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Role-playing games are one of the best genres of mobile games. You get to live the life of someone you don’t know anything about. You can learn and do new things. You can be a driver, a businessman or the president of any country. We brought you a new game where you will become a survivor of post-apocalyptic life. You have to survive with other people that are left in the world.

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save and protect your people

The fallout shelter apk is a role-playing game in which you will follow the lives of some people left alive in a post-apocalyptic world. You must start from scratch with some left resources to build a life again. Make amusement parks, roads, buildings and other kinds of stuff people will need to live again as before. There is a common threat of nuclear bombs in your area. So, you have to make bunkers and live there with other people.

Everything is essential in this world. Now, there is no fun, just things of life and death. You are the leader of the people that are left. You have to guide them into making a new living in that world. Look for food, water and shelter. Get the best use of your resources. You will have to design the rooms and other items required in emergencies and in daily life. It would help if you were an intelligent designer to use the available space ideally.

Besides shelter and food, energy is also an essential part of your life. You will need it to run the daily appliances in your places. You will need it for further progress. So, you must use nuclear power to make energy and use it for your needs.


The gameplay

build safe houses for future endemics

The gameplay of the game is fantastic. You have to play the role of a survivor who lives in a post-apocalyptic world. You have to manage and lead others to use your resources for better usage of them systematically. The graphics of the game is incredible. You can see the minor details in the game that will make the playing experience fantastic.


The world needs people as most have died in the nuclear holocaust. You need to populate the earth to save the human species. You must build facilities that will attract more and more humans to live with you. You have to provide them with the necessary facilities. This will allow them to settle down and start their family. It will help repopulate the earth.

Build labs

Apart from other resources, science will be your most important resource. You will need to provide your residents with essential medicines to save them from the radioactive particles. There are two types of labs: one stim packs and the other is radaway. You will need to both for fighting any problem in your way.

Explore the world

explore and collect from the outside world

Explore the outside world and collect more and more resources along the way. This is a crucial step in your journey of survival. Collect as many as supplies of food, water, medicine and weapons for your safety. You must stay alert as the outside world is full of risk and danger.

Pros and cons


  • The game has fantastic graphics and excellent gameplay. The story looks relevant when you start playing the game.
  • There are no ads to disturb while playing the game.
  • You will get to learn many surviving skills to survive in tough times.


  • The games keep crashing, and this is very frustrating while playing the game.
  • Once you reach 100 dwellers, there is no advancement in the game.
  • The game is small and doesn’t have much to offer to the users seeking new things in the game.

Other information

Important links

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What are some games similar to fallout shelter apk?

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How to get the game?

Download the game from the google play store or download the fallout shelter apk from this site by following the steps given in the article.

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