contacts.
  • So if you are looking for an alternative, then you should try the Latest FMWA apk where you get more enhancement than any other out there.

video size limit enhance in fmwhatsapp

Features of FM Whatsapp Apk

The features described here correspond to the latest version and are over and above the standard features of the Whatsapp app. FMWA is completely free to use and all of its features are also free without any paywalls or ads.



This feature allows you to change the look of the user interface of the app and you can try and explore new themes for the app. Are you tired of seeing the same green color and same color scheme on your WhatsApp? If yes, then this app is for you as you can try from hundreds of themes which will give the app a complete makeover.

chat customization with themes in fmwhatsapp

Better privacy control at your hands

The latest apk gives you the control of protecting your privacy and it’s all on your terms.

Last Seen

With the latest version, you can now hide your last seen or freeze it at any time. Sometimes you don’t want anyone to see when you were online; this app allows you to do that by freezing your last seen time. The official version allows you to turn off the last seen; you will also not be seen for another person. But in FMWhatsapp you can see other people last seen while freezing your own last seen from them. Pretty handy right ?!

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View Status

This is an important feature. In the standard version, you view someone’s status they can see; that you have watched their status but with FMWhatsapp you can effectively hide your name from that list; by hiding view status. This stealth option allows you to watch other people’s status; while hiding your name from their view status list so that they will not know; if you have watched your status.

more settings in fmwhatsapp

Blue ticks

This is another stealth feature of the FMWA apk; where you can hide the blue ticks from being seen by another person you are talking to; while the feature is still on for you. In other words, the sender that is you, will see the blue ticks and know; whether the other person has read your messages; but the receiver will not get any blue ticks.

Sometimes it so happens that we are not able to reply after seeing a message; that gets us in trouble as we might be busy or for any other reason. Now you can dodge that situation by simply turning this feature on.

hide second tick via fmwhatsapp

Two ticks

Hiding two ticks in Whatsapp is not easy but it is simple in FMWhatsapp apk. The two ticks represent whether the message has been delivered to your recipient. Now you can hide your two ticks appearing in the recipients’ chat screen; so that they will not know that you have received and viewed their messages.

The two ticks appear when you have received the message and not read it. But in case you have turned your mobile data off or your phone is in airplane mode you will not get a double tick. By turning this feature on you can hide double ticks and other people will think you are either out of service or not reachable but in reality, you will have read that message. Download the latest version now to use these features.


Typing/ Recording/ Sending media

When a person types in a group or a conversation, it is shown to other contacts that the person is typing. If you don’t want others to know that you are recording a message or typing it or sending a media message you need this feature. This hides your status of typing a message on Whatsapp.

how to hide typing status in whatsapp

Interesting Features of FMWhatsapp


Break all restrictions

Now you can share media without any restrictions with the latest version of apk, you can send more than 30 photos at once send high size video files to your contact. You can also send big media files without having to worry about restrictions.

More Emojis

The latest edition gives more options to use emojis in your text conversions. After the standard system emojis, you can now use emojis from One V3, Android 0 emojis, Stock emojis, and more. You don’t need any third-party app to use more emojis, FMWhatsapp apk also known as FMWA has it all!

Send messages without saving number on Whatsapp

You can now send the messages directly from you to another number without having to save contact every time.

  • There are many situations where you have to send a message, a location, or a media to a person just once and don’t have time or you don’t want to save the contact to send them a message.
  • FMWhatsapp allows you to do that where you can send a one-time or an anonymous message to anyone.
  • You can directly use this feature by opening the app, tapping in three dots on the top right, and selecting “ Message a number”.
  • Additionally, You just have to enter the number and then send the message without having to waste time.
  • Also, You can later save the number or delete the conversation if you like, without having to worry about deleting obsolete contacts.

Remove forwarded tags from messages on Whatsapp

If a message has been forwarded more than once or just forwarded from other contacts then the message is shown as forwarded in the chats of the contact. You can remove that tag using apk and hide it so that others who might be doubting your credibility would trust you.


Most popular features of FMWhatsapp

Anti delete Status

If someone who is your contact uploads a status then deletes it, it gets removed and no one can see it, but with this feature, you can see the deleted status. The status that has been deleted will be visible to your only and no one else. This is one of the most popular features of the latest FMWA version apk.

fmwhatsapp privacy centric options and toggles

Anti Delete Messages

Like the above-stated feature, if someone deletes a message from chat, the message disappears and you can see the message that this message has been deleted, But with the anti delete feature of FMWhatsapp Apk, you can see the message after it has been deleted. A great win for you in many situations!

Screen voice callers

With this feature you can specify which contacts can call you on Whatsapp; and so that you will not receive unknown calls or unexpected calls which may be an accident. If you get irritated by someone who is called you can want them to stop; without blocking their number, this feature is for you where you can block them from doping voice calls to you; while still being able to send or receive messages.

fmwhatsapp all options in settings


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