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Are you getting bored by playing random meaningless games? If yes then we can suggest you an immersive game which is called Farmville 3 – Animals. Read this article to know all its features.

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About Farmville 3

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Farmville 3 apk is an immersive game app that is exclusively focused on farming. This is a farming simulation game by playing which you will get to learn all about farming methods. If you are a fan of simulation games then you will have to try this amazing game app. Start building your farm from the scratch. Use different resources and tools to shape it. Design your farm as you like and give it a structural shape that benefits your farming. Start breeding different types of cute animals. Give them the best quality food so that they can give you the best quality dairy products. These animals will be your companion on your road to becoming rich.

  • Choose when and how to expand your farm for these animals.
  • Scenarios in this game are very realistic and you will start feeling the reality when you will play different levels.
  • Choose animals like cows, chickens, pigs, sheep which can give you the products to sell like eggs, milk, wool and much more.
  • Take care of your animals and give them the best quality food.
  • You can also hire staff to help you in your farming so that you can help all your animals.
  • Build your house on the farm, choose which type of house you want.

Main features

hire friendly farmhands

Build your farm

Design and start building your farm with the help of tools in this game. Choose the structure design and build different areas for all different kinds of animals. Give your farm an amazing look so that you can perform all types of farming activities.

  • This game has many customization tools which makes it very easy to design farms.
  • You can choose different types of houses to live in.
  • Build fences on your farm so that the animals don’t run away or get into each other’s barn.
  • Buy some automatic machinery after expanding your farm to breed and extract animal products easily.

Breed animals

Start breeding different types of animals on your farm which will get you a lot of money. Breed cute animals and give them the best quality food to eat. So they will give the dairy products that you can sell like milk, eggs, wool and much more.

  • You can breed different kinds of animals like sheep, cows, chickens, and many more.
  • These animals will also help you to grow crops, vegetables, and many more food items.

Customize your home

You can also redesign and renovate your own house that is located in the middle of the farm. Choose different types of decorations and interiors in this game.

  • You can also change the building’s design completely.
  • Use different types of customization items of this game to build your beautiful home.
  • Perform a beautiful paint job and build fences for the animals.
  • Customize your home completely as you become rich in the game.

HD graphics and sound effects

The graphics quality of Farmville 3 apk is stunning and you will love the detailed animations of this game. Some of the scenarios are displayed with visual effects.

  • The beautiful environment and structures in this game are designed with realistic HD graphics.
  • If we talk about sound quality then it is just awesome.
  • You will love the sound effects and melodious music of this game.
  • You should wear earphones to enhance the audio effects.

Why play Farmville 3 apk?

joyful deliveries

You can try Farmville 3 apk as it is the most addictive simulation game app. You can design and build your farm in this game. Start breeding different types of animals like cows, sheep, and many more. Give them excellent quality food to eat and use their products like eggs, milk, and wool to earn profits. Expand your farm by the earnings and purchase machinery to make farming easy.

Recruit staff and use their help to make farming easy. Renovate your own house with the help of customization items of this app. You can not only redesign your house but you can even change your building style. Expand your farm by adding different yards and fences to add large numbers of animals. The game environment is very colorful and beautifully designed with high-quality animated effects.

Unique features

  • You can make your customized food recipes to sell.
  • Match and mate animals in this game to get the purest breeds.
  • User-friendly interface with smooth and easy controls.
  • Take the advantage of weather conditions and grow different kinds of crops and vegetables to sell.


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