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Do you like playing strategy-based action games? Then we brought a new game developed by the world-famous ‘Nintendo’. The fire emblem Heroes games are one of the most popular games of Nintendo, and now it is available on the touch screen mobiles. You can play the renowned game anywhere on your smartphone.

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specific weapons with unique powers.

Fire emblem heroes is a strategy-based game in which you will move on a map of other empires. You will attack them by positioning your army in a strategic location. You can charge your unit to attack them and use your unique characters and weapons to damage the opposing army significantly. You will get to choose between attack or defense. Both have several advantages and disadvantages. You have to make plans and move according to them. You will also get some heroes or characters with unique abilities and skills. Use it to make an advantageous strategic situation for yourself.

You can also use the special abilities to deal the damage to your unit. The damaged unit will have retreated, and the remaining unit will keep fighting. The game is based on a popular series with a mythological story behind it. But, don’t worry. The players unknown to the series can also play the game without any problems. The game will look complicated the first time, but understanding the concept is relatively easy, and you will learn it in few times playing the game.

The game is an online game. You can battle with other players around the world. You will match them according to the level of your army. So, it would be best to have a good internet connection to play the game. Try the game and go on an adventurous quest.



lead your army and win battles.

The gameplay of the game is simple yet exciting. You may find it complicated on the first try, but you will understand the basic concept behind the game in a few tries. The storyline is also fantastic in the game. You will have to select three heroes for you and start building a formidable army.


There are around 1600 story stages available, and each gives an excellent relevance to the forgoing battle. Clear these story stages, and you will receive obs as rewards. You can use these orbs to summon and get new heroes. You can make a high-powered army with these heroes. By using the orbs, you can also upgrade and improve their skills.

Different modes in the game

There are several modes in the game. One explores a mode in which you must complete stories by battling and completing objectives. You can choose between the standard and complex modes in it. The second mode is the battle mode. In this model, you can battle one on one against the AI-powered opposition or the fundamental oppositions.

Get rewards and weapons

There is a vast map in the game. You can explore the map while fighting the battles. The more you win, the more you get orbs as rewards. There are weapons and extra rewards hidden on the map. While exploring the map, you can get these rewards by completing the side objectives.

Pros and cons

play real time battles.


  • The gameplay and storyline of the game are adventurous and exciting.
  • The graphics and animations it provides are just like any computer game.
  • There are three modes in the game that you can play.
  • The virtual game allows you to explore and complete some side objectives.
  • There are several heroes in the game whom you can summon.


  • The game requires a good internet connection while playing.
  • Games keep on crashing, and your whole progress will go waste.
  • New updates have made the game more complex.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link for the google play store. You can read reviews and more about the game.


Can you play fire emblem heroes free?

Fire emblem heroes is a free game. You can get it from the google play store. Though it is free, some features are available as in-app purchases. You can buy them if you think it works.

How do I download fire emblem heroes?

You can get the latest version of the fire emblem heroes apk from this site. Just follow the instructions given above in the article and download the game.

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