FIFA Soccer v16.0.0.1 (Apk)

Are you a Football fan? Because really I am, I can play football all day.

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About FIFA Soccer Apk

level up your rooster and develop your soccer players

The craze of football is here with the most realistic animations, titled as FIFA Football apk. FIFA lovers, fifa soccer apk players and sports enthusiasts this game is specially designed for you all. Football is all about coordinated teamplay, and the biggest contribution is skills which a player can offer to its team. It’s time to show your skills as professional soccer players and lead your team towards victory. If we talk about the performance, this game is built for next generation mobile gaming. Graphics and animations have touched a whole new level, such polished animations were never designed before, keeping mobile in mind. Only PC and laptop users were blessed to play such games having high quality visuals.

About football Physics in the game, it is perfect, the game follows all rules and tricks of real FIFA apk. Scenarios in the game are inspired from the real events of the world’s most competitive International Football Tournament. If you follow the gameplay, it is designed in a very detailed manner to provide the gamers the real life experience. One feature which I also admire is the epic camera views from different angles. The replays of the matches are awesome, they are shown after a penalty kick, an awesome goal kick or on any epic moment.

Amazing Features Of FIFA Football Apk

play the latest live events in the app

Build An Ultimate Team

FIFIA Football apk features 15,000 football star players, they are all professionals playing for biggest football teams, international leagues. Building a powerful team is a tough task, especially when you don’t know the traits of your players. The game has an amazing feature that shows the performance level of each player. You will see essential info about the player like number of winning matches, number of goals, his position etc. Excluding 15k star players there are also the legendary ones like “Arnold, Phil Foden & Christian Pulisic” from the Premier League, “David Alaba & João Félix” from LaLiga League, Jude Bellingham from Bundesliga, and Kylian Mbappé from Ligue 1 UberEats. And get fifa mobile coins to purchase all you want.

Most Realistic Animations, Stadiums

Enjoy the stadiums built graphically with real life standards that will give you the most realistic experience ever. You will enjoy the enhanced visual quality once you play the game at 60 FPS. There are several classic FIFA stadium venues built in the game, you will witness the massive crowd cheering for you just like in the real life International Leagues. Plus the audio commentary will help you to blend in the game. Stunning graphics offered by the game with extreme quality sound effects will make you addicted to it. There will be many challenging tournaments in which you and friends can take part together as a team.

Real-Life Football Simulations

You have no idea what this game offers being a football simulation. Just like the International league matches, the game allows you to take over the other players while dribbling in style. Exchange perfect passes with hundred percent accuracy with your team, and score with a powerful and swinging kick. All these features and abilities are there in the game for you to enjoy with extreme rendering quality. Meanwhile you can customise the playing conditions like changing day to night and vice versa. Train your teammates, build them muscular, and even change them while playing with other players just like in professional matches.

Pick Legends From FIFA Football Heroes Collection

This game consists of over 100 football heroes and icons to choose from as your team members. You can lead the scoreboard with the world’s most iconic players like “David Beckham, Paolo Maldini, Ronaldinho”, etc.These football heroes are inspired by the world’s biggest 30 Football leagues. With such powerful teammates and even opponents, no one can stop your team to dominate the biggest International Leagues in the world.

11v11 Real Time Matches

Enjoy one of the most energetic 11v11 real time football matches. The best part is that you can play online alongside or against your friends. Send them an invitation and become the captain of the team. Playing the game with friends will give an amazing experience, the feeling of adrenaline flowing through your blood while you score the final shot.

Compete With Most Skilled Ones

With the real time matches you get the chance to compete against the most skilled FIFA Football players from all over the world. With such a competitive environment you will definitely become the most invincible. Nourish your skills, learn from your mistakes and from others, dominate the field and make your presence noticeable to them.

Powerful Attack Mode

Enjoy the most amazing quick matches with powerful attack modes in the game. Once you will get the hang of it you will never stop playing. These matches are of only 90 seconds, but will be the best 90 seconds of your gaming. Rules are very simple: in a short time both teams will only have one goal, which is to score the max number of goals.

Free To Play

There is nothing free in the world that is as awesome as FIFA Football. Such features, fun and stunning graphics quality is only for you to enjoy free of cost. Many games of this calibre charge a handsome amount of money, but this game comes for free to all the players across the world to enjoy the most realistic Football gaming experience.

Sound Quality

What to say, the sound quality is just extreme. It is also advised to use headphones as you play. Every sound effect in this game is inspired from the real life leagues, even the powerful sound of the audience cheering for you. There is an in-built chatting system in the game for you to strategize your gameplan with friends while playing.

The Good and the bad

choose your favourite fifa soccer players for tournaments.


  • It has both online and offline modes to play. Build a career offline from scratch to the glory and play among the best players across the world in the online mode.
  • The game’s graphics will give the experience of not less of a PC player.
  • Control every aspect of your team. Train and improve your player’s stats with the rewards you earn.
  • Easy to use interface with easy touch controls
  • Sync to google play and compete against the leader board. This will also help store data in the cloud, and you can play across the devices.
  • Official FIFA players with their unique skills, stats, and celebration move.


  • Every step takes some loading time which can be irritating.
  • Though it is a free game, many rewards need to be purchased inside the game.
  • The energy bar is required to be filled to play the game. So you can play only a limited number of games at one time.
  • It would be best if you had a good internet connection while playing online against any player. Online matches lag in controls and movements.
  • Touch controls are pretty complex to operate. You will need consoles to play conveniently.

Watch this tutorial gameplay which will help you in the setup of the game:

FAQs about FIFA Soccer Apk

build your ultimate team

Who are the developers?

One of the most famous sports gaming developers – “Electronics Arts,” is its developer. They have also developed the games like NBA live, need for speed, etc.

How to download the game?

You can download the game directly from the google play store with the help of the link given above, or you can also download the game from our website (safe and secure) by clicking the download button at the end.

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