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Do you worry about your kids when they travel or go outside for a few hours? If yes, we can help you by suggesting a reliable android app that can help you know where your kids are. This app is called Find My Kids: Location tracker. Please read this article to learn all its features. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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find my kids mod apk activity tracker.

Find My Kids apk is a powerful and reliable GPS tracking app. This app is specially designed for your child’s safety. You can track and keep a watch on your kid’s every activity, and you can know in which type of company they are growing. This app can be used very efficiently when your kids travel, go out with friends or even travel with you. You can use this app by syncing it with a smartwatch or installing pingo on their phone. Parents are very relieved when this app is installed on their kid’s phones.

Even when they are not in their home because they know their location and who they are traveling with. When the kids travel alone, all the parents worry if they don’t pick up their phones. But with this app, they can track their location, but they can also even listen to the surrounding sounds. By listening to the surrounding voices, parents will know which type of company they are in. The tracker feature of this app is very accurate and completely reliable. It works with GPS technology to monitor your kids. There is also a parental control feature for the parents to watch their kids’ apps.

Main features

see if your kids muted their phone during call

GPS tracking

Find My Kids has an accurate tracking feature that works with GPS. You can use this app for tracking your kid’s locations. AS this app works with GPS, it is very accurate and reliable. You will exactly get the precise location with this app. You can also see your kid on the local map if you want. The map will tell you how far your kid is and how much time your kid will reach the destination.


With this app, you can track your child’s location and get notifications when your child arrives at home or any other location. You can activate or deactivate this feature whenever you want and get notified. These messages are high-priority notifications, and you will receive them instantly as soon as your child arrives.

Parental Control

Some of the smartphone activities are not good for your child. There are some inappropriate apps that a kid should not access. You can ensure that by this app’s parental control feature. You can use this app to know about all the apps and functions your kid is using. Control all the activities with your phone by just sitting at your home. Block the apps that he should not use and allow those you want him to use.

Battery notifications

Suppose your child is away from home on any trip and his battery is running out. In that case, you will get a notification for low battery. You can then quickly know if he does not pick up your call afterward. You will not have to worry about him not picking up the calls. Plus, you can notify him to charge his phone as soon as possible. You can easily activate this feature from the settings.

Why use Find My Kids apk?

recording live audio from your kids phone

This app has many reliable features to protect your kid from bad companies. It notifies you about your kid’s activities every time they are on a trip or out of home for a few hours. Suppose you install it on your child’s phone. In that case, this app works as a GPS tracker. You can easily track his locations and see where they are going with the priority notifications. You will get information about their locations.

Furthermore, You also get messages when they reach home or at other destinations. With the Find My Kids apk, you can control the number of apps that your kids can use and block the apps that your kids should not use. Know how much time your kids have played games on their phones. You can know which famous places like hotels, cafes or restaurants your kids are visiting. If they come late at night, you will know where they are coming from.

Unique features

  • Family chat – this app also allows all the family members to chat.
  • Send signals- you can send your kids signals in the form of tones if they left their phone somewhere or put it on silent mode.
  • Block apps- you can block games and other apps on your kid’s phone that you don’t want him to play.
  • Easy to use features with a super simple user interface.
  • Works also with GPS smartwatches.


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