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Do you make videos for your YouTube videos or post on social media or any other work? And always dreamed of a new expensive camera. Don’t worry now unlock the true potential of your smartphone camera with the all-new filmic app. Filmic apk allows you to shoot videos in many new features and options.

To know more about the app, read the following article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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break the limitation of your phone with filmic pro apk.

Filmic apk is one of the bests video shooting and editing applications available for android users. It helps access the true potential of your smartphone camera. It is the most advanced cinema video camera. The cutting-edge capabilities of the app let you fulfill your demands very easily without any extra expenses. It has been rated as the best application by many film cinematographers and directors more than any other application. It is also used in many award-winning projects by directors and photographers.

Whether you are a vlogger, artist, influencer filmic allows everyone their requirement features and functions. It can shoot a true LOG gamma curve. The features it provides are of the DSLR functions and their tools. Though it contains tons of manual camera tools and applications yet accessing and operating it is very easy and simple. The app gives a proper tutorial tour for the first-time user and explains every single and small detail very briefly. The features it provides are used by professionals in big studios but in this app, amateurs can easily handle it. So download filmic pro apk and enjoy its features.

It contains many features that are only available to high-end technologically advanced devices. And many of these features are paid and only available to subscribers. But don’t worry if you want to use these features for free, just download the filmic pro apk from this site and enjoy the features and content for free. Adjust saturation, contrast, brightness, and many other aspects of your photos or videos.


adjust exposure,brighness, frame rate of your video.


Though the app contains many features that are only handled by professional photographers yet its interface of it allows amateurs to learn and use these things very easily. Learning and understanding the app is very easy and it provides a brief tutorial of the app

Frame rates

The app allows you to record things in videos up to a 240fps refresh rate. Though it depends upon the hardware of the device it working upon. If the hardware allows it will enhance the capabilities of video recording of your device more than any other software.

Video settings

The app provides video settings more than any other application. You can shoot videos in the night, landscape, and portrait modes. Shoot in slow-mo or fast-forward. Improve the beauty of your shooting with post-shooting beautification tricks and functions that the app provides. Now, shoot like professionals with minimum work.


Now, share your shooted and edited video or image to your social media accounts instantly. Save it in your local files or share it with some of your friends. Exporting and uploading from it is very fast. It allows sharing files in different compressed and original forms.


The video quality is perfect but with it, it also provides excellent audio recording. The surrounding sounds are recorded perfectly. You can also adjust and set the level of audio in the videos according to your need.

Pros and cons

record while adjusting your videos.


  • It helps in accessing the full capability of your android devices.
  • The app allows shooting in different modes like night, landscape, portrait, object tracking, and many others.
  • Sharing it on the social media is very easy and fast
  • Exporting and sharing the files from the app is very fast and allows sharing in different compressed forms.


  • The app contains tons of features that are only understood by professionals who worked with these features before.
  • Many helpful features are available to the subscribers or by in-app purchases.
  • The app contains ads and keeps hindering the work.
  • Some of the android devices with better cameras may find the quality of videos inferior to it.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link of the google play store, to read the reviews and more about the app.

Watch the following youtube video to see the comparison between pro take vs filmic pro:

Watch the following video to see the step by step tutorial of the app:


Is filmic pro worth it?

Filmic pro is one of the best video editing and recording tools available on an android platform. There are other apps and you can see the comparison in the above videos and chose the best app for you.

Can filmic pro take photos?

FiLMiC has helped many smartphone videographers to shoot cinematic videos with FiLMic Pro app. Now the company has expanded to still images with its brand new app FiLMiC Firstlight. Download it and use it to get special features to turn your photos amazingly.

How to get the filmic pro?

Download the filmic pro from the google play store, or download the filmic pro premium apk by following the steps given above.

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