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Everyone now has to maintain their social media profile. We live in a time when people judge others by their social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook. So it is now essential to maintain a well-maintained profile. To maintain your profile like a pro, we brought you an application that will help you in this. To know more about the Facebook view application, read the following article.

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About Facebook View App

share very easily to your social media account.

A good social media profile has different aspects. You should have good posts and a better stories collection. So if anyone visits your profile, you are judged on a better side. The Facebook view makes it easy to import and export pictures to your stories. You can edit and make your stories awesome with this app. After editing according to you, you can share it with other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. The app is developed by meta, the parent company of Facebook. So it is not any third-party application that may be risky to use.

You need to login in it through your Facebook id. In the app, you can edit photos and videos very easily. It has tons of features and options to edit and format your stories for the best. Import the best pictures from your gallery to make it significantly awesome. Regularly update your Instagram and Facebook stories to have others look into your profile. The app is listed in the photography section of the play store. So it is a photography application that provides a good number of picture clicking options. You can also use hand-free to take photos from your camera.

Features of the Apk

take pictures and edit simulataneously.

Save the pictures

Save your favorite pictures in a different gallery to instantly view, edit, and share them. You can share them immediately without any effort to your Instagram or Facebook stories. You can pair your Rayban glasses with it and take the pictures hand free.

Edit your pictures

You can click and edit pictures simultaneously in this app. It contains all the features and options one requires to edit images and videos. You share them to your stories regularly to make a perfect social media profile of yours.

Share it easily.

Share your edited pictures and videos through WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social media apps. Additinally, sharing it on other meta platforms like Facebook, messenger, and Instagram is very easy. Use the Facebook view videos and Facebook view photos to make your account awesome.

Control your privacy.

Facebook view allows you to control the privacy of your profile very quickly. You can choose what setting will enable you to manage your privacy and data sharing.

Pros and cons

login through your facebook id.


  • It allows you to click pictures and edit simultaneously. The Facebook view has all the features and options one requires to edit awesome photos and videos.
  • You can control your meta privacy settings through this application.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use. All the options are easily understandable and utilized.
  • Share the edited content easily to other meta apps like Facebook, Instagram, and messenger.
  • Pair up your Rayban glasses to take the pictures hand free.


  • The Rayban glasses keep on unpairing and have lousy connectivity with the app.
  • Many users face problems while downloading pictures using their glasses.
  • The tech is new in the market and needs many improvements and updates before going common.

Other information

Important links

  • Visit the following google play store link to download, read the reviews, and learn more about the app.
  • How to view any locked profile on Facebook on mobile? To know, watch the following YouTube video:


Who are the developers of the Facebook view apk?

The meta inc develops the Facebook view. The parent company of Facebook and Instagram. So, it is not by other third-party applications, so you can use it without thinking about any risk.

How to get the app?

Download the app from the google play store or get it from the popularapk.com. Use the app and share it with your friends.
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