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Are you a fan of cartoons or anime and love drawing them in your copies and books? Or are you want to make drawings your hobby? We have found a single solution to both queries. Use flipaclip, an animation drawing application that will allow you to pursue your dream of sketching cartoons or characters. Flipaclip will be best for amateurs who want to try drawing.

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very easy to use, animate in seconds.

Sketching and drawing are windows to your imagination and creativity. We draw from simple scribbles to expertise animations. We want to express our emotions and feelings with it. Flipaclip is a simple application with awesome features. It will allow you to draw on your smartphone only. No need for high-end drawing gadgets and tablets to start drawing. It is more simple and easier to start drawing and learn the beginning from it than drawing in notebooks. We love watching sketches in cartoons and comics and sometimes wanted to draw the same in our childhood. With flipaclip, it is now simpler than before to complete your childhood desire.

Flipaclip is one of the highest-rated animation applications that you can find for your android device. The easy-to-use features are a set of 4 groups for different requirements. You don’t only sketch but can convert your sketch into a proper animation, just like a professional animator. Additionally, You can add sounds, voices, and texts. You can edit your videos just like any other video editing software. There are new advanced challenges for you in the latest version of the app. The previous versions were liked by users very much.

Animators are in great demand currently in the market. You have the chance of making your hobby your profession. There are plenty of animators that make memes, reels, stick figures, anime and are involved in other industries. You can start your journey by simply sharing your creation with the users on social media and gaining popularity among your peers. There are many pages and channels on social media of animators and sketch artists followed by millions of people.


add music and sound to your animation.


The app’s interface is designed to be used by amateurs or newcomers. There is a brief tutorial at the app’s start for first-time users. It explains every feature very easily.

Drawing tools

The app contains all the tools you find in any professional sketching app. There are brushes, lasso, erasures, rulers, and shapes to make sketches. Most of the features of the app are free. You can also use any stylus, and it supports most of it. You don’t require an expensive brand stylus to work in it.

Animation layers

Make animations layer by layer. First, start with a single layer and then add other layers. Layers help design different themes and parts differently to be used at any time according to their requirements. The glow effect will make your animations more professional and easy to use.

Video animation

You can also make a full-time video of your animation by creating animations. Add your sketches together and make your own short story. Many video editing and making tools make your animation frame by frame. You don’t need to panic to start doing it as it keeps you explaining all the features.

Save and share

Share your creation to the local files of your device or share it with your friends on your social media accounts. You can export your files in different compressed sizes and formats. Choose a suitable format for you.

Pros and cons

draw on canvas or directly in video.


  • Very easy to use and understand. The interface is straightforward.
  • You can make sketches and convert them into animations by developing them frame by frame.
  • You can export and save the files in different sizes and formats.


  • Some users experience problems while importing and rendering animations in the app.
  • Most of the features are available in the flipaclip apk.

Other information

Important links.

  • Watch the following video to know how to remove the watermark:

  • Rough animator vs flipaclip:


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What are other apps like flipaclip?

There are many applications like flipaclip that you can find on the google play store. Some are pixel studio, magic poser, infinite painter and many more.

Is flipaclip is safe to use?

Flipacip is 100% safe. It is available in the google play store. So there are no security concerns.

When was flipaclip made and released?

Flipaclip was made in 2012 but released worldwide in 2017 only.

How to download the flipaclip app?

Get the app from the google play store or download the flipaclip premium apk by following the steps given above in the article.

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